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Stop the Press – Context Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Stop the Press – Context Update

Stop the Press – Context Update

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Stop the Press – Context Update

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  1. Stop the Press – Context Update UK printer shipments up 31% YoY (Q1 ’14) “Fuelled by Laser and inkjet MFPs” More printers being bought More printers requiring your management

  2. IM & the full Managed Print Solution PrintSense Services Monitoring Kyocera, HP, Canon & software solutions PrintSense Reports & InMap PrintSense ServicesToner, Services & Reports

  3. Accreditation TrainingJim Redman – Programme ManagerIan McRae – Managing Director EKM

  4. Accreditation • About PrintSense • Sales approach • Quotation process • Contracts process • Service operation Slides are available to you & Ingram Micro will help you with PrintSense

  5. Key Take Away • The Managed Print concept is simple • The market seems to be anything but • Ingram Micro’s strategy is to make MPS simple and easy for you to sell

  6. Market trends • Total UK print market worth between £2.5bn and £3bn • Gartner predicts that Managed Print Services will eventually account for 30% of the market from around 15% today • If so 70% will therefore continue to buy outside of MPS contracts Whole market Not using MPS Using MPS

  7. The PrintSense core • An automated toner delivery service • Toner is delivered just when it is needed • Single supplier … YOU for the length of the contract • On site (next business day) maintenance cover (optional) • Break/fix service + non-toner consumable replacement • Printer fleet management reports • Enabling analysis on printer usage • Optimising the printer fleet • Improve printer replacement planning

  8. The PrintSense difference PrintSense is designed for the I.T market • Managing printer fleets is a natural extension to your current I.T service offerings • Aligns to ITIL and ITSM compliancy: • supply chain management • service chain management • evidence based continuous improvement • delivers best practise service to your customers

  9. The PrintSense difference PrintSense is cost-effective and an easy solution for you • A managed print service built-into Ingram Micro’s orderinfrastructure • Fully automated toner delivery and service alerts – you do nothing • You eliminate the burden of print fleet management for your customers • 90% don’t know their printing costs – with PrintSense they will • 10 – 30% reduction in printing costs • We do all the hard work – you take all the credit and lock out your competitors • 3 year contract

  10. The PrintSense difference PrintSense enables you to ‘walk in & take over’ an existing fleet • No need to replace the printer fleet • Many sites have a perfectly serviceable fleet • Hardware replacement adds significant cost • Replacing a fleet can be highly disruptive • Your customer retains full control of their expenditure • They decide when to replace, not the salesman • You can use the reports to help your customer plan hardware improvements • Eliminates the need to change to a single vendor solution • No single vendor has the best solution for every printing requirement

  11. The PrintSense difference PrintSense is vendor agnostic • PrintSense supports most models across all the major print vendors • We can cover the entire fleet for many of your customers • Unlike some MPS solutions, we don’t care what brands your customer uses • Your customer can select the best model, regardless of brand for their needs

  12. The PrintSense difference PrintSense uses a proven MPS engine • The PrintSense core is driven by EKM • Over 14 years experience in Managed Print • Over 100,000 printers currently on contract • 1,000’s of clients, including some of the biggest fleets in the World • PrintSense runs on a robust and proven engine • PrintSense combines the best MPS engine with Ingram Micro’s leading global logistics to deliver an effective & efficient service

  13. Who’s using the core MPS technology today?

  14. The PrintSense difference Transparency • Customers are demanding transparency with their MPS costings • PrintSense is a single contract service • Nothing is hidden • No asset replacement penalties • The customer pays for the pages they print in a simple Cost Per Page model • The reports enable end customers to analyse their printing trends at any time

  15. The PrintSense difference And Ingram Micro are deeply entrenched in print • The UK’s leading print distributor carrying most major brands • Have sold MPS in the USA for several years • PrintSense was in development for over a year and is now live • IMUK is the first I.T distributor in the world to integrate a multi-vendor MPS • Ingram Micro have strong relationships with all the major printer vendors • We bring the cost-effective and unique PrintSense offers to you

  16. The PrintSense difference We do all the hard work, you take all the credit! • The PrintSense automated processes needs NO day to day management by you • You simply inform us whenever there is a change to the printer fleet • We deliver the toner and supply the engineers • No expensive resource requirements from you

  17. Meet the team Business Development Managers Print Team Specialists

  18. Sales & Operational Process

  19. The sales process Ingram Micro Quotation based on print devices & usage (cost per page) Issue licence Provide quotation on print devices & usage + margin 10-20% Deal WON Qualify end customer & register for free trial licence Reseller Load print monitoring software for FREE 30 day assessment End Customer

  20. The operational process Service Failure alert Engineer dispatched Ingram Micro True up at quarter end based on actual usage Invoice quarter in advance from estimated usage Supplies are requested & shipped Reseller New & relocated device management End Customer PrintSense services are running

  21. MyPrinterManager portal

  22. Accreditation Requirements Credit account with IM Accredited PrintSense Reseller = Complete this training + Sign the t&c’s +

  23. Driving Savings & Profits with PrintSense Managing the Print Service Lifecycle as an IT service Driving cost DOWN and service value UP

  24. What is a Managed Print Service? Print Service Management Print Service Management

  25. What is PrintSense? Recap • Higher value at lower cost with less disruption • Immediately take over the management of a customers existing fleet & • Remove the operational overheads • Significantly improve the service with active management • Immediately reduce the annual supply chain cost • Provide 100% transparency & control • Continuous improvement actively using management information • Absolutely no dependence on replacing existing fleet • No motivation towards either printers or MFD’s • Scientifically driven fleet optimisation • Ongoing fleet design based on actual output requirements • Sustainable subscription revenues and profits Low-Touch Service Management

  26. How does PrintSense Work?

  27. Operational Process Flow Key Operator Device Failure Alert! Cover Open Alert! Paper Out Alert! Consumable Prediction! Warming Up Alert! Consumable Request!

