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Taj Mahal The UNESCO World Heritage

Taj Mahal The UNESCO World Heritage. By Jessica Li . T h e B a c k g r o u n d. ∆ It was built by _______ --- Shah Jahan , a Mogul of India ∆ It was a mausoleum, also a _______ ---- commemoration ∆ The mausoleum is dedicated to ______ ---- Mumtaz Mahal , Shan Jahan’s wife

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Taj Mahal The UNESCO World Heritage

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  1. Taj MahalThe UNESCO World Heritage By Jessica Li

  2. TheBackground ∆ It was built by _______ --- Shah Jahan, a Mogul of India ∆ It was a mausoleum, also a _______ ---- commemoration ∆ The mausoleum is dedicated to ______ ---- MumtazMahal, Shan Jahan’s wife ∆ It is a construction of ______ ---- white marble

  3. ∆ How many workers were recruited to build Taj Mahal? ---- twenty thousand people ∆ Where did Taj Mahal get the building materials? ---- around the world

  4. ∆ Why did it take twenty-two years to complete Taj Mahal? ----Shan Jahan was particular about every detail.

  5. ∆ What happened to Shan Jahan after the completion of Taj Mahal? --- He was usurped by his son. --- It was a coup/ an insurrection ∆ What did Shan Jahan do for the rest of his life? ---- He gazed day and night at Taj Mahal across the river.

  6. TajMahal ∆ A teardrop of love upon the cheek of time. ∆ Though empires crumble to dust, and centuries are lost in shadows, the marble still sighs to the stars. Love can conquer the limit of time.

  7. ∆ What makes the Taj Mahal so perfect ? ---- ∆ For what reason can it contribute to the incomparable beauty of the Taj Mahal? --- Because it can reflect the sunlight and the moonlight. Its color changes at different times of the day.

  8. ColorsoftheTajMahal ∆ Bathed in the light of the setting sun, it carries a glimmer of gold.

  9. ∆ Under the moonlight, it shines brightly when the precious stones reflect the moonlightspilling upon the terrace.

  10. ∆ At dawn, a pink flush emerges on Taj Mahal.

  11. ThecountenanceofTajMahal ∆ Its countenanceis mirrored in the waters of the River Yamuna, which sits right in front of it, with sunlight and clouds adoring it each day.

  12. Feminine linesofthe Taj Mahal ∆ Gentle yet rich and full contours ---white, elegant, and tender

  13. TheAccesstothe Taj Mahal ∆ With no mountains to scale and no rivers to cross, tourists can experience the Taj Mahalwithout any difficulty.

  14. Grammar

  15. Paragraph I ∆ express deep affection for our loved/ beloved ones ∆ (building an incomparable/ unmatched mausoleum) was how/the way he memorialized/ commemorated his love. ∆ Finished(PP) ---years ago, this tomb/ mausoleumremains/ is still ---glorious wonders of the world to date/ so far.

  16. Paragraph II ∆ (behind the grand structure) is (a touching story) ---A touching story is behind the grand structure. Ex. Beside the girl is a cherry tree in bloom. ∆ Legend has it that S+V 傳說--- Rumor has it that S+V 謠傳---

  17. Ex. 傳說遠古時期有一場大洪水造成了許多文明的消失。 Legend has it that there was a big flood that destroyed numerous/a number of civilizations. ∆ Among/ Of them, MumtazMahal--- ∆ ---after she passed away while giving birth/ while she was giving birth. *give birth to --- After hours of struggle, she gave birth to boy baby.

  18. ∆ he recruited –workers to construct a mausoleum in memory of/ to commemorate her Ex. The government set up a foundation in memory of the teacher who died for rescuing her students out of the burning car. ∆ ---valuable treasures were brought in/ introduced from – * bring in profits EX. Iphone 5s is expected to bring in billions of dollars.

  19. ∆ The emperor was particular/ demanding /critical about details. ∆ he gazed day and night at this masterpiece built (PP) for the love of his life until he finally died/ for the rest of his life.

