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Customer eForms

Customer eForms

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Customer eForms

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  1. Customer eForms FSA customers may download and use forms with a Level 1 eAuth account; however, obtaining a Level 2 eAuth account gives you more benefits: ~ Obtain forms, complete and save to online account ~ Obtain form(s) and submit word or excel documents with application through higher level account to FSA County Office. This PowerPoint is for Guaranteed Loan Lenders to become familiar with submitting applications online.

  2. Customer eForms Click Here for easy site demo of how to submit applications! Registered customers will select SIGN IN to find, complete, save and submit forms. Customers must have Adobe Reader Version 5.05 or higher on their PC to access the forms.

  3. Customer eForms Customer can use left side navigation bar at any time. Once signed in the customer can find and complete a new form or go to their MY FORMS account to access previously saved or submitted forms. Select FIND FORMS.

  4. Customer eForms Customer will enter selection criteria and click onSEARCH.

  5. Customer eForms Customer will enter selection criteria and click onSEARCH.

  6. Customer eForms Forms found in the search will be displayed. Click on round button with an “I” to view instructions. Click on the form number hyperlink to access the form for completion.

  7. Customer eForms Customer can complete, save, close or submit the form. Customers should not use the “X” in the upper right hand corner to exit the form. This will close the browser session. Use the CLOSE button. Customer would use the browser print button if they want to print the form. Customer can save the form if they are not done completing it or if they may want to save more than one form so they can group them in a package before submitting them to a Service Center. Select the SAVE button.

  8. Customer eForms Customer will type in a saved form name and select the SAVE button.For the customer this would be comparable to saving a Microsoft Word document. They can choose whatever they would like as long as they have not used it before. The save option DOES NOT save the form to the customer’s PC. It is saved on the eForms central web server and can only be accessed by the customer.

  9. Customer eForms The customer will be taken to their Saved Forms folder and their saved form will be displayed. The customer can delete a saved form at anytime by clicking on the DELETE radio button. To access the saved form, the customer would click on the NAME of the saved form.

  10. Customer eForms After the customer is done completing the form and they would like to submit, they will click on the SUBMIT button.

  11. Customer eForms Or you may “CREATE a Package” from the left pane and then NAME the package. When “Name the Package” screen comes up, you’ll provide a NAME to create a package…

  12. Customer eForms By selecting the package here, it automatically takes you to the US Map to select state, county, etc. – as follows on the next slides.

  13. Customer eForms The customer must select the Service Center office they want to send their form to. Once a customer selects a Service Center office they will be shown a list of previously selected offices to choose from or they can select a new office. Select a STATE.

  14. Customer eForms Select a County.

  15. Customer eForms The customer will be shown the Service Centers that service the county they selected. You will click the radio button which will select the office. A map is also provided if customer wants to see where offices are located. Click on the MAP button, if needed. If the form is sent to a service center office, the service center employee will be able to redirect the form to the appropriate office. e.g. The Manhattan Service Center services Riley and Geary Counties for FP benefits; however, the FLP Office that services Riley County is Nemaha. Therefore, the customer should choose the FLP Office to send their guaranteed loan package to.

  16. Customer eForms Customer can attach files from their personal computer if needed for the form they are submitting. If the customer does not need to attach additional files they can enter comments they want to provide the Service Center office about their submission and provide an email address if they would like to receive notifications pertaining to their submission. Once a customer enters an address it will be prefilled the next time they send a package. Select ATTACH.

  17. Customer eForms (attaching addl documents) Customer will select the BROWSE button then select a file and click on the OPEN button.

  18. Customer eForms (attachment addl documents) Customer must enter a description of the attached file and select ADD THIS FILE TO PACKAGE.

  19. Customer eForms (attachment addl documents) Attached files are displayed and the customer can continue to add files and then select CONTINUE when they have no more files to attach.

  20. Customer eForms A screen is displayed asking the customer to confirm their desire to submit their information to a Service Center office for processing and to attest the information is correct. All submissions will be sent to the Service Center office as a “package”. A package can include one form or several forms and attachments. Select YES.

  21. Customer eForms The customer will receive their confirmation number or may check under “New Submissions”. An email will also be sent to the customer regarding the submission, agency acceptance or any other action that was taken.

  22. Customer eForms A menu with descriptions of the customer’s My Forms folder is shown. Click on NEW SUBMISSIONS.

  23. Customer eForms On returned packages, the customer can view package contents, history or return reason. Click on “R” for an explanation of the returned form. Based on the return reason the customer will make necessary changes to the forms and resubmit or they may also delete the package if they do not want to resubmit this information to the Service Center office.

  24. Customer eForms If the customer clicks on the Accepted folder they will be shown all packages accepted by the Service Center office. They may view contents or history but they cannot modify forms once they are accepted.

  25. Customer eForms Customer review Saved Packages folder where they can submit, modify or delete their saved packages. If the customer submits a package they will be taken through the same steps discussed previously when submitting a single form--select an office, attach a file, enter comments, enter email address.

  26. Customer eForms Contact your local FSA County Office or the Kansas State Office for additional QUESTIONS