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Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes review and sneak peek demo PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes review and sneak peek demo

Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes review and sneak peek demo

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Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes review and sneak peek demo

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  1. Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes Review: A Massive Package That Will Save You A Huge Amount Of Money AndTime! Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes: kits-websites-mistakes-review/ Local Consultant Kits Websites Mistakes is a brand new, powerful set of marketing tools and resources that let's you easily, and effectively, educate small business owners about the mistakes they're making with their currentwebsites.

  2. You're getting the tools and resources that will educate them for you, while presenting your services as a viable option for theirbusiness. It's also going to present you as the expert in your local area, and allow you to build trust and credibility with yourprospects! Local Consultant Kits WebsitesMistakes's KeyFeatures: Resource #1: Premium Quality Whiteboard PromotionalVideo A professionally crafted whiteboard video that you can use as a commercial to promote your websiteservices. You can take this video and upload it to your website, share it on social media, or even rank it on Google for highly-targetedtraffic. It comes in both a US voice over and a UK voice over, and is the perfect pace, length and style that will keep viewers engaged and ready to takeaction. Resource #2: High Converting Prospecting LandingPages Get more targeted leads for your services with these lead generationpages. Not everyone will signup for your services straight away, so keep in touch with them by getting them to signup for yourlist.

  3. Landing pages are in html format, and are fully responsive, so they look great on all devices. Resource #3: Expertly Written ProspectingReport Provide your subscribers with massive value right off the bat with this expertly written lead magnetreport. This report educates your leads on the major mistakes they're currently making on their websites, and it also creates an opportunity for them to hire you for your website services. Customize it with your own details and convert more subscribers into clients. Report comes in docx, doc, and pdfformat.

  4. Resource #4: High Quality Prospecting Report CoverDesigns All lead magnet reports need a cover design, and you can give off a great impression to your visitors with these high quality coverdesigns. Graphics come in png and psdformat. Resource #5: Persuasive Prospecting EmailFollowups Stay in contact with your subscribers using these 7 followupemails. These emails have been expertly written to provide value to your subscribers, but also to get them to take action and contact you about yourservices.

  5. These aren't just emails for the sake of having emails; these are crafted to help you convert your subscribers into yourclients. Resource #6: Print-Ready ProspectingGraphics Start prospecting for leads and clients with directmail. Make an impact on your target clients, and let them know about what you can do to help them grow theirbusiness. Graphics come in jpg and psdformat. Resource #7: Online ProspectingGraphics Target your ideal clients on high traffic sites like Craigslist with these onlineads. Get your message in front of your target audience, and get them to visit your site, signup to your list, and contact you about yourservices. Designs come in jpg and psdformat. Resource #8: High Impact Cold EmailTemplates Send cold emails to prospects that are engaging, and highconverting.

  6. These emails have proven to get responses, and will give you an opportunity to close moreclients. How Does Local Consultant KitsWebsites MistakesWork? It's As Simple As 1 23... Step 1:Download Simply download these resources in the next few minutes and customize them with your contactdetails Step 2:Contact Contact potential clients in your area and show them how you can help them get more clientsonline

  7. Step 3: GetPaid Impress and educate your clients with these premium resources, and get paid over and overagain Exclusive Bonuses Of Local Consultant Kits WebsitesMistakes: Bonus 1: How To Edit YourGraphics You don't need to be a graphics expert to edit theseresources. They've already done most of the work for you, so all you need to do is enter your contact details, and they show you exactly how to do that with Photoshop, and a free alternative to Photoshop in case you don't haveit. They also show you where you can find professional designers to edit your resources for you at a very reasonableprice.

  8. Bonus 2: How To Edit YourVideos You also don't need to be a video editing expert to make the most of the high quality whiteboard video you're going toget. They show you everything you need to include your contact details into the video with ease, so you can go ahead and sell it to your clientstoday! Again, they'll also show you their go-to video editors who can take care of it all foryou.

  9. Bonus 3: How To Edit Your LandingPages Your landing pages can be your most important asset online, and you need to make sure you set it all upproperly. They take you through every single step, and show you that it's as easy as copy/paste when it comes to editing your landingpages. They also give you the best programmers who can do it for you aswell. Final verdict - YourTurn! Remember, you're getting over $1300 in massive value for a tiny, tinyinvestment! And you can use these resources over and over again to land high paying clients in your area that will think you're a superstar for what you can do for theirbusiness! They need your help right now, and they're willing to pay you $1000s for your services! And this is your opportunity to get your services in front ofthem.

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