  28. Why is PrintSense Different? • PrintSense is NOT a ‘Big Bang’ approach; • Keep the existing fleet • No dependence whatsoever on buying new devices • All of the benefits with none of the disruption • Shorter sales cycle than conventional MPS • We do all the hard work and heavy lifting; • Reconciled & itemised periodic billing • Predictive consumables fulfilment • Proactive service management • Operational management • You take the credit and profit; • MyPrinterManager Portal • Customer centric service • Service centric account management • Evidence based continuous improvement • Ongoing opportunities for fleet optimisation & new product

  29. Managed Print Service Where is the real value?

  30. Is MPS about operational cost or capital? • The costs of hardware devices are continually falling vs performance • The cost of people and overheads is increasing above inflation • Therefore automation is key to productivity • Up to 35% of the lifecycle cost is lost in internal processes • Consider the Staff Cost Per Minute as well as theDevice cost per page!

  31. Who are the customer stakeholders? Effective competitive service delivery and user productivity Best Value effective supplier relationships Build & Manage IT Infrastructure

  32. Customer Value Summary

  33. Customer Benefits Summary IT Line of Business All IT & Line of Business Purchasing • Print service control • Reduced internal Process cost • Transparency of information • Enable Continuous improvement • Cost management control & reduction

  34. Thank You

  35. PrintSense AccreditationPart 2

  36. Part Two - The life of a contract • Making the contract live • Complete a 30 day trial on the customer site • Delivers the fleet data required for the quotation • Close the deal • Complete the contract signing phase • Register all managed assets • Agree on the start date • Servicing the contract • Change management • We are not covering fleet optimisation today

  37. PrintSense Monitoring Customer Set Up & Installation

  38. System diagram PrintSense Cloud Customer Port 5222 XMPP or 443 (https) Outbound only Over SSL Encrypted DCA Reseller reports from the PrintSense Cloud The PrintSense DCA communicates to printers using SNMP via Port 161 UDP Port 443 HTTPS MyPrinterPortal Port 161 UDP traffic both ways for SNMP printer information Printers Reseller

  39. Customer – Hardware requirements • Standard Windows PC or Server • Ports used for external communication: • Port 5222 (XMPP) or 443 (https) for data and messages to the PrintSense Cloud - Outbound only • Port 80 for licence validation • Ports used for Internal device monitoring • Port 161 UDP both ways (SNMP) • Minimum Hardware: • Single Intel Atom or PIII CPU, 1GB Ram, 4GB HD space • Ethernet network interface card & backup location/SD card • Operating System options • Windows XP SP3, 7, 8 & 8.1 • Windows Server 2003 SP2 • Windows Server 2008 R2 & later

  40. Process for new customers Register the customer with Ingram Micro PrintSense team & capture initial customer data Licence and software download link sent by e-mail to the reseller contact you designate above Install the PrintSense monitor (DCA) at the customer Monitor the customer’s printers for 4 to 6 weeks The quotation can then be calculated and sent to you

  41. Registering the customer Information exchange… • Explain why the information is needed • Printer IP address ranges • To deliver a high quality service • To ensure efficient implementation • Provide the information they will need • Hardware & firewall ports to open • Enables them to prepare • Addresses any concerns • Find the person that understands, can say “Yes” and is authorised Application technical and process information Reseller Consultant Customer Customer environment information

  42. PrintSense DCA application form

  43. New customer process Register the customer with Ingram Micro PrintSense team & capture required customer data Licence and software download link sent by e-mail to the Accredited Reseller contact Install the PrintSense DCA at the customer

  44. In a few minutes the application console will open and connect to the PrintSense portal. When fully operational three green ticks will appear under service status. The PrintSense Monitor Application Version Application Licence

  45. Data Collection Application • Once installed • Via the PrintSense DCA console • Set discoveries • Allow the DCA to schedule a discovery for the local subnet • Change environment settings (if required) • Proxy servers • E-mail server settings

  46. New customer process Register the customer with Ingram Micro PrintSense team & capture required customer data Licence and software download link sent by e-mail to the Accredited Reseller contact Install the PrintSense monitor at the customer Monitor the customer’s printers for 4 to 6 weeks

  47. PrintSense quotation Note: Pricing shown is illustrative only

  48. The Pre-sales process is complete Register the customer with Ingram Micro PrintSense team & capture initial customer data Licence and software download link sent by e-mail to the reseller contact you designate above Install the PrintSense monitor (DCA) at the customer Monitor the customer’s printers for 4 to 6 weeks The quotation can then be calculated and sent to you

  49. The Contract Process

  50. The quotation • Additional, contract specific items • ISO standards for coverage (eg 5% for mono) • Specifics on print volume and coverage • Differences between Toner Only and Toner with Maintenance • Includes all printers to be covered under the contract Quotation provided by IM with t&c’s in PDF format via DocuSign