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  1. Special Application Foods Insert your name here Insert a definition here

  2. Questions • Why is this special application food needed? • What are four examples? (Include pictures) • What materials are used to package each of the food items and why are they packaged in this way? • How is the food prepared or cooked?

  3. Airline Food • The purpose of airline food is partially in place to keep people in their seats during long flights, it is also a partial distraction to passengers by taking their mind off the flight. Also due to the altitude and cabin pressure eating food while on the flight restores energy and the beverage that accompanies the meal keeps the passenger hydrated as well. Another minor factor is to adjust to the time zone of the country that is being travelled to. Ie eating breakfast before landing at 9am. • Examples included on next slide. • The materials used are: • Plastic for the cup and a foil lid seal this keeps the drink fresh and prevents contamination and tampering. It is also easy to store and keep refrigerated. • The snack pastry is in a cardboard wrapping this can be kept in a warmer after it is cooked the cardboard is recyclable and can eat straight from the package this prevents mess. • Main meals are in aluminium containers this is to keep the food warm from when it is heated before the flight and is a disposable container to save on mess • The soup is in a polystyrene cup with lid boiling water is added from an urn prior to serving. Allows for the cup to be sealed until opened, preventing tampering • The food is prepared by the airlines catering companies. The main meals are cooked in bulk and placed into the foil trays this before the flight then they are kept in a warmer until serving is required. Soups are generally precooked and placed in plastic soup mug to keep warm until served, they can be in the polystyrene cups as well and either pre made or addition of boiling water. Other snacks are either pre heated as well or if needed to be kept fresh such as sandwiches then they are refrigerated. Drinks are not prepared but are bought and stored aboard the plane in refrigeration until needed.

  4. Airline Food Images • Drink cups (Juice) • Main meals (Chicken and vegetables) • Snack food (Sausage rolls and pastries) • Soups (noodle cup)

  5. Defence Force Ration Packs

  6. Camping Supplies

  7. Space Food

  8. Medical/Hospital Food