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Whipping Boy Cereal Box Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Whipping Boy Cereal Box Project

Whipping Boy Cereal Box Project

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Whipping Boy Cereal Box Project

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  1. Whipping Boy Cereal Box Project Using a cereal box, create a report for the Whipping Boy. First, cover the box with paper. Next, be sure to include the following items on the box: • On the front of the box goes the title, author’s name, a drawing of a scene, and a summary of the book, (summary should be no less than 10 sentences long.) and a cereal title. • On a side panel goes a list of the characters and a description of each one. • On the other side panel there should be a review of the book. • On the back of the box do one of the following: Pretend that you are Prince Horace at the end of the story. Write a letter of recommendation to the King about Jemmy. OR Complete the “Ballad of Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater” and put the entire song on the box

  2. Create a Comic Strip based on one of the first 10 chapters of “The Whipping Boy.” Prince Brat and The Terrible Dinner Party Chapter 1 Title Box Fetch the Whipping Boy! The King found out. Scene box 3 Scene box 1 Scene box 2 Prince Horace was a bad boy. His nickname was “Prince Brat.” The King had a dinner party. Prince Brat tied the guest wigs to their chair Each scene box should include pictures and words. Scene box 5 Scene box 4 Scene box 6 Scene box 7 Scene box 8

  3. Create a hook T-shirt • Look at your chosen topic for your informational writing. • Design a “hook” sentence that will cause your audience to want to read more of your writing. • Write the sentence in your writer’s notebook. • Then, cut out a T-shirt from your choice of construction paper. • Write your “hook” sentence on your T-shirt.

  4. Asia Project *Create a display board report about your country to include this information. Give 3 or more IMPORTANT facts about each item concerning your country in Asia*Make a model of historical landmark or cultural aspect found in your country in Asia.(for example: a structure, a building, a geographic feature, house, unique transportation, symbols or icons)*Prepare a description of your model to be added to the display board. It should include: the name of the item, what it is used for or represents, when was it made or how long it has been used, and what is its significance to the country.

  5. Natural Resources Create a natural resources sign using ONE of the questions below. Use a sheet of construction paper. Write clearly. Letters should be legible. Be Creative. ______________________________________________ • How do most of the people in South and Southeast Asia make their living? • Where do three out of four South Asians live? • What people live in the Himalaya Mountains near the sources of the mighty rivers of South Asia? • What is the main crop of Southeast Asia? • Out of what material are many of the houses in Thai villages made? • Where are rice seeds planted? How are the rice fields kept during the growing season? • What is the risk of relying on cash crops and minerals as exports? • What are some of the products that can come from the rain forests of South and Southeast Asia?

  6. Asia Project Due May 31, 2013  School exhibition is Monday June 3, 2013 Projects will be presented

  7. Mizzezsuggz Last day to turn in missing, incomplete, or redue assignments is June 6, 2013