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DORIS Engineering Presentation

DORIS Engineering Presentation. 58A rue du Dessous des Berges - 75013 PARIS - FRANCE Phone : +33 1 44 06 10 00 Fax : +33 1 45 70 87 38 www.doris-engineering.com. DORIS Engineering in a nutshell. AN INDEPENDENT FRENCH ENGINEERING COMPANY WITH:.

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DORIS Engineering Presentation

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  1. DORIS Engineering Presentation 58A rue du Dessous des Berges - 75013 PARIS - FRANCE Phone : +33 1 44 06 10 00 Fax : +33 1 45 70 87 38 www.doris-engineering.com

  2. DORIS Engineering in a nutshell AN INDEPENDENT FRENCH ENGINEERING COMPANY WITH: 45 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE OFFSHORE INDUSTRY Specialization in offshore and particularly in deepwater and gas field development Specialised in conceptual and FEED studies Significant effort in research & development STRONG RESOURCES Up to 500 people in Paris through our wide network of freelance specialists and partners Skills in every discipline used for offshore field development Ability to mobilize either reduced or large teams LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP WITH CLIENTS Orientation towards services to oil companies Good knowledge of the main operators general specifications Established network of subsidiaries all over the world

  3. Market 1/2 OFFSHORE INDUSTRY Fixed and Floating facilities, Topsides, Subsea, Pipeline, Umbilicals, Flowlines, Risers, Mooring systems, Living Quarters in all environments (swamp area, shallow water, deepwater, arctic area …) ONSHORE INDUSTRY Terminal for offshore facilities, LNG terminals, Pipeline. OTHERS Coastal engineering, Defence and Aero industries.

  4. DORIS Turnover per activity (5 years) Market 2/2

  5. Main Clients Oil & Gas Companies Other Companies

  6. Parent Companies

  7. Subsidiary & Representation Network ODE 50% DORIS Conpro Ltd 49 % DORIS Engineering STAT Marine 70 % Océanide 28 % DORIS Inc. 100 % PT Singgar -DORIS 50% DORIS Engenharia Angola Ltda 49% DORIS Engenharia Ltda 50% DORISAR 75%

  8. Financial Data

  9. Main Projects 1/2 Sirri A&E Iran Troll Olje Norway Shtokman Russia Ekofisk Norway De Ruyter Netherlands Hibernia Canada Hanze F02a Netherlands Terra Nova Canada South Pars Iran Monaco Harbour Ashtart Tunisia Bongkot Thailand Ofon Nigeria TunuIndonesia Baldpate Gulf Of Mexico Farwah Libya Sisi & Nubi Indonesia Usan FPSO Nigeria Bahr Essalam Libya Akpo FPSO Nigeria Peciko Indonesia SHWE Myanmar NLNG Nigeria Moho Bilondo FPU Congo Yadana Compression Myanmar Moho Djeno Congo Girassol Angola West Tuna & Bream B Australia

  10. Main Current Projects 2/2

  11. Activity Summary • Conceptual Designs • Screening and Architecture Studies • Pre-Projects • FEED – Basic Designs • Detailed Designs • Project Management • EPCI • Technical Assistance

  12. Block M9 Conceptual Designs

  13. Terra Nova Screening & Architecture Studies

  14. Basic & FEED Designs Moho-Bilondo Usan

  15. Ofon OFP2 Detailed Designs Sirri

  16. NLNG – Bonny Island Detailed Designs Girassol Buoyancy tank delivery from factory

  17. Monaco Harbour Project Management

  18. EPCI NC 41 – Bahr Essalam

  19. CNES – Cryogenic Arms EPCI

  20. DORIS EngineeringArctic References

  21. DORIS Engineering – Arctic References SCHWEDENECK (Basic Design & Detailed Engineering) Baltic Sea – West Germany

  22. Schwedeneck Overview

  23. Overall Project Description – Schwedeneck • Location: North Sea - Norway • Client: DEUTSCHE TEXACO A.G. • Projects Description: water depth : 16 to 25 m about 4 km from the coast line • Two Concrete Gravity Base Structures for two remote controlled drilling and production platforms • Special features of the design included consideration of high safety standards, the effects of extreme cold weather conditions (-29°C) and structural resistance against the effects of ice packs and ridges. • Services provided by DORIS: • Conceptual, Basic Engineering and Detailed Design of the two concrete GBS and the preparation of the technical specifications for the call for tender for their construction and offshore installation • Detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the two decks and the production facilities

  24. DORIS Engineering – Arctic References HIBERNIA(Basic Design & Detailed Engineering) Newfoundland – Canada

  25. Hibernia Overview

  26. Overall Project Description - Hibernia Location: Newfoundland – Canada Client: HMDC Projects Description: water depth : 80 m Concrete GBS, specially designed to resist to iceberg impact, providing drilling, production, storage (oil/water displacement), living quarters. • Services provided by DORIS: • Detailed structural engineering of the concrete structure, including ice mechanics and foundation • Detailed mechanical engineering of risers, J-tubes and all equipment located on the GBS, in particular for storage operations • Marine operations engineering such as topsides load-out, transportation and mating, final tow to field and installation

  27. DORIS Engineering – Arctic References TERRA NOVA FPSO(Conceptual Engineering and Project Management Services through the Grand Banks Alliance) Newfoundland – Canada


  29. Artistic view of Terra Nova field

  30. Overall Project Description – Terra Nova • Location:Terra Nova field, Canada east coast • Client: PETROCANADA • Project Description: • Harsh environment : severe North Atlantic storms, threat from the sea ice and icebergs • Simple and quick disconnection systems to avoid ice hazards • Water depth of 100 m • Oil production : 150 000 b/d • Gas production : 90 MMscfd • Services provided by DORIS: • Screening study • Basic & detailed engineering for the concrete hull • Participation in basic and detailed engineering for the steel hull • Project management within the integrated project team

  31. DORIS Engineering – Arctic References SHTOKMAN(Basic Engineering) Barents Sea - Russia

  32. Overall view of the project - Shtokman

  33. 3D view of the FPU - Shtokman

  34. Overall Project Description - Shtokman • Location:Russia – 610 km from Mourmansk in the Barents sea • Client: SD AG (Consortium between Gazprom, TOTAL and StatoilHydro) • Project Description : • Water depth of 340 m and reservoir is 2000 m below the mudline • Arctic conditions : icing possible from May to October, well known for its iceberg (up to 10 millions tons), pack ice 3m thick • Concept of ice resistant and disconnectable / reconnectable floating platform • Services provided by DORIS: • Topsides and Subsea Conceptual Studies • Basic Engineering Development Offshore Package Phase 1 : • Floating platform Topsides & Interfaces • Floating platform Hull & Moorings • Subsea Production System • Umbilical, Flowlines & Risers

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