identity theft n.
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Identity Theft

Identity Theft

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Identity Theft

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  1. Identity Theft Seneca Stairs

  2. #1- Phishing • Phishing is when you get an e-mail from someone claiming to be an agency that you have an account in. • They will tell you something is wrong with your account and ask you to re-enter your information. • Phishing is just hackers e-mailing you to get your personal information and money • Some other types of Phishing are Smishing and Vishing.

  3. #2- Spoofing • Spoofing is when a hacker will direct your computer to another site. • For example- a hacker can direct you from the real facebook login page to one they made so they can get all your information.

  4. #3- Spyware • Spyware is software that can infect your device and record everything you type in, like credit card numbers. • Thieves will take this information to steal your money, or just ruin your life.

  5. #4- Dumpster Diving • Thieves will actually dig through your trash to find more information about you. • They will look for papers from the bank or anything that might have your credit card or social security number on it. • They can then use this information against you

  6. #5- Skimming • Skimming is when a cashier or a waitress take your card and swipe it twice, once to pay, and once to collect all the information off of the card. • Skimmers will use this information against you and to steal your money.

  7. #6- Shoulder Surfing • Lurkers will watch you and video tape you at an ATM machine to get your number. • Lurkers can also do this at the grocery store if you pay with a credit card.

  8. #7- Changing your address • Thieves can simply go to the post office and tell them that you have a new address and all your bills will be sent to them

  9. #8- Social Security theft • People can file their taxes in your name so you end up paying for their taxes.

  10. #9- Mailbox Theft • Thieves will go through your mail and get credit card information • They can then use your information to steal your money

  11. #10- Overlays • Thieves can place a device on an ATM so whenever you swipe your card all your information goes directly to them

  12. How can you protect yourself? • Be careful when using ATMS • Get your mail out of the mailbox as soon as possible • Frequently check bank accounts and other accounts • Make sure nobody can see you type in important information in public • Shred all your important papers • Do not give out personal information freely • Know about phishing e-mails and how to identify them