  20. Paragraph III ∆ but the TajMahal still stands there today, receiving admiration from ----. ∆ Such is its astonishing beautythat almost everyone is fascinated by it. * Such + be + Nthat S+V = N + be + suchthatS+V 如此強烈/美好/巨大---- 以至於----

  21. ∆ force/ tornado Such is the force of the tornado that houses on its path have been flattened. ∆ sunlight/ open my eyes Such is the sunlightthat I can’t open my eyes. ∆ desire/ chocolate Such was my desire to eat the chocolate that I couldn’t help but take one.

  22. ∆ that everyone is fascinated by it, including ---literary masters. = that everyone is fascinated by it, and literary masters are included. = that everyone is fascinated by it, literary masters included. ∆ --the following words in praise of/ to praise/ to admire its lasting beauty Ex. Victor’s parents gave him an iPad Mini in praise of his excellent academic performance.

  23. ∆ As Salman Rushdie stood amid/among the crowds of people admiring/ and admired, he admitted his incapability of describing /inability to describeit. * be capable of N/ be able to VR Ex. His incapability of completing the task on time caused his unemployment.

  24. Ex. The government’s inability to devise effective new policies brought the country to collapse.

  25. Paragraph IV ∆ Observed(PP)from ---, the TajMahal is perfect. ∆ The magic lies in ---dome, which reflects -. Ex. 幸福的秘訣在於知足。 The secret of happiness lies in contentment. ∆ Bathed in(When it is bathed in) the light --, it carries ---. 壟罩在---之下

  26. Ex. Bathed in the mist, the castle looks more mysterious. ∆ ---the moonlight spilling/which spills upon the terrace. Ex. Lying on the grass, I still can feel the sunlight spill on me with my eyes closed. ∆ Its countenance/contour is also reflected/ mirrored in --- the River Yamuna, which sits----, with sunlight and clouds adoring it ---.

  27. Paragraph V ∆ Most great architectural structures ---inspire awe/ are awe-inspiring with a certain masculine quality—aggressive, arrogance, or pomposity. opinions Giza PyramidNorte DameSwan Castle

  28. ∆ In contrast/ By contrast, the gentle yet/but rich and full contours---make the TajMahal –the very few exceptions. Ex. Terry is the very person able to solve the problem. ∆---might be as accessible as it. = it is easy to access without much effort. Easter Island Machu Picchu Petra Jordan

  29. ∆With no mountains to scale and no rivers to cross, tourists---. * With N Ving (已做), S+V---. With N + to VR (未做), S+V---. Ex1. With a lot of people _____(work) together, the task was finished in time. working Ex 2. With stacks of papers _____(check), I am afraid that I can’t go hiking with you. to check Amazon

  30. Paragraph VI ∆ As(以---身分) one of the most amazing buildings ---, the TajMahal---. ∆ Over the years, it ---symbolized ---undying passion / lasting passion for his wife. ∆ --the story will touch people’s hearts, ---the beauty of the TajMahal will stick in their minds/ will be unforgettable.

  31. Vocabulary

  32. ∆ 1. affection (n)caring or liking affectionate (a) –example ∆ 2. comparable (a) be comparable to N --textbook 2-1. compare (V) 比較/比喻 Ex.Compared with/to money, true love is more precious because it is hard to find.

  33. Ex. Passionate love is often compared to red roses. 2-2. comparison (n) In comparison with/ Compared with their parents, the e-generation tend to be more versatile and innovative. ∆ 3. structure (N)---textbook structural (a) ---textbook

  34. ∆ 4. recruit (V) find people/ to offer help (N) newcomer Ex 1. The police are trying to recruit new officers from ethnic minorities (少數民族). Ex2. We were recruited to help distribute the notice to each office. Ex 3. The promotion aims to attract new recruits to join the nursing profession.

