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All About Jay

All About Jay. Introducing Me! My Family My Pets Things I Like to Do My Favorite Books More. Introducing Me!.

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All About Jay

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  1. All About Jay Introducing Me! My Family My Pets Things I Like to Do My Favorite Books More

  2. Introducing Me! • My name is Jay. I like to play soccer. I like to read books at home. My favorite pets are a cat and two dogs. The cat’s name is Prissy. One dog’s name is Shatzy. The other is Cracker. I like to play with my pets. I have one brother. His name is Sheldon. He is littler than me. My brother is cool and so are my pets. • I like riding the dirt bike. I like riding my bike. I like going to the fire station. I like to play. I go swimming on hot days and l go jumping on my friends trampling. My brother and l play a lot. I like school, I like to go to recess and play with my friends at school. I like to race people at school. At school I like to go across the monkey bars at recess. That is introducing me.

  3. My Family • I have a brother named Sheldon. I have a mom and a dad that loves me. I have three grandmas and two grandpas. My mom and one of my grandmas love to collect Beanie Babies. My brother and I love to play video games and and play together. My dad works hard. I love my family and my family loves me.

  4. My Pets • My pets are cool. I have a cat and two dogs. They love to play. Prissy is black and white. Shatzy is golden and white. Cracker is all black. If you have a pet I bet you have fun with them. I have fun with my pets. I love my pets.

  5. Things I Like to Do • I love to play and have fun. I ride a XR one hundred dirt bike at home.I ride my bike at home. I like to do my home work at home. I like to work at school.I like to play at recess. I play with my brother at home. My brother is really cool. After I am done with my home work I go outside and play. When I get home from school I do my home work. That’s what I like to do at home and school.

  6. My Favorite Books • Some of my favorite books are, The Animorph Books. Another is A Light In the Attic, and Falling Up and Where the Side walk Ends. Where is Waldo is another. One more is Harry Potter. I like to read.

  7. More About Me • I like go to the Toys R Us Toy Store. Ok, I have told you everything about me, my family, my pets, the things I like to do, and my favorite books. I know I told you everything. I hope you like to do some of the things I like to do.

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