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By Jordan

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  1. By Jordan

  2. Many people in the world do not know if they are overweight. This is the chart to check. You should find out roughly every 3 months and change your ways if you are. But this isn't really right for us as we are still growing.

  3. If you are overweight your not alone • Over 30,000 deaths a year are caused by obesity in England alone. A study by the National Audit Office in 2002 estimated the condition costs the NHS £500 million a year. The overall cost to the country is estimated at up to £7.4 billion a year. • Adult obesity rates have almost quadrupled in the last 25 years. Now 22% of Britons are obese and three-quarters are overweight • The number of obese children has tripled in 20 years. 10% of six year olds are obese, rising to 17% of 15 year olds • Obesity can lead to health problems, including arthritis, heart disease and diabetes

  4. The average African diet is based on healthy things like maize porridge and a cup of tea. Also a lot of healthy vegetables like spinach and beetroot. Where as the average UK diet consists of……

  5. Tea or coffee with milk and sugar, or fizzy drinks. Lots of sugar and processed food. With lots of sweeteners and chemicals. Lots of enhanced crops.

  6. The only thing is the African diet is totally dependant on the weather. One bad harvest = no food+no money

  7. So what does 200 calories look like?

  8. 570 grams of baby carrots 385 grams of apple 553 grams of melon 496 ml of coke 333 ml of whole milk 226 grams of ketchup 290 grams of grapes 150 grams of eggs 145 grams Of Cooked pasta 72 Grams Of Blueberry muffin 70 grams of French fries 67 grams of cheeseburger

  9. The 8 tips to a healthy diet 1. Base your meals on starchy foods 2. Eat lots of fruit and veg 3. Eat more fish 4. Cut down on saturated fat and sugar 5. Try to eat less salt - no more than 6g a day 6. Get active and try to be a healthy weight 7. Drink plenty of water 8. Don't skip breakfast

  10. But the real question is…..

  11. The English Trifle Is it healthy? Alex Kiddle-Morris

  12. The English Trifle’s Ingredients • For the Madeira Cake: • 3oz (80-82 % milk fat) • 3oz caster Sugar • 2 Medium sized Eggs (1 Egg= 75 Cal & 5 Grams of fat) • 4 ½ Self raising Flour • 3 tbsp Full Cream Milk (26% fat, Milk Sugar 36 %) • ½ Lemon, Grated Zest Only • For the topping: • 10 Fl oz Full cream milk (26% fat, Milk Sugar 36 %) • 1 ¼ Pints Double Cream Milk (36% Fat) • 6 large Egg Yolks • 1 Rounded tsp Corn flour • 4 tbsp Good-quality Raspberry Jam • 6 tbsp Oloroso (Sweet) Sherry

  13. What is healthy inthe English Trifle? Some content in the English is very nutritional for you. For you for example, grated lemons are rich in vitamin C and A vitamin C is good for Life Expansion and Disease prevention. It also protects your body from Radicals, which may cause Heart Disease or Cancer. Vitamin A helps keep your Eyes and Skin moist. The Eggs and milk which are in the ingredients of the Cake and the Topping, are full of Calcium and Protein which help you to grow and makes your bones stronger.

  14. Trifle is here

  15. So next time you buy a trifle think of three things

  16. Should I buy Fairtrade

  17. 2. Is this good for me

  18. 3. Do I want to look like this….

  19. Now lets get funky

  20. Now here’s a little song where I can take the leadI wanna eat the right kind of foods that I need I’m countin’ all my servings in a real cool wayI’m talkin’ fruits and vegetables, 5 A Day!

  21. 1-2-3-4-5 A DayThat’s the fruit and vegetable wayEat five servings every daySing 5 A Day!

  22. One! I grabbed a banana for my breakfastTwo! I ate a bunch of carrots for my lunch (Hey!)Three! Felt a little hungry after school An apple from the fridge and I’m on my wayFour! I had broccoli for dinnerFull of fiber with vitamins C and AFive! I needed just one more Strawberries for dessert, that’s 5 A Day! (c’mon)

  23. 1-2-3-4-5 A DayThat’s the fruit and vegetable wayEat five servings every daySing 5 A Day!

  24. One! A glass of fruit juice for my breakfastTwo! And a tangy tangerineThree! Had a salad at noontimeTomatoes and carrots and lots of good greensFour! I had spinach for my supperI like it fresh or I like it steamedFive! Please gimme some cauliflowerThat’s 5 A Day and that’s what I mean!

  25. 1-2-3-4-5 A DayThat’s the fruit and vegetable wayEat five servings every daySing 5 A Day!

  26. Apple, banana, kiwis, grapes and beansThat’s five, you know that’s fiveGrapefruit, orange, papaya, melon, tangerineThat’s five, you know that’s fiveBroccoli, potato, celery, peppers, collard greens That’s five, you know that’s fivePineapple, mango, peaches, pears and nectarinesThat’s five, you know that’s fiveSo that’s the way it goes when you wanna eat rightSpread ‘em all out from the morning ‘till the nightFresh or frozen, dried or cannedJust count ‘em out loud, that’s 5 A Day, man!

  27. 1-2-3-4-5 A DayThat’s the fruit and vegetable wayEat five servings every daySing 5 A Day!

  28. Thanks for watching

  29. By Jordan Cadman-Rivers