  35. ∆ 5.treasure (V)=cherish Ex. It is human nature to treasure one’s own life more than others’. ∆ 7. imprison (V) * be imprisoned for N * imprisonment for N ∆ 8. gaze (V) (N) * avoid one’s gaze Ex. Amanda avoided my gaze, pretending she didn’t know me.

  36. ∆ 10. astonishing (a) = incredible--textbook 10-1. astonish (V) 10-2. astonishment (N)= amazement 10-3. astonished (a) =surprised The boy was astonished when he learned that his cat ate his watermelon. The woman looked at the portrait in astonishment because it came to life.

  37. ∆ 12. literary (a) literary master 12-1. literacy (N) 讀寫能力/ ability Ex 1.Elementary teachers are asked to focus on literacy and numeracy. Ex 2. People born in the 21st century, compared with those born in the 20th century, possess better computer literacy. 12-2. literal (a) the meaning of the word Ex. Don’t be tricked by the literal meanings of the poem; try to figure out the hidden meaningsinstead.

  38. 12-3. literally (adv) 1. the meaning of the word 2. impressive 3. really true 4. word by word Ex1. The word “planet” literally means “ wandering body.” Ex2. There are literally thousands of job openings for college graduates to apply for. Ex3.take N literally When I told you to leave, I didn’t expect to be taken literally.

  39. Ex4. When I told him the news, he literally exploded. 12-4. literate (a) able to read and write Ex. Only 20% of women in Iraq are literate; most of them are illiterate. 12-5. literature (N) Ex. Literature can beautify the inevitable sufferings in life and make them more acceptable.

  40. ∆ 14. crumble (v) fail or become weak/ be broken into small pieces---textbook Ex1. The government seems powerless, unable to prevent the economy from crumbling further. Ex2. Crumble the biscuits over the fruit mixture. 14-1. crumble (N) 酥皮水果餅

  41. ∆16. admit (V) admitted/ admitting * admit (to) N/Ving that S+V Ex1.The accused finally admitted (to) stealing the diamond ring from the old lady. Ex2.It took him a long time to admit (to) his failure to run a company on his own. Ex3.Only those who had applied can be admitted to the reserve.

  42. Ex4 .A group ticket admits six people to the museum. 16-1. admission (n) allow entry/ 入學/ 入場費 * make an admission of guilt Ex1. With the spread of flu, hospital admissionis increasing. Ex2. The declining birth rate causes the college admission to reach its peak this year. Ex3. Last admissions to the exhibition are at 5 P.M..

  43. ∆ 17. incapability (n) * incapability of N= inability to N 17-1. incapable (a) → capable * be incapable of N → be capable of N ---textbook ∆18. spill (V) to shine brightly/ flow a liquid Ex. 覆水難收。 It is no use crying over spilt milk.

  44. ∆ 19. flush (N)(V) a red color on the face Ex1.Seeing the handsome boy who she had a crush on, Kate flushed. Ex2. Mother was very angry. Mother flushed with annoyance but said nothing. 19-1. flush (n) a sudden strong feeling Ex3. I felt embarrassed. I felt a flush of embarrassment.

  45. 19-2. flush (V) * flush the toilet ∆ 21. architecture (n) 21-1. architectural (a) –textbook * Gothic architecture: pointed arches and stained architecture

  46. ∆ 22. remarkable (a) = noticeable ---textbook 22-1. remark (V)= comment * remark on + N = comment on + N ---textbook 22-2. remark (n) make a remark about N --- textbook ∆ 23.aggressiveness(n)---textbook 23-1. aggressive (a)---textbook Ex. A good salesman must be aggressive in the competitive market.

  47. ∆ 26. tender (a) * givesba tender pat on the back/ shoulder ∆ 27. exception (n)---textbook * make an exception * without exception 27-1. except for N No other personal attributes about the robber is known except for his big beard.

  48. ∆ 28. scale (n) 磅秤/ 鱗片 28-1. scaly (a) The cannibal reptile is known by its scaly skin.

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