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The Safe Transfer of Pressurized Gas PowerPoint Presentation
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The Safe Transfer of Pressurized Gas

The Safe Transfer of Pressurized Gas

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The Safe Transfer of Pressurized Gas

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  1. The Safe Transfer of Pressurized Gas

  2. Collect the Necessary Tools and Equipment • Safety Glasses for EVERYONE • SCUBA Tank filled to 3000 psi • Fill Station • Storage Tank and Regulator • Adjustable Strapping

  3. SCUBA Certification • Limited Capacity SCUBA Tanks Lightweight Portable Inexpensive Readily Available

  4. Fill Stations This is a commercially available fill station manufactured for paintball enthusiasts.

  5. Fill Stations This is a custom built fill station fabricated by a local welding supply company from off the shelf parts. Note: All parts rated at 3000 psi

  6. Tank and Regulator This is a 47ci Aluminum paintball tank with an Air America Tobor™ regulator that has been modified to conform to the BBIQ Technical Rules and Regulations

  7. Before Every Fill… • Put on Safety Glasses • Check the Valve and O-ring • on the SCUBA Tank. Replace defective O-Rings. Do not use a tank with a damaged valve surface.

  8. Be Safe Inspect the Equipment Every Time All the Time

  9. Prevent Serious Accidents Always Secure High Pressure Storage Bottles to Rigid Structures A Busted Valve Will Turn This Tank Into a Rocket Capable of Piercing the Wall of a Building.

  10. Attach the HPA Storage Tank to the Fill Station Check the HPA Storage Tank Fittings for Visible Damage Be Certain the HPA Storage Tank Valve is Closed

  11. Respect the Quick Connect Make certain the connection is secure and the male and female ends have engaged. Test the connection by tugging on the tank

  12. Ready To Fill Check the Setup Check the Gages Check the Connections

  13. Fill the Tank S-L-O-W Slowly Open the Valve on the SCUBA Tank Watch the Gages Feel the Tank Temperature Take Your Time

  14. CAUTION Follow This Procedure to Remove the Tank 1.) Close the SCUBA Tank Valve Note: The Fill Station and Tank connection will remain pressurized 2.) Open the Fill Station Bleed Valve Note: The Tank does not empty because the male Quick Connect fitting is a one way check valve.

  15. Congratulations You now have approximately 10 Watt Hours of energy available. Be a great engineer. Use it wisely. Low Pressure Approx. 1Mpa High Pressure 2200 psi