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  2. There are the Indefinite Article ( a / an) and the Definite Article ( the).

  3. A /AnWe use the indefinite article a before nouns which begin with a consonant sound ( b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z)a rabbit a hotel a camera

  4. We use the indefinite article an before nouns which begin with a vowel sound ( a, e, I, o, u)an apple an orange an umbrella

  5. We use the indefinite article a/an to talk about something in general or for the first time.

  6. “The”The definite article is used with singular and plural nouns.the animal, the woman, the books

  7. We use “the” • With nouns when we are talking about somethingspecific, that is, when the noun is mentioned for a second time or is already known. She bought a bag yesterday. The bag is made of leather.

  8. With nouns which are unique.the moon, the sun

  9. Before the names of rivers ( the Amazon), seas ( the Baltic Sea), oceans ( the Pacific),mountain ranges ( the Rocky Mountains), deserts ( the Gobi), groups of islands ( the Dodecanese) andcountries when they include words such as `state`, `kingdom`, etc (the United States).

  10. Before the names of musical instruments ( the piano, the violin)

  11. Before the names of hotels ( the Hilton Hotel), theatres/cinemas ( the Apollo Theatre), ships ( the Titanic), organizations ( the EU), newspapers ( The Guardian) and museums (the Louvre).

  12. Before nationality words ( the French) and families( the Tailors).

  13. Before titles when the person’s name isnot mentioned.The Queen, the Prince of Wales

  14. Before the words morning, afternoon andevening.He goes to work in the morning.

  15. We don’t use “the” With plural nouns when we talk about them in general. Lions live in the Jungle.

  16. beforeproper names.This is John. He comes from London.

  17. Before the names of countries( France), cities ( London), streets (Oxford Street), parks ( Hyde Park), mountains ( Everest), islands ( Malta), lakes ( Lake Michigan) and continents ( Asia).

  18. before the names of meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) and games / sports ( golf, tennis, basketball, etc)Boxing is a cruel sport.

  19. with the words this / that/ these / those.This book is mine.

  20. with possessive adjectives or the possessive case.This isn't my pen – It's George's.

  21. before titles when the person’s name is mentioned.Queen Elizabeth, President Bush

  22. with the words school, church, bed, hospital, prison or home when we refer to the purpose for which they exist.Anna goes to school every day.(=Anna is a student.)BUT: Anna's mother went to the school to talk to her teachers. (=Anna's mother went to the school as a visitor, not a student.)