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Apps for the Secondary Classroom

Apps for the Secondary Classroom. A Top Ten List Presented By: Shannon Clark and Jan Thompson. Great Apps for the Classroom . Collaboration, Organization Evernote Dropbox Google Drive Communication Wordpress Blogger Lessons and Practice Educreations KHAN Academy Speech to Text

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Apps for the Secondary Classroom

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  1. Apps for the Secondary Classroom A Top Ten List Presented By: Shannon Clark and Jan Thompson

  2. Great Apps for the Classroom • Collaboration, Organization • Evernote • Dropbox • Google Drive • Communication • Wordpress • Blogger • Lessons and Practice • Educreations • KHAN Academy • Speech to Text • Dragon Dictation • PaperPortNotes • Assessment • Socrative • Find more apps and tutorials • eduTeacher

  3. EvernoteCollaboration and Organizationwww.evernote.comCost: Free-create free account • Create and edit notes or lists • Create notebooks for note storage • Share notebooks for collaboration • Notes can include attachments, images, videos, voice recordings, documents • “Tag” notes for quick referencing and easy searching. • Automatically syncs between any device

  4. EvernoteCollaboration and Organization • Keep lessons and assignments • Easily send copies of assignments to students who were absent • Share lesson notebooks between teachers for collaboration • Students create notebooks for assignments • Share notebooks between teacher and student for paper free assignment submission and grading • Students share notebooks for group assignments and collaboration

  5. DropboxCollaboration and Organizationwww.dropbox.comCost: Free-create free account with 2GB storage • Save your files online or using the app and access them anywhere you have internet • Save photos, videos, documents, PDF, MP3s and more • Eliminates the need for flash drives • Create folders and share the contents of the folders with students or collaborators • Easily export items from Dropbox into other apps

  6. Google Drive Collaboration and Organizationwww.drive.google.comCost: Free-create free account • Create and store document, photos, and videos in virtual space • Share with collaborators • Collaborators can edit documents at the same time from different computers • Color coded cursors allow all collaborators to watch as other edit • Chat window allows collaborators to chat while working together • Edit documents from any device

  7. Google Drive Collaboration and Organization • Students create presentations, papers, spreadsheets, or surveys • Students can work on the same project simultaneously from different devices • Create surveys • Students create surveys to collect data • Teachers create surveys to gather information from either students or parents or to collect data themselves • Files data collected into a spread sheet for easy analysis

  8. Wordpress or BloggerCommunication/Bloggingwww.wordpress.comwww.blogger.comCost: Free-create free account • Create blogs or web pages • Automatically tracks your pageviews and traffic sources • Easily create new posts and comment on posts from any device • www.msclarksclasspage.blogspot.com • http://sclark3gt.wordpress.com/

  9. Wordpress or BloggerCommunication/BloggingCost: free • Post your daily agendas and goals • Post discussion topics, assign students to comment on posts and engage in online discussions • Have students create blogs as journals • Follow blogs related to your content in your classroom as a weekly activity or have students follow a blog and report about new posts to the class.

  10. EducreationsLessons and Practice http://www.educreations.com/ Cost: Free-create free account • Interactive white board that will record what you say and write at the same time and turn it into a video. • Insert photos into your lesson from your devices camera, or from a Dropbox account. • Draw on the photos as part of the lesson • Post your videos to your blog, webpage or attach to an e-mail • Browse thousands of lessons from their database

  11. EducreationsLessons and PracticeCost: Free • Classroom applications are endless! • Record your own lessons to post, or e-mail • Save your lessons to a flash drive for your sub • Have students record themselves solving a math problem or labeling a photo • Self-analyze for mistakes or for improvements • Post to their blogs or turn in videos as an assignment

  12. Khan AcademyLessons and Practicewww.khanacademy.comCost: Free-create free account • Thousands of video lessons for K-12 • Math, Science, Finance and Economics, Humanities, and Test Prep • All videos come with sub-titles • Share or download videos

  13. Khan AcademyLessons and PracticeCost: Free • Assist with audio/visual learners • Use for remediation or extension • Visit the website for interactive practice with many of the lessons College and career ready students will need to be able to independently find learning materials on the internet and use them appropriately to support and extend their knowledge.

  14. eduTeacherFind More Apps and Webpageswww.eduteacher.netCost: Free-create free account • Explore web tools and other apps for the classroom • Search the database for content/grade level specific apps and web pages • Tutorials on hundreds of apps for education • Search and watch videos about apps and web pages and how to use them • Find blogs, chat with other teachers and students, make notes

  15. Dragon DictationSpeech-to-Textwww.nuance.comCost: Free • Voice recognition app that instantly turns your spoken word into typed text. • Use the app during your lecture to have a written transcript. • Speak a work that you do not know how to spell and see the word instantly spelled for you • Use with students who type slow • Use with students who struggle with reading and writing • Dragon Dictation will also read your text back to you.

  16. PaperPort NotesSpeech-to-TextCost: Free • Make notes by typing, writing with your finger or using the speech to text feature • Customize the look of your notes and organize • Easily search your notes using the search bar • Allows you to annotate notes, highlight, and add audio recording

  17. SocrativeAssessment and Data/Digital Pollingwww.socrative.comCost: Free-create free account • Turns any device with the app into a student response system • Allows you to ask questions and receive answers immediately • Make Quizzes and Polls • Short answer, Multiple choice, True/False • You can make quizzes timed or untimed

  18. SocrativeAssessment and Data/Digital Polling • Socrative has both a student and teacher version of the app and of the website • Website Student: m.socrative.com • Website Teacher: t.socrative.com • Get instant results as students answer questions • There is a tutorial video on the website www.socrative.com

  19. Recommend Blogs • The Cyber Café Blog • http://rioscybercafe.blogspot.com/ • Follow this blog for frequent posts on new apps and webpagesfor educational use • Apps in Education Blog • http://appsineducation.blogspot.com/

  20. Resources Rogers, K., Hall, J. (2012). 92 Amazing apps for teachers and exactly how to use them. JulianJohn Publishing

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