provision of sustainable energy n.
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Provision of sustainable energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Provision of sustainable energy

Provision of sustainable energy

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Provision of sustainable energy

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  1. Provision of sustainable energy

  2. The market of energy as we know it users connection and usage data The energy market contains a predefined business distribution data handling network access and settlement suppliers

  3. EU policy: Internet of energy coming up Rifkin: “Internet technology and renewable energies are beginning to merge in Europe to create the infrastructure for a Third Industrial Revolution (TIR) that can revitalize the European market.” Renewable energy Rifkin’s 5 pillars of an economic and industrial revolution Energy producing buildings Storage Exchange energy Electric transport Baroso: "Europe in the lead of the new industrial revolution", We are confident that there is the political will and determination to move forward, starting with many of the proposals for sustainable growth including green growth that the Commission has already put on the table.

  4. Renewable energy:Communities generating power • In the Netherlands there are more than 300 initiatives of communities investing in solar, numbers still growing • Researchers expect consumers to invest more in production power than energy companies in coming years House owner: “We get a higher interest on investment in solar than on our bank saving account”

  5. Energy producing buildings • Several cradle2cradle based offices are opened in 2012. • New concepts of energy-waste-water-heat-cold integrating within the building and in its environment. • Leading to new ways of city planning. • Revitalize industrial complexes by corporations. Small scale solutions. Corporation NDSM revitalized ship warve Venlo, city hall Wageningen, NIDO

  6. Exchange energy • Consumer initiatives creating new ways • Unions and corporations like Greenpeace, Natuur&Miliieu, Zonvogel want to offer their members participation in exchange of energy. • Energy legislation is still a problem, but is announced to be changed by new dutch government. • Industrial areas created within a joint energy concept. • Example: Greenport Venlo • 5400 acres • 20.000 companies, 135000 employees • 3 municipalities and in one province • One CO2neutral energy masterplan • Pilot solar for apartments • Project participants • 3 unions of home owners, combining 52 apartment chosen out of more than 300 applications • City of Amsterdam • Liander • Local installer • Including • Technological solution at lower cost • Software managing energy and taks-administration • Defining suggestions for adaptations in tax-regulations

  7. E-transport: new services for electric vehicles Mobility is a service: Car2go: pay per use charging is a service • Public charging • @home charging • Contracts including Kwh • Condition based maintenance • Green energy • New city distribution concepts • - Collaboration between Logistics Service Providers and retailers. • innovative distribution concepts • sound business models, • less trafic, higher air quality, low stocks for shops

  8. Storage: heat/cold, power storage and balancing • Upcoming: • Fuel cells for domestic storage • Local balancing: near autonomy in your (virtual) island • Powermatching services for production capacity (batteries, micro CHP etc) for trade and balance-markets. • The technology of storage is rapidly developing. • Available options at a fair price are mainly heat/cold, combined with heatpump or solar boilers. • Example: Housing agency creating energy solution Naaldwijk • Combination of heat for a residential area and a tomato grocery, exchange and storage of heat and cold

  9. New dimensions in the energy marktet Social media site CSR scorecard retailer AH • People connected: • Discuss • Invest • Create • Evaluate and judge • Industries changing their business • Governments at all levels support by taking away the obstacles

  10. Allianders new challenge is to facilitate and support market changes • Allianders traditional role is run the network: • open access • independent • externally controlled on service and price • Allianders new challenge is to expand this role to the changing market

  11. Creating flexibility in the network • The grid is fully optimized on top down distribution. • Smart technology for network management helps in creating two way distribution

  12. Adding suppliers and users in new business model • it is not only about solar panels, but turning building to energy producing and consuming in connection with the surrounding buildings • it is not only charging your car engine, but diversity in mobility solutions • it is not only about individuals, but about communities

  13. Integrating networks through collaboration • new business models already integrate electricity, gas, heat and cold • the challenge is to realize open access and settlement across infrastructures

  14. Overview of the changes already happening USERS • e-cars • in home generation • energy management • home appliances • user communities NETWORK • smart metering • charging infrastructure EV • biogas • connecting district heating networks • local balancing features • public light management SUPPLIERS • mobility service providers • local energy companies • user communities