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Insert your company’s name here.

Insert your company’s name here.

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Insert your company’s name here.

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  1. Insert your company’s name here. 2008 United Way of Greenville County Campaign

  2. It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future. Emily Dean South Carolina Bank & Trust •Young Philanthropist •African American Leadership •Women’s Leadership •SCB&T Campaign Coordinator

  3. We build the strength of our neighborhoods. And we change the lives of those who walk by us every day. Alec Martin Greenville County Schools •UW Palmetto Society •GCS Campaign Coordinator

  4. That’s what it means to Monica Castaneda Britt, Peters and Associates •Campaign Coordinator

  5. United Way is uniquely able to bring our community together to improve lives..By leveraging the power of all of us. United Way of Greenville County brings together donors, volunteers, nonprofits, neighborhoods, companies, schools, governments and more—to do the kind of work that none of us can do alone.

  6. Results happen because United Way takes a strategic approach to helping people and solving issues. United Way: • asked our community “What is important?” to pinpoint the most pressing needs. • develops strategies with measurable objectives. • generates necessary resources by engaging partners around shared goals to implement strategies. • measures and reports results to the community.

  7. An example of your impact: GRADUATE GREENVILLE THE NEED Nearly one out of every four Greenville County students will not graduate high school in four years. THE STRATEGY Establish a partnership to initiate and implement a community-wide effort to improve high school success and increase the graduation rates in Greenville County. MOBILIZATION OF PARTNERS AND RESOURCES United Way of Greenville County, Greenville County Schools, and The Alliance for Quality Education established GRADUATE GREENVILLE, with the goal of raising the most recent Greenville County graduation rate of 69.6% to 85% REPORTING PROGRESS • Development of an early warning system to identify "at risk" students as they enter high school is underway. • Graduation coaches are in place in three high schools to provide targeted students with the extra support and counseling necessary to help them pass the critical 9th grade year. • The "Opening Doors to Success“ event is held in August of each year. Community volunteers will knock on the doors of high school students who did not show up for school during the first week of classes and invite them to return to school.

  8. An example of your impact: GREENVILLE HOUSING FUND THE NEED Poor housing affects both child educational attainment and the health of its occupants, and fosters neighborhood decline. THE STRATEGY Leverage local resources by developing a local housing trust fund to educate the community about affordable housing needs; help finance affordable housing development; and increase local market opportunities for affordable housing for residents MOBILIZATION OF PARTNERS AND RESOURCES The Greenville Housing Fund was developed through a partnership between United Way of Greenville County, the City of Greenville and the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority. United Way has invested $500,000 over a three-year period to be used as start-up funding. REPORTING PROGRESS United Way’s investment will assist in the production of 85 new affordable housing units over three years. With United Way and other resources the Greenville Housing Fund expects that 200 affordable units will be available over three years.

  9. An example of your impact: DENTAL INITIATIVE THE NEED More than 75,000 people in Greenville County have not seen a dentist in the last year – mostly because of cost. A 2003 community health assessment revealed that access to oral health care in Greenville County for those who earn low wages is extremely limited. THE STRATEGY • Establishment of a community-based dental practice with a full range of oral health services • Operation of a Mobile Dental Unit, which travels to churches, schools, shelters, and other community sites to provide preventive services. MOBILIZATION OF PARTNERS AND RESOURCES • United Way has invested more than $300,000 in the project. Those seed dollars leveraged more than $2 million from organizations to support the project. • New Horizon Family Health Services operates the dental practice. • Bon Secours St. Francis Health System operates the Mobile Unit with services provided by New Horizon Family Dental Care and Greenville Technical College’s Dental Program. REPORTING PROGRESS More than 7,000 individuals will benefit from services of dental practice programs each year.

  10. Your contributions advance the common good in our community. More kids ready to start school More youth graduating high school More financially stable families Community has effective service network, the foundation for a caring community.

  11. Don’t forget to keep this receipt for your tax records! How can I contribute? • a percentage of your salary • Fair Share level is 1% of annual salary / one hour pay per month wage

  12. Don’t forget to keep this receipt for your tax records! How can I contribute? $____ per pay period any single dollar amount

  13. Don’t forget to keep this receipt for your tax records! How can I contribute? Palmetto Society ($1,000 or more)  ($20 per week)

  14. Making a DifferenceUnited Way Palmetto Society -Leadership Giving Donors who contribute $1,000 or more are recognized as members of the United Way Palmetto Society. These donors have opportunities throughout the year to attend networking and recognition events. • Director’s Circle $1,000 - $1,499 • Leader’s Circle $1,500 - $2,499 • Executive’s Circle $2,500 - $4,999 • President’s Circle $5,000 - $7,499 • Chairman’s Circle $7,500 - $9,999 • Tocqueville Society $10,000 + Special initiatives for further involvement: African American Leadership Women’s Leadership Young Philanthropists (age 40 and under) SIX LEVELS OF PALMETTO SOCIETY GIVING

  15. Turn in your card today and get the chance to win one of: <insert incentives here> <insert incentives here> <insert incentives here> <insert incentives here>

  16. Contribute at the Fair Share level of <insert company’s fair share target> and get the chance to win one of: <insert incentives here> <insert incentives here> <insert incentives here> <insert incentives here>

  17. Contribute a gift of $250 or more and receive a special thank you from Stax Restaurants • Get buy-one-get-one-free coupons (can be used twice at each of 5 area Stax Restaurants): • Stax Peppermill • Stax Omega Diner—Orchard Park • Stax Omega Diner—Pelham Road and I-85 • Stax Original Diner • Stax Seafood Grill 2. You also get 25% off twice at Stax Bakery 3. And 30% off of one catering order from Stax Catering (food only)

  18. Be proud of your Company! <insert Company name here> stretches your contribution by: <insert Corporate contribution match here, example: dollar for dollar, $.25 on the dollar, etc.> <or, insert Corporate Gift here>

  19. How can you There are many ways that you can stay involved in our community. Visit to learn more about how you can LIVE UNITED every day. Jack Stewart Retired •United Way Volunteer, Earned Income Tax Credit Program Susie Daniel Publix at Woodruff #530 •Women’s Leadership •African American Leadership •Publix Campaign Coordinator

  20. Choose to Give. Choose to