your life n.
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Your Life…. PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Life….

Your Life….

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Your Life….

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  1. Your Life…. Simplified By BG

  2. INTRODUCING……. (Drum roll please) The New Let Your Dog Pour You A Glass of Water Machine!!

  3. So your wondering how this inventive machine could work? Here’s how the machine works: • Your dog takes a bone which loosens a string • This allows a weight to go down a ramp and pull up a battery • The battery slides into a slot and turns on a motor

  4. Next….. • The motor pulls a string • The string pulls a car down a ramp • The car has another string which pulls a piece of wood in the cardboard tubing

  5. Next….. • Now that the piece of wood is gone, the golf ball travels down the ramp • The golf ball hits a piece of wood with a razor attached to it and pokes a hole in a bag with water in it • Then, the water from the bag slowly drips into a cup

  6. There you have it folks…The Let Your Dog Pour You A Glass of Water Machine Ahhh…A nice refreshing drink  Here is the whole machine put together

  7. This machine is informative also! In this section, potential energy is shown because the weight will go down if the string is loosened. There is mechanical energy when the weight goes down and the battery goes up.

  8. In this section, electromagnetic, chemical, heat and kinetic energy is shown. The chemical energy is stored in the battery. The chemical reaction inside the battery converts into electromagnetic energy. The battery makes the motor arm move which is kinetic energy. The motor also generates heat energy.

  9. In this section, mechanical and potential energy is shown because the car is poised to go down the ramp and then this potential energy converts to kinetic energy going down the ramp.

  10. In this section, there is potential and kinetic energy shown because the ball is in position to go down the ramp and when it does, kinetic energy takes over.

  11. The gravitational potential energy in the water is turned into mechanical energy when a hole is poked in the bag and the water drips into the cup