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ADVERBIAL CLAUSES. ADVERBIAL CLAUSES. Adverbial Clauses What is an Adverb Clause?

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  2. Adverbial Clauses What is an Adverb Clause? "He saw Mary when he was in New York" and "They studied hard because they had a test" are adverb clauses. Adverb clauses express when, why, opposition and conditions and are dependent clauses. This means that an adverb clause can not stand by itself - in other words, "When he went to New York." is not a complete sentence. It needs to be completed by an independent clause. Example: He went to the Guggenheim museum when he was in New York.

  3. Punctuation • When an adverb clause begins the sentence use a comma to separate the two clauses. Example: As soon as he arrives, we will have some lunch.. When the adverb clause finishes the sentence there is no need for a comma. Example: He gave me a call when he arrived in town.

  4. List of Words (subordinating conjunctions) Introducing Adverb Clauses

  5. 1. As soon as Jack saw the accident, he_____________ the police. A) was telephoning B) telephoned C) had telephoned D) telephones 2. Before I entered college, I_____________ a lot of writing practice. A) haven't had B) didn't have C) wasn't having D) hadn't had 3. Every time he thinks of his mother's cooking, he_________ homesick. A) will have B) felt felt C) feels D) is feeling 4. Since he left his country six years ago, he_________ to visit his friends several times. A)return B) will have returned C) am returning D)has returned 5. While I was doing my math homework, I a shortcut to solving the problems. A) discovered B) was discovering C) is discovering D) has discovered 6. Yesterday while I was studying, my roommate a pie. A) was baking B) had been baking C) has baked D) bakes 7. The next time I________________ to the city, I will visit the MoMA. (Museum of Modern Art) A) will go B) go C) have gone D) will have gone 10. By the time I finish this semester, I__________________ all of the verb tenses. A)will review B)will have reviewed C)am reviewing D) review

  6. Temporal Adverbial Clauses (showing time):While I was fishing last year, I caught a fish.After we finished hiking for the day, we took a nap. • Causal Adverbial Clauses (showing cause):Because my sister knew how I felt, she took me to the mall.Since I had never been to Japan, I brought a guide book with me.

  7. When: (Answers when something happened) •     While you were out, someone called. •     Before he came, he called. •     As soon as you are finished, call me. • Why: (Answers why something happened) •     I ordered two pizzas as we were all hungry. •     I failed because I didn't study. •     I fixed it so that anybody could use it. • Where: (Answers where something happened) •     This card is accepted wherever you go. • How: (Answers how something happened) •     She talked as if she were a princess. •     He swam as if he were a fish in the sea. • Ideas commonly expressed by adverbial clauses are: •         time - when, as soon as, before •         place - where, wherever •         manner - as if •         degree - than, as ____ as _______ •         reason, purpose or cause - because, since, so that •         condition - if, unless •         concession - although, even though,

  8. Your Turn Log 0n to following site and study grammar. http://perso.wanadoo.es/autoenglish/freeexercises.htm Suggested sites. http://prepsch.fatih.edu.tr/?task=alllinks Right click on the link above and click open hyperlink in the pulldown menu.

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