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Digital Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing Strategy

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  1. Digital Marketing Strategy

  2. Objectives Build strong presence for the brands and local shops on Digital landscape. To establish Digital Platforms as one of the important revenue sources. Create a strong engagement platform to communicate with the TG

  3. Our Expectations from Furniturecity Dedicated Resource: A member of your team is allocated to Webextreme. Sharing of product knowledge notes. 15-30 minutes communication everyday on focused marketing based on a type or category of product to be promoted. Monthly review of the strategies and their impact. Quick turn around time on answering queries.

  4. The RACE Planning

  5. Tactics: Which digital marketing activities do we optimize?

  6. Key digital strategies: How do we want to grow our online business?

  7. The “E-Commerce” Bucket

  8. Search Engine Marketing - Reach

  9. Social Media Marketing - Engagement

  10. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Building qualified traffic

  11. SEO- Keywords We will include high traffic short keywords and specific traffic long tail keywords All keywords selected on the basis of their relevancy and competition benchmarking

  12. Suggested Keywords

  13. SEO Tactical Pointers

  14. Start optimizing the right landing pages. • Steer clear of unethical methods used in building links (paid links and rushed links such as comment spam). • The most important link building strategy for sites lies within the site itself – Internal Linking. • Focus more on non-promotional content, less on advertising. • Educating your market is the best approach to making them buy your product.

  15. On-Site Optimization

  16. User-generated reviews • User activity is known to be used by Google as one of their search algorithm’s signals for search rankings. • Increase conversion, as visitors can see how trusted the site is, based on users who have already used this. • Most importantly we will be able to produce new and unique content on site pages, which is definitely good for Search Engine Rankings. • Well Written/Video reviewson product page.

  17. Update Home Page Content Frequently • Inclusion of blog post • Latest News Section • Twitter Post • Specific Keywords Targeting to all Important Pages • Assign keywords that are absolutely relevant to certain pages by placing it on each landing page’s title page and meta description. • “Cuban bedroom set” - • “bedroom-furniture” -

  18. Include A Blog Section • Adding a blog section in the website will benefit your site in so many ways. • It allows your site to generate more organic traffic as blog posts have good chances of getting higher search rankings for long tail keywordsrelated to your industry (through the blog posts’ titles). • The blog posts that are intentionally created to inform & educate readers will extremely improve your site’s lead generation and conversions. • It allows your business to develop relationships with your readers as well as with other sites that have similar theme through interaction. • It shows importance to your brand’s expertise in the industry as you showcase it through publishing useful and educational content. • Example:

  19. Title Tags • (It’s the first thing that a search engine displays on search return. Every single page must have their own title tag. We’ll optimize the title tags for all targeted pages according to the keywords.) • Meta Tag (Meta Description & Meta Keyword) • (This is the next important tag. It’s displayed below the title in search results. We need to create keyword oriented meta description tag & also put keywords in Meta Keyword tag.) • Alt Tag • (Include keywords in your alt tags so that the search engine spider can read image also.) • Header(H1, H2…..) Tags • (Applying H1 & H2 tags in your source, will be helpful for achieving high rankings.) • Continued….

  20. Keyword Rich Anchor Text • (Anchor text for both external links and internal links is the powerful element for Search Engine Positioning) • Keyword Density • (Ensure the overall keyword density on the page is as per the Google guidelines & accordingly make required changes.) • Sitemaps • (We will create XML and text based site maps and link them from website pages, so that search engines can easily crawl our pages.) • Robots.txt • (A robots.txt file on a website will function as a request that specified robots ignore specified files or directories when crawling a site.)

  21. Trust Pointers • Well optimized about, contact and support (email ticketing) pages. • Presence of physical business address and local numbers. • Photos of business founder(s) and staff members. • Privacy policy, terms and agreement, disclaimer, disclosure and user testimonials page.

