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  2. CRAZY CLOWN Written by: California

  3. To all kids who let their imaginations run freely.

  4. One bright sunny day in Funville the teacher brought a surprise. She told us it was show-and-tell day. We couldn’t wait for her to show us what she brought.

  5. The class yelled, “Miss Little, when are you going to show us the surprise?” “Are you ready children?” she asked as she walked to the door. She opened the door and a bright light shined through. Along with the light came a cheerful clown.

  6. The clown said, “Hello, boys and girls; I’m Crazy Clown. Who wants to be my helper today?” No one said a word except the Thomas twins. “We do, we do!” they said with excitement.

  7. “Come on up,” said Crazy Clown. “What are your names?” Sue answered, “This is my brother Jim and I’m Sue.”

  8. Crazy Clown then brought over the shiny box and said, “Sue, reach into the box and pull out one item.” Sue reached in and pulled out a piece of chalk. He told her to be sure to remember to give the item back to him. Then we sat down and Crazy Clown did a lot of different tricks. He even made himself disappear.

  9. “Okay that’s all boys and girls, I will see you later,” said Crazy Clown. As Miss Little and the children said “good-bye”, the clown disappeared. “Well class, it is time for recess. Get in line at the door,” said Miss Little.

  10. Sue and Jim were at the end of the line. “Jim,” Sue said, “I forgot to give the chalk back.” When the class got outside, Miss Little sent Sue and Jim back to the classroom to get the balls and snacks.

  11. “Why would Crazy Clown give chalk as a prize?” Sue wondered as she entered the classroom. Jim said, “Give me the chalk.” “Here--put it on Miss Little’s desk,” replied Sue.

  12. “Okay, but first I want to draw a picture on the chalkboard for Miss Little,” Jim said. Jim drew a circle on the board, but messed up. He tried to erase it, but the eraser fell into a hole.

  13. “I must be dreaming,” he said as he stuck his hand and his head through the hole.

  14. “Come look at this Sue,” said Jim. He then walked through the hole and Sue followed him. They had entered Candy Land. There were chocolate mountains, jellybean flowers, marshmallow skies and gingerbread men walking around.

  15. “This place is great!” Sue and Jim said at once. They walked around the happy land and ate until they were sick. After they took the last bite of the candy cane tree, Crazy Clown appeared and said, “Come on Sue and Jim, it’s time to go back.”

  16. “I will really miss this place,” said Sue as the three of them walked back through the hole. Suddenly they were back at school. “May I have my chalk back?” Crazy Clown asked with a big smile on his face.

  17. “Sure,” Jim answered and he handed the chalk to Crazy Clown. “Good-bye again,” said Crazy Clown. He then walked to the chalkboard and disappeared through the hole.

  18. Sue and Jim then hurried outside to take Miss Little the things she had asked for. When we returned to the room, the circle on the board was gone. That was the last time anyone saw Crazy Clown.

  19. “Jim, no one will ever believe us,” Sue whispered.

  20. The End