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OSLO. Oslo is the capital city of Norway . It’s the most populated city of this country and it has about 600.000 habitants . Oslo is located in the south of Norway . People that live in Norway are called Norwegian. LOCATION. City Festivals. SPKRBOX AND ØYAFESTIVALEN.

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  1. OSLO

  2. Oslo isthe capital city of Norway. It’sthemostpopulatedcity of this country and it has about 600.000 habitants. Oslo islocated in thesouth of Norway. Peoplethatlive in Norway are calledNorwegian LOCATION


  4. Themostfamous shops are: Bikbok Vero moda shopping

  5. Oslo Marathonisananual Marathonthattakes place betweentheend of September and thebegining of October. There are fourdistances: Marathon , Half-Marathon , 10 and 3 km SPORTS EVENTS

  6. Ifyougoto Oslo you can stayonthesehotels -Cheaphotels: Thethief, Comfert hotel etc -Expensivehotels: Royal Christiania hotel (a lot of celebritiesstaythere) ACCOMODATION

  7. Bagatellisthemostfamous restaurant in Oslo 34 restaurant Argent fine dining Eatingout

  8. In Oslo , you can travellby: Bus , tram , underground and ferries Gettingabout (transports)

  9. There are twoairportsneartothecity Oslo-gardermoen Sandefjard airports

  10. Some of the places you can visit are: TheAkeshusCastle The Town Hall TheSkiMuseum TheMunchMuseum TheNationalGallery Places you can visit

  11. Arkeshuscastle & thetown hall

  12. TheSkimuseum & thenationalgallery

  13. Oslo hostedthe Winter Olympics 1952. Themostfamoussports in Olso are allthesportsthatinvolvesskii , forexample: Crassskiing , nordicskiing , hockey , etc. sports

  14. RoaldDahal Kjetil André Aamodt (a famousechampionalpineskii racer) Famouspeople living there

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