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Welcome. to. Jeopardy!. Final Jeopardy. Round 1. Round 2. Law and Ethics. Models of IR. State System. Global War. Clash of Civs. Influence. Round 2. Final Jeopardy. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. Scores. $300. $300. $300. $300.

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  1. Welcome to Jeopardy!

  2. FinalJeopardy Round 1 Round 2

  3. Law and Ethics Models of IR State System Global War Clash of Civs Influence Round 2 Final Jeopardy $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 Scores $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

  4. $100 A model that assumes classes fight each other over profits.

  5. $100 What is Radicalism? Scores

  6. $200 Model that assumes important actors include states, IGOs, and NGOs.

  7. $200 What is Liberalism? Scores

  8. $300 Model that focuses on leaders’ opportunity and willingness to predict world politics?

  9. $300 What is the Menu for Choice? Scores

  10. $400 Model that assumes the world system is characterized by anarchy

  11. $400 What is realism? Scores

  12. $500 Model that recognizes many of the same patterns in world politics as realists, liberals, and radicals, but is wary of their tendency to objectify these patterns

  13. $500 What is social constructivism? Scores

  14. $100 The set of psychological, cultural, and social forces that drive the formation of a nation

  15. $100 What is nationalism? Scores

  16. $200 Established the principle of cuius region, eius religio – he who rules a region determines its religion – thus setting the stage for the emergence of modern states

  17. $200 What is the Peace of Westphalia? Scores

  18. $300 The two attributes of states that have provided them with major advantages over non-state actors in the global arena

  19. $300 What are sovereignty and territoriality? Scores

  20. Daily Double

  21. $400 The three features of the international system, according to political scientist Kenneth Waltz

  22. $400 What are its ordering principle (anarchy), character of units (nation-states), and distribution of capabilities (polarity) Scores

  23. $500 The elements that produce “we-feeling” among citizens of a nation

  24. $500 What are common territory and cultural similarity? Scores

  25. $100 The percentage of major powers that are aligned into one of two opposed alliances

  26. $100 What is polarization? Scores

  27. $200 According to long cycle theorists, it is the ultimate measure of a state’s power

  28. $200 What is global reach? Scores

  29. $300 Controversial theory that was condemned as “defeatist” by Cold Warriors

  30. $300 What is nuclear winter? Scores

  31. $400 What hegemonic stability theorists believe causes world wars

  32. $400 What are depressions? Scores

  33. $500 The four phases of the long cycle of global leadership

  34. $500 What are global war, world power, delegitimation, and deconcentration? Scores

  35. $100 This treaty outlawed war between nations

  36. $100 What is the Kellogg-Briand Pact? Scores

  37. $200 This test is used to judge the customary legality of anticipatory self-defense

  38. $200 What is the Caroline test? Scores

  39. $300 Consequentialist theory of international ethics that argues that everybody’s happiness and welfare should count equally, because all lives are equal

  40. $300 What is utilitarianism? Scores

  41. $400 He argued that perpetual peace could be brought about through republicanism (democracy), hospitality (interdependence), and a federation of states (international organization)

  42. $400 Who was Kant? Scores

  43. $500 Theory of IGOs that argues that successful collaboration on one set of problems encourages similar international efforts in other areas

  44. $500 What is functionalism? Scores

  45. $100 Term for the foreign policy of a state that avoids alliances by remaining neutral

  46. $100 What is nonalignment? Scores

  47. $200 When a state joins with a rising power instead of balancing against it

  48. $200 What is bandwagoning? Scores

  49. $300 The strategy of influencing another country to halt a course of action it is already pursuing or to commence an action it is not currently pursuing

  50. $300 What is compellence? Scores

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