what is scrip n.
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What is SCRIP? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is SCRIP?

What is SCRIP?

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What is SCRIP?

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  1. What is SCRIP?

    And Why You Should Care!
  2. SCRIP is a member-controlled fundraiser that is helping raise money for the band. It is now the only way to earn band credits toward program fees.
  3. SCRIP is a way for you to purchase gift cards at face value, while the HBPA is paid a percentage of the sale. The percentage rate varies from store to store.
  4. There are hundreds of participating companies in many categories: Clothing, Restaurants, Electronics, and e-tailers. You can also give the Scrip cards as gifts!
  5. This is money you would spend anyway! So…Why not help HBPA and your Marching Hawk while you’re at it?
  6. For example, if you buy this $50 Applebee’s gift card, HBPA will get 8% of what you spend. = $4.00 !
  7. HBPA splits the profits with the students. The suggested split is 60/40. So from our $4.00 Applebee’s example, the student’s account gets $1.60 and the HBPA account receives $2.40 as a fundraising tax-deductible donation.
  8. Scrip Agreement The Scrip Agreement formalizes your intentions for the rebates earned in the Scrip Program. Your signature allows the HBPA to consider your donations as tax deductible. You have three options: Split your rebates with the Band (60% Band/40%Student)—Remember—this is a fundraiser.* Donate 100% of your Rebates to the Band. Thank You! Receive 100% of your Rebates. The agreement form also details your preferences for managing the account at year-end, and upon graduation. A new form will be necessary each year. *Multiple siblings can be managed independently.
  9. Payment for cards HBPA accepts PrestoPay as well as Personal Checks. We use’sPRESTO PAY program: -A secure payment system; -You link it to your checking account; -Your orders are paid directly from your account.
  10. How it works: -Create an account on -Create a Presto Pay account. -Wait for the site to link to your checking acct, ~2 days
  11. -Log in to website and select your products. -Check out with Presto Pay. Each time you order there is a fee of 15cents---not per card, Per Order.
  12. Payments to Presto Pay -Processed almost immediately & deducted from your checking account. -Insufficient funds charges apply & they reserve the right to cancel your account for repeated offenses. -Presto Pay is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way for HBPA to manage the Scrip Program.
  13. Personal Checks Personal checks are accepted as payment one week in advance of the order date to allow the treasurer to collect and process them through the band’s bank account. Checks may be deposited in the HBPA mailbox, or given directly to either the Treasurer or Scrip Coordinator. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure timely delivery of the check prior to the order date. Late checks will force your order to be delayed until the next order cycle—approximately 2 weeks.
  14. Order dates will be listed on the HBPA website, the HBPA Facebook page, and will be included in mass e-mails to the membership. Cards are shipped to the Scrip Coordinator within 2-3 days. Members will be contacted by email when the shipment arrives to arrange pickup.
  15. Reloads! -Some cards can be reloaded right from your own computer! -Saves time and earns you instant credits! -Great for students away at school
  16. ScripNow! Buy and print your own Gift Cards at home without the wait!! Home Depot, Lowe’s, iTunes,, and others. You choose the amount! Can be e-Gifted to others too!
  17. Link to Scrip Program: Link to Hickory High School Marching Band web site: *Enrollment code for “Shop With Scrip” is: 2B2LAA5L24666, or on the Band Web Site.*
  18. Questions? Or call Kevin & Lynnette Ritter 818-0579 or 818-0204