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Office of Research Services

Office of Research Services

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Office of Research Services

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  1. Linkage Projects Dr Lisa Schimanski Dr Alice Percy Professor Graham Edgar Office of Research Services

  2. Office of Research Services • Key Dates: • 18 September Proposals open in RMS • 19 September – 1 October • Detailed workshop based on instructions to applicants • Panel discussion • Mid October • Submission of draft applications to ORS • Late October • Submission to ORS of Requests not to Assess:   • Mid November • Submission of final applications to ORS and submission to ARC

  3. Office of Research Services • Overview of Scheme • Research and Development projects that: • are collaborative between Higher Education researchers and other parts of the national innovation system; • acquire new knowledge; and • involve risk or innovation.

  4. Office of Research Services Objectives To promote: Long term strategic alliance with industry and other end users for national economic, social or cultural benefits The scale and focus of research in Strategic Research Priorities Opportunities for Internationally competitive research in collaboration with high quality research partners Growth of pool of world class researchers to meet needs of Australian innovation system.

  5. Office of Research Services Selection Criteria

  6. Office of Research Services • Selection Criteria – Investigators (20%) • Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence (ROPE) • Highlight key successes ie. grant income, H-index, citations, seminar papers, awards, keynote presentations • Potential to engage in research with end-users • Time and capacity to undertake and manage research in collaboration with the Partner Organisation

  7. Office of Research Services • Selection Criteria – Proposed project – 50% • Significance and Innovation (25%) • Do you address the objectives? • Will the outcomes advance knowledge? • Are you using new methods/technologies? • What is the innovation? • What are the national benefits and benefits to PO? • Approach and Training (15%) • Address the Strategic Research Priorities • Budget (value) and timeline • Research Environment (10%) • UTAS and POs • Facilities • Dissemination strategies

  8. Office of Research Services • Selection Criteria – PO commitment (30%) • How is each Partner Organisation involved? • How does the project fit into the POs strategic plan? • What is the value of the project to the PO? • What will be the long-term collaboration with PO?

  9. Office of Research Services • Funding • $50,000 to $300,000 per year from ARC • Min 2 years - Max 3 consecutive years • Commence 1 July 2014

  10. Office of Research Services • Budget items supported • Fieldwork essential to the project • Technical support • Travel & accommodation for CIs/PIs/Research personnel • Expert services of a third party • Transcribing • Workshop services, data collection, analysis • Maintenance and access to infrastructure and equipment required for project • Personnel • Research Associates and Assistants, Technicians and Laboratory Attendants + 28% oncosts • Stipends in whole or part

  11. Office of Research Services • Budget items supported • Publication and dissemination • Specialised computer equipment and software • Teaching relief for CIs up to $40,000 per year • Travel costs essential to project $50,000 limit • Fieldwork is not counted towards total travel • Web hosting and development

  12. Office of Research Services • Budget items not supported • Bench fees or similar lab access fees • Capital works and general infrastructure costs • Membership fees, professional development courses, fees for patent application and maintenance, visas, relocation costs, insurance, hospitality costs etc. • Fees for international students, HELP fees • Hosting of seminars and conferences • Salaries and/or oncosts for CIs or PIs

  13. Office of Research Services • Linkage Scheme does not support projects • Little innovation or are low risk • Contract research or consultancy • Medical and Dental research • primarily and substantially aimed at understanding or treating a human disease or health condition. • Projects that use established protocols or research tools that involve any of the following: • late pre-clinical or early human trials of a human therapeutic agent, material or diagnostic test or device; or other interventional research involving humans; • using material collected from human subjects for the primary purpose of studying  the underlying causes, prevalence, epidemiology or mode of inheritance of a disease or human condition; or • using established animal models or established cell lines for the purpose of studying  the underlying causes, prevalence, epidemiology or mode of inheritance of a human disease or human health condition.

  14. Office of Research Services • Partner Organisation General Requirements • There must be at least 1 PO • Must be a participant for duration of the project • A PO cannot be: • An Eligible Org • A controlled entity of an Eligible Org • An entity where more than 50% is owned by an Eligible Org

  15. Office of Research Services • Partner Organisation General Requirements • For each PO, three conditions must be met: • Evidence of new or on-going collaboration between the PO and Admin Org • No duplication of Commonwealth funding for the research and/or activities funded for the Project • A contribution of cash and/or in-kind or other material resources from each PO, having regard to the total cost of the Project and the relative contribution of each PI.

  16. Office of Research Services • Partner Organisation Letter • Official letterhead • No more than two A4 pages • Brief profile of organisation • Details of cash and inkind contributions • Demonstrate source of cash contribution • Certify that no cash is from Commonwealth or State funds • Certify that it will meet the requirements outlined in the standard Funding Agreement including the requirement to enter into arrangements regarding IP • Be signed by the CEO or delegate

  17. Office of Research Services • Partner Organisation Contribution • Combined PO(s) eligible contribution (cash and/or in-kind) must at least match the total funding from ARC • PO(s) must contribute 50% cash and in-kind • Combined PO cash contribution must be at least 25% of the total funding from ARC • unless they comply with Funding Rules 6.3.9 – eg. not for profit, community organisation, start-up • PO cash must not contribute to salaries for CIs and PIs • Max of 25% total countable cash and inkind contribution from POs whose funds are primarily sourced from govt for research purposes eg. CSIRO

  18. Office of Research Services Examples

  19. Office of Research Services Examples

  20. Office of Research Services • Eligibility of Participants • At least one CI and PI • A CI must at 1 July 2014 and for duration of project • Be an employee at least 50% at an eligible org; or • Hold an emeritus, adjunct or equivalent position and not have a substantive (50% or more) paid position elsewhere • A PI must not meet the eligibility of a CI • A CI may submit and/or be funded concurrently for a MAX of 4 Linkage Projects as a CI or APDI

  21. Office of Research Services • Conflicts of Interest • Declare any conflict of interests, perceived conflict of interests and/or potential conflicts of interests • Example, where an individual: • Has a contractual or employment arrangement with a PO • Owns shares in or controls a company or other organisation involved in the application • Is involved in an ARC committee • * A conflict of interest may exist where a spouse or immediate family member has any of the interests or involvement in the above.

  22. Office of Research Services • 2013 National Statistics • Success rate – 39% • $134.9 million requested funds of approved projects • $101.8 million funds allocated (75%) • 576 POs in total • $193.8 million from POs (cash and in-kind) • $55.8 million cash from POs • $138 million in-kind from POs

  23. Office of Research Services • 2013 UTAS Statistics • Success rate – 42% • $4.15 million requested funds of approved projects • $3.43 million funds allocated (83%) • 31 POs in total • $6 million from POs (cash and in-kind) • $1.22 million cash from POs • $4.78 million in-kind from POs

  24. Office of Research Services How to apply The ARC online system is RMS. You need a user ID and password for access. ALL named CI’s, PI’s on a proposal will need a RMS ID.

  25. Office of Research Services Let us know you want to apply Please send us a Notification of Intent so that you will be on our database for updates

  26. Office of Research Services Questions? Professor Graham Edgar Linkage coordinator #7100 Research Service Managers SET #2827 ABL #8558 Domain #7784 Launceston #9440 Cradle Coast 0437 065 701