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Welcome to Living in Grace PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Living in Grace

Welcome to Living in Grace

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Welcome to Living in Grace

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  1. Welcome to Living in Grace Presented by the Spiritual Life Department Mission to the World

  2. What is Living in Grace? Living in Grace is a grace-based, Christ-centered seminar grounded in the Scriptures. The purpose of Living in Grace is to demonstrate that all of the Christian life is lived in the grace of God in Christ. The goal of Living in Grace is to provide discipleship training which leads to being more fully equipped for life and ministry.

  3. Two main aspects of the conference 1. Messages are presented by MTW staff on various topics. 2. Participants discuss the materials in small groups.

  4. Small Groups… Small groups are the key to an effective seminar. Our office will discuss with you how these groups will be organized and facilitated. In most cases, the church will recruit small group leaders who will meet prior to the first session on Friday evening for special training hosted by the Spiritual Life Department.

  5. The Seminar Schedule We begin on Friday evening with our first session, and continue on Saturday morning, generally ending late morning or early afternoon. The final portion of the seminar is integrated into the regular Sunday morning schedule.

  6. Who attends the seminar? • Officers and wives • Leadership teams • Congregational members • You decide who attends. Our staff will consult with you to determine who should attend the seminar. One suggestion is to have those attend the first seminar who can then take the leadership in presenting the seminar by DVD to the congregation in various settings.

  7. What does the seminar cost? $25 per person. The church is responsible for the transportation (via air or car rental) and room/board for our team, which will typically involve two staff members from our office. There are other factors that affect the cost to the church, such as meals and snacks. We will explore all the options available to make this affordable for your church. The cost structure is regularly reviewed and may change. Once we agree on your cost, it will not change.

  8. The Living in Grace Messages • The Love of God: The Foundation of Grace • Surrender: The Response of Grace • Repentance: The Posture of Grace • Love of Others: The Sign of Grace • Prayer: The Language of Grace

  9. What is the next step? Contact our office to discuss plans for a Living in Grace Seminar in your church. We provide you with a Host Church Coordinator’s Manual to help you in your planning and preparation for the seminar.

  10. Living in Grace Spiritual Life Department Mission to the World Contact: Krista Steere 678-823-0004 ext. 2351