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Potong gigi

Potong gigi. Understandings .

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Potong gigi

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  1. Potonggigi

  2. Understandings • Upacarapotonggigi means cleaning vices that exist in human beings. Cut your teeth in Balinese Mepandes also called Matatah or Mesanggih, where 6 pieces canine teeth are filed or averaged over, this ceremony is a duty, customs and culture that is still being conducted by the Hindus in Bali for generations to today.The ceremony is considered sacred and is intended for children who started growing up, where the young women who have come months or mensturasi, while the boys had entered the baliq legally or her voice has changed, the ceremony was also delivered to the children of a life a growing themselves are also called abstract.

  3. Bad qualities that are destroyed • The six bad qualities in human beings or also called sad ripu to be cleaned are:1. Carnality2. Voracious / Greed / avarice3. Wrath / anger4. Drunk blinded the minds5. Discomfiture6. Envy / jealousy

  4. What happens…… • Of all the properties exists, if not controlled can lead to things that are not good / desirable, can also be harmful and dangerous for children who would grow up someday in the future. It is therefore the duty of every parent to be able to give advice, guidance and prayer requests to HyangWidhi (God Almighty) that their children will be spared from 6 influences the vices that have been around since man was born in the world.

  5. Activities • Activities during the ceremony1. Pastor or the person honored in the ceremony asked the blessing at the shrine, and children or teenagers who will carry out the cutting teeth sprinkled holy water / tirta, after which they pleaded for the safety of performing the ceremony.2. Pastor did a haircut and write emblem sacred symbol in order to purify themselves and mark the increasing status as a human being, to leave our early childhood to adolescence.3. The children will cut his teeth up to the bale where pelaksaaanMepandes with the first step on the offerings that have been provided as a symbol for strength to Sang HyangWidhiWasa (God Almighty).4. After cutting gear lasts, the former water gargle mouthwash dumped in ivory coconuts, aims not to reduce the value of cleanliness and sanctity in performing this ceremony.5. Then proceed to perform ablutions by the priest in order to eliminate the host / misfortune to commemorate the life of adolescence.6. Implement Mapedamel aimed as a symbol of God's blessing and DewiRatihSemara that in adolescence life and so be wise, in mengarungii life in the future. At the time of this ceremony the children wore white and yellow cloth, wearing colored yarn Pawitratridatu (red, white and black) as a symbol of binding themselves to religious norms, then the children who cut his teeth sampled 6 flavors (bitter, sour, spicy, Sepat, salty and sweet) that have meaning and significance of particular significance.7. After the mapedamel performed, followed by a ceremony natabBanten, which aims to apply grace to HyangWidhi so what the objectives are achieved.8. After the ceremony was performed followed by Metapak, the goal is to tell her son that obligation as parents from birth, nurture and guide is completed, the child is expected soon after the ceremony is to be useful, otherwise the child to his parents deliver to worship prostration of gratitude has been painstakingly sacrificed body and soul to give birth to them, nurturing, encouraging, educating and guiding them towards good and true path to adulthood. (Ida Pandita Sri BhagawanDwijaWarsaNawaSandhi)From a series of ceremonies above we can see that in every human being since they were born already are properties that are not good, by doing this Mepandes ceremony grown children were warned and told not to fall into the prohibited acts of religion and human can be useful for self- self, family, community and nation.

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