  22. Off-site Optimization

  23. PDF Sharing • Create a useful content in PDF format, which links out to important pages in your site. • Distributing the content can be done through directories, Such as: • • •

  24. Press release and news submission • This method can certainly provide high quality links to your site. • It’s important that you first do a comprehensive research about the angle of your news story, like • Industry Expert Interviews • Charity Work • Upcoming Events • Analysis/Reactions • Current Business Performance and Fundings

  25. Video Testimonial Submission/Promotion • Submitting user reviews or other interesting videos related to your business on video sites like, etc. will certainly traffic and awareness about the brand. • Link these video pages to relevant website pages

  26. Article Submission • Write unique articles on targeted keywords and submission of these articles to several most popular article directories:

  27. Value Addition For Google • & • Brand Development

  28. Competitor Link Analysis • We will analyze your competitors’ backlinks, mainly to understand how they are ranking for certain keywords (which you want to rank for). • We will also analyze their targeted keywords and current rankings. • Acquiring links from authority pages or domains where your competitors are getting their links from will certainly help us achieve the same results. • After a thorough competitor analysis we could understand what methods best work in your industry as seen from what your competitors have done to obtain good rankings. • We will also avoid low domain authority links made by your competitors.

  29. Thematic Link Exchange • This will enhance your website pages rankings on SERPs. By quality, it means links: • From high authority domains • Sites that have high Pagerank (homepage) • Pages that have high Mozrank and Page Authority • From pages that are topically relevant to your site • That are visible to readers • With dofollow attribute

  30. Constant Link Search • Always seek for link opportunities and suitable linking targets; because once you’ve reached the top, your competitors will never stop in trying to outrank you – make this part of your campaign’s daily tasks

  31. Paid Google Ads • Pay Per Click

  32. Objectives of The Paid Campaign: Proposed • Get greater visibility for competitive keywords almost immediately • Publish your brand message instantly • Display ads only to people searching in a particular region • Target specific people who are looking for your product

  33. PPC Strategy • PPC Account Setup • Campaign management for different Product categories • Geo Location Setup • Budget Management • Ad Copy Creation • Bid Management • Continued…

  34. PPC Strategy • Landing Page Selection/ Creation of New Landing Pages for different targeted categories for better keyword relevancy. • Ad Scheduling Management • Campaign Tracking • Edit / update / replace keywords as required i.e. no. of clicks, impressions etc.. • Conversion Tracking

  35. Types of Ad • Search Ads » • Reach people who are looking for you - Advertise next to or above relevant Google search results. With search ads, you can reach customers on all the devices they use to search for information.

  36. Display Ads » • Reach customers across the web - Display advertising will let us create all types of ads - text, image, interactive and video ads. It will place those ads on websites that are relevant to what we’re selling.

  37. Social Media Marketing - Engagement

  38. SOCIAL Building awareness & generating leads

  39. Suggested Platforms LINKEDIN: Grow your network & connect with the audience with income that falls in your target group. Update your company page, post regularly about your company, start a group, participate in discussions on other relevant groups & question and answer sections. This helps in increasing visibility in the market. TWITTER: Addresses 3 main components of marketing: Online Reputation, CRM, Thought Leadership & a Strong Online Brand. The best way for enabling quick information to your audience and get the message out. Best for real-time conversations, queries and engagement with your target group. FACEBOOK: Make your presence on Facebook extremely consumer-friendly. Most online advertising reaches only 27% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 91%. Your business gets more value from every ad. The way to reach out to your audience with news, information or simply marketing your product/service. 

  40. EMAIL MARKETING Generate Leads

  41. Profile Marketing • Fully Opt-In • Cross Publisher Aggregation • Lead Generation Based • Using Bulk Mailing Platform for High Speed & Accurate E-Mail Delivery

  42. Marketplace Analysis: How well are we using digital media now?

  43. Website Analysis

  44. Web Page Analysis

  45. Competitors Website Analysis <title>MFI: The UK Furniture Store</title> <meta name="description" content="High quality, luxurious and affordable furniture to buy online with MFI, with buy now pay later finance available. Check out the latest deals now!" /> <title>Oak Furniture Shop Retro Chairs Funky Chairs Furniture Furniture Shop UK</title> <meta name="description" content="Solid Oak Furniture is available in Furniture Shop UK at an affordable price along with quality and attractive designs of the Vancouver and Brooklyn oak Furniture." />

  46. THANKS