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Fashion Styles

Fashion Styles

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Fashion Styles

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  1. Fashion Styles • What’s that style really called?

  2. FASHION • A particular style that is popular at a given time.

  3. STYLE • Characteristics that distinguish one particular item of clothing from another.

  4. Classic • Styles that stay in fashion for a long time, or never seem to go out of style. • Simple designs that are less innovative. • Examples: • Clothing-Blazers, blue jeans, and tailored suits, polo shirts, cardigan sweaters, sweatshirts, tuxedos • Accessories-Pearl necklaces, loafers, clutch purses

  5. FAD • Fashion that is popular for a short time. • Can include colors, jewelry, shoes, punk-rock, safari, grunge • Tend to be less expensive. • Examples: 1950’s plastic necklaces, cinch belts • 1960’s Go-Go boots • 1970’s hot pants and leisure suits • 1980’s florescent socks

  6. AVANT-GARDE • French expression • Means ahead of fashion • Daring and unconventional-far out

  7. RETRO • Everything old is new again • Bringing back styles of an earlier time and making them fashionable again • Example: twin sweater sets, wrap around dresses, pointed pumps

  8. FASHION CYCLES • Introduction stage-worn for first time by influential people • (Seen only at Fashion Week) • Growth stage-people accept fashion and variations available • (Available at Department Stores) • Maturity stage-reaches peak of popularity • (Available at Retail Stores) • Decline state-sales decline, people tire of wearing it • (Available in Sale/Clearance Section or Thrift Stores)

  9. Fashion Swings • Basic styles stay the same, while details change according to the times. • Skirt lengths longer and shorter • Jackets go up and down • Pants length and styles

  10. necklines

  11. Jewel: high & round; it is a good background for JEWELRY • Crew: high & round with a knit band; named for shirts worn by rowing CREWS • Bateau: resembles a flat BOAT (or in French, “BATEAU”) • Sweetheart: comes to a point like a HEART • Halter: back & shoulders are bare;

  12. collars

  13. Shirt: like on a man’s SHIRT; it has has a band and collar in two pieces and may BUTTON DOWN • Peter Pan: small and round, like the kids wore in “PETER PAN” • Sailor or Middy: like on a SAILOR’S uniform • Mandarin: from China, where MANDARIN is a common language • Shawl: turns back on itself, like a SHAWL

  14. sleeves

  15. three basic styles • Set-in: the sleeve is SET INTO the shirt at the armhole seam • Raglan: the front and back have a diagonal seam that goes from the neckline to the underarm • Kimono: the garment and sleeve are cut in one piece like a Japanese KIMONO

  16. variations • Dolman: wide at the top, narrow at the wrist–kind of dramatic (kimono) • Puff or Baby Doll: full with a band, like on a child’s or DOLL’S garment (set-in) • Cap: just covers the shoulder CAP (kimono) • Three-Quarter: comes to mid-forearm so it is THREE QUARTERS the length of a long sheeve (set-in)

  17. Cuff: has a band or CUFF at the wrist • French Cuff: the cuff turns back on itself and is held in place by buttons or cuff links (set-in) • Peasant: a deep armhole and full sleeve with a cuff or elastic at the wrist, like PEASANTS used to wear (set-in)

  18. shirts

  19. Dress: like a traditional man’s shirt • Polo: a knit shirt similar to those worn by POLO players • Hawaiian or Aloha: made from floral or funky fabrics in bright colors, like those worn in HAWAII • Tuxedo: like the pleated shirt often worn under a TUXEDO

  20. Fitted: has darts that make it FIT close to the body • Tunic: long, like the Roman TUNICS • Camisole: like what used to be worn as a slip (underwear) • Henley: knit with long sleeves, a few buttons, and 3/4 or long sleeves

  21. pants

  22. Flare: the FLARE out at the bottom; now often called boot-cut • Straight: they go STRAIGHT from the knee to the hem, like straight-cut jeans • Tapered: they TAPER in at the ankle; similar to todays skinny jeans • Bermuda Shorts: long shorts (almost to the knee) like men wear in BERMUDA

  23. Culottes: pants that resemble a skirt but arent’ too wide • Palazzo or Full: long, wide, flowing culottes that really look like a skirt; carwash pants are today’s version • Jumpsuit: pants and shirt all in one; bibs are a variation

  24. skirts

  25. Straight: fitted at the waist and fairly STRAIGHT all the way down • Dirndl: gathered at the waist but fairly straight (good to hide a tummy) • A-Line: fitted at the waist and slightly flared, like the letter A • Gathered: gathered at the waist and full

  26. Gored: has several panels, or GORES • Pleated: • knife pleat: lots of small pleats • single pleat: one pleat in the front • box pleat: several large pleats that are often stitched down at the top

  27. Wrap: the skirt WRAPS around the body; a sarong is a current variation • Flared: fitted at the waist, full at the hem • Circular: fitted at the waist but very full (almost a CIRCLE) at the bottom–like a poodle skirt

  28. the long and short of it

  29. dresses

  30. no waistline • Sheath: fits close to the body; shaped by darts at the bust and waist • Shift or Chemise: looser fitting, straight, and tubular • A-Line: flares out like an A shape • Tent: flares out a lot at the hem–like a TENT or teepee shape

  31. waistline styles • Empire: a high waist, just under the bust like EMPRESS Josephine wore • High waist: midway between the bust and normal waist • Shirtwaist: like a shirt on top, skirt on the bottom, and a normal waist • Dropped waist: waistline near the hips; if it bubbles over, it is called “blouson”

  32. Princess: has seams (actually long darts) that go from bust to hemline and make the dress close-fitting; they make you look tall and slim • Coat dress: like a lightweight coat • Wrap or Asymmetrical: wraps around the body and overlaps in the front

  33. coats and jackets

  34. Blazer: the traditional jacket, like a man’s sportcoat. Single-breasted has one row of buttons. Double-breasted has two parallel rows of buttons. • Boxy: short and straight • Fitted: has darts that make it fit close to the body

  35. Cardigan: a collarless jacket or sweater that is boxy and buttons down the front • Bolero: a short jacket like today’s crop jackets • Chanel: similar to a cardigan but without the buttons • Safari: casual with lots of pockets