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Open Ended Response

Open Ended Response

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Open Ended Response

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  1. Open Ended Response • Describe a major theme in A Wrinkle in Time and how it is used throughout the novel. Use text based evidence to support your answer and insightful ideas to support your answer.

  2. Score 2+ • “Meg’s father has been captured by IT, then we watch as Charles is taken by it, but in the end they are freed by our unlikely hero, Meg, as she finds that her love overcomes the forces darkness. Good, the love of a daugther and sister, overcomes Evil, represented by a controlling planet in lost universe where freedom of choice is absent.Good versus Evil is the underlying theme of the novel from beginning to end. • Score 2+++/ answered question/text based evidence, showing some insight and examples, but is somewhat unique, needs development

  3. Score 1 • Good versus Evil is a major in A Wrinkle in Time. It seems cool that the bad guys story, like the black thing is fighting against against the good guys like Meg and Calvin • Incomplete answer/ no direct text based evidence/ no insightful comparisons, vague, not totally clear

  4. Score 2 • Good versus Evil is an ongoing theme throughout A Wrinkle in Time. On page 186, Meg asks, “Are you fighting the Black Thing?” She is referring to a force of darkness that has captured her father, and Charles, and the planet Camazotz. At the end of the novel she finds that love is the power that can beat it. • Score 2 question is answered, direct text based-evidence, and developing insight to explain answer, clearly, but not great, adequate