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Lower North Shore

Lower North Shore. The land God gave to Cane. Map of the region. Social Economic Situation. The region has 14 communities (not connected) Five municipalities Two native reserves 67% of the population speak English only 17% Montagnais

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Lower North Shore

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  1. Lower North Shore The land God gave to Cane LNS CEDEC

  2. Map of the region LNS CEDEC

  3. Social Economic Situation • The region has 14 communities (not connected) • Five municipalities • Two native reserves • 67% of the population speak English only • 17% Montagnais • 42% of the population have less than Secondary III education (5 schools with Sec. V, only one french language no College or university) • Employment on the Coast is characterized by seasonal and part time jobs, leading to unemployment rates of 75% to 80% 6-8 months a year • The main industry is fishing LNS CEDEC


  5. Decline in the fishing industry early 1990. • Large out migration (parents leaving, students not returning) • Change in community’s social structure (high school drop-out, drugs & alcohol abuse, no community growth) -Dependency on government programs • Focus on projects and short-term employment (loss of interest in values, skills, culture, traditions, resources, & communities) • Negative attitude in regard to development opportunities LNS CEDEC

  6. Challenges • Education • Health • Transportation • Secondary transformation of raw product • Language barrier (professional job opportunities) LNS CEDEC

  7. Opportunities Change & Development LNS CEDEC

  8. The Community Table • A volunteer-driven initiative, the Community Table, through its Community Economic Development and Employability Committees (CEDECs), supports employability and community economic development in the English-speaking community of Quebec. • We do this by promoting community capacity building, economic diversification, leadership development, community planning, and partnership development at all levels of government and community. • The CT is one of two distinct and equal partners that make up the National Human Resources Development Committee for the English Linguistic Minority (National Committee). With our counterpart, the Government Table, we openly discuss current human resources development and economic challenges facing Quebec’s ESC. LNS CEDEC


  10. Vision To see a stable population with diverse employment. Goal and Objective To create active community participation, planning and decision making in the development of economic, social and cultural needs of the LNS population. To development capacity, cooperation and solidarity among the communities of the Lower North Shore. LNS CEDEC

  11. Pillars • Communication • Partnership • Community Capacity Building • Job Creation/Economic Diversification LNS CEDEC

  12. Activities I have many pictures inserted of the different CEDEC activities over the years LNS CEDEC

  13. The LNS CEDEC  Encouraging and supporting an entrepreneurial future for the LNS. Helping our community believe in itself Connecting communities along the Coast Helping Youth to see their future here LNS CEDEC

  14. Accomplishments Through partnershipdevelopment and networking, the LNS CEDEC encouraged the region to embark on a new process for long term sustainability. A SOCIAL DEVLEOPMENT PLANBuilding the Lower North Shore Community Together creating a “common vision”Speaking with one voice LNS CEDEC

  15. It is called “Social” because it means people LNS CEDEC

  16. At the heart of this community planning process: building and valuing local capacity identifying key and critical opportunities transforming opportunities into sustainable community infrastructure and business enterprise LNS CEDEC

  17. February 2005 Launching of the Social Development plan “An Entrepreneurial Approach” Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference LNS CEDEC

  18. March 2005 Community animators and Coordinator hired to do field work LNS CEDEC

  19. Actions ● Develop a sense of belonging through engagement, participating and local action ● Build on community strengths by recognizing existing skills and qualities ● Build synergy through sharing, communication and partnering ● Consolidate resources, research and activities ● Develop a vision and visibility for the whole coast LNS CEDEC

  20. Communication Leadership Self-esteem Community Capacity Building Partnership development Community Economic Development/Entrepreneurship Networking/team work Community mapping Facilation skills Positive attitude Training sessions/workshops with animators and volunteers LNS CEDEC

  21. Activities/accomplishments Community awareness (Radio promotions, Community contest, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Meeting individuals) Inventory of resources(organizational, financial, research) public meeting to promote the S. D. initiative Inventory of local skills & skills needed Partnerships(with local players, support organizations/agencies) Development of local visions Community forum (Celebration 2006) LNS CEDEC

  22. Community Celeberation 2006 • Past (history, Cultural, Traditions) • Present (success stories, business development, non-profits) • Future (ideas, visions, priorities) Community Forums 2007 • Priorties • Challenges • Solutions LNS CEDEC

  23. Opportunities for IndustryWildberry LNS CEDEC

  24. Opportunities for IndustryFishery Opportunities for IndustryFishery Aquaculture & secondary transformation -Scallops -Mussels -Wolf Fish -Kelp • Maintaining permits LNS CEDEC

  25. -Transportation-Seniors-Education (personal development)-Municipal insfracture& beautification-Youth-Communication/information LNS CEDEC

  26. Tourismpictures of the many opportunities for tourism development LNS CEDEC

  27. Skills & crafts LNS CEDEC

  28. Wildlife LNS CEDEC

  29. Fishing LNS CEDEC

  30. History & Culture LNS CEDEC


  32. Events & Celeberations • Winter Carnivals • Local sport events/competation • Craft festivals • Concerts/local musicians • Heritage celeberation • Family days LNS CEDEC

  33. Boat tours Whale watching Snowmobile tours Ice fishing Tranquility Kayak tours Eco-Tourism LNS CEDEC

  34. Our greatest asset our people LNS CEDEC


  36. Presentation from Local Initiatives • Blanc Sablon Tourism group (Eldon Jones) • Middle Bay Interpetation Center (Donna Blanche) • Whitley Museum Committee (Ms. Greffin) • Coastfest 2008 Steering group (Mary Letto) • Junior Ranger Adult Committee (Barb) • Quebec Labrador Foundation (Sophia Foly) • Partnership/networking (CLD) LNS CEDEC

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