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Build Your Own Trip!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Build Your Own Trip!!!!

Build Your Own Trip!!!!

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Build Your Own Trip!!!!

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  1. Build Your Own Trip!!!! Stella Tran Grade 10

  2. My results According to my Survey Monkey results, the younger the age, the more risks that are willing to be taken. I was assigned the young adults, which are in the 20’s. This age group is very adventurous, and as well enjoys taking risks.

  3. Sky Dive Vancouver 12,500 ft in the sky! Spend 6 minutes of your day in the skies of Vancouver! With the option of solo jump, or first jump.

  4. Requirements for skydiving Being able to maintain a high level risk activity. To not have a height phobia (recommended) Cannot be disabled for safety purposes.

  5. What you need to know–Skydiving Skydiving is more known as a summer, or spring activity. Skydiving in the winter will put the divers in a major risk due to the strong winds, or the snow interference. Older adults, younger adults, teenagers, and International tourists would most likely enjoy this experience. People who would most be interested in skydiving is because they enjoy taking risks. They might also like the feeling of falling 1200ft up from the sky. People who wouldn’t be interested in skydiving usually have a fear of heights. Falling from 1200ft in the sky can really make them feel sick.

  6. Indoor rock climbing dream vacation! Have a blast with some indoor rock along with a night stay at one of the best hotels in Burlington, ON! Hotel provides you entertainment and relaxation after you climb!

  7. Requirements- Rock Climbing Experience in climbing. (Recommended) Able to reach certain areas. No fear of heights Cannot be for the disabled for safety purposes.

  8. What you need to know – Rock Climbing Indoor rock climbing is an all-season activity. Medium risk activity. Families children, Teens, Young adults, Older adults, International tourists would most likely be involved with this experience. Indoor rock climbing is a fun way for families to get involved. People who wouldn’t enjoy Indoor Rock Climbing would be the people who have a fear of heights, or older aged people who cannot be involved with any physical activity. People who would enjoy Indoor Rock Climbing would be people who love taking risks, climbing, or being up high.

  9. Mountain biking fun package! Spend 3 days mountain biking in Whistler. Tons of new experiences and pathways!

  10. Requirements – Mountain Biking Able to bike up hill/down hill consistently. No fear of heights Not for the disabled for safety reasons.

  11. What you need to know – Mountain Biking Mountain biking is only for the dry seasons. Families Children, Teens, Young adults, Older adults, International tourists, New Canadians would be interested in mountain biking. Medium risk activity. People who would not like to mountain bike would be the seniors who cannot perform any physical activities. Also those who cannot bike, or who are scared for heights. People who would want to would be the ones who love biking, and taking risks!