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Paper Towels and Hand Dryers

Paper Towels and Hand Dryers. VS. BY: Christina Vang , Selina Lor , Ka Houa Xiong, and Chane Chang. Paper Towels – Pro(s) . Mobile By using paper towels, y ou can dry your hands while walking without waiting. Sanitation (reduces bacteria)

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Paper Towels and Hand Dryers

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  1. Paper Towels and Hand Dryers VS. BY: Christina Vang, SelinaLor, Ka Houa Xiong, and Chane Chang

  2. Paper Towels – Pro(s) • Mobile • By using paper towels, you can dry your hands while walking without waiting. • Sanitation (reduces bacteria) • The study from Mayo Clinic shows that there is no difference between paper towels and hand dryers in removing bacteria. However, if it was to pick between them two, paper towels will be the best choice as of reducing bacteria. • Dries faster • While a hand dryer takes 43 secs to dry your hands, it takes paper towels 8-10 secs.

  3. Paper Towels – Con(s) • Dirties the bathroom environment • Emits more CO2 in the air Causes landfill, disposal • More maintenance Hire more staff • Harvest trees In order for us to get paper towels, we’ll have to cut down trees , pollutes the water • Expensive Get refills, manufacture cleaning supplies, trash bins, dispensers, bags for bins, transportation

  4. ExpenseandQuantity Q: What is the cost of our electricity per hour? A: $ 0.88 per hour Q: How much paper towel do we use? A: We use about 1,296,000 of paper towels annually year Q: What is the total annual hand drying cost per month? A: The total annual hand drying cost per month is $3,801.60

  5. Hand Dryers • Pros • New generation of dryers are more environment friendly • Dryers last longer (7-10 Years) • More cost-efficient/cheaper to maintain • Cleaner environment/ prevent wastage • (no end products to take to the landfills) • Less maintenance • ( dryers are always ready 24/7, no re-fills, no complaints from consumers • Cons • Expensive energy bills • Expensive for replacement • Length of dying time per person (takes about 43 secs to fully dry hands) – newer ones takes up to 8-10 sec • Not the most hygienic method – Mayo Clinic found no differences) • Make loud noises

  6. eXtreme Air GTX Hand Drying Sensors Q: What does this high speed hand dryer have to offer?A: This hand dryer blows out warm air and has an adjustable motor setting which lets you control the speed of the motor. This hand dryer is two times as fast as standard thirty second hand dryers. If you decrease the speed, it’ll reduce the power requirements and the noise level. This hand dryer is also about half the size of most other high speed hand dryers and weighs only 11 pounds. This high speed hand dryer is also lsited on GreenSpec and is approved and qualified for LEED credits Q: How much will this cost? A: For every one dryer it only cost $340 each. For 50 dryers this will cost $17,000 Q: How much does shipping cost?A: The shipping is FREE for eXtreme Air Product is from: American Dryer

  7. Q: How many watts does this product use? A: They use 110-240 volts Q: How much energy will this take up?A: eXtreme Air takes only 540 watts and uses about 80% less energy than older traditional hand dryers Q: How long will eXtreme Air take to dry your hands? A: It will only take 12 to 15 seconds to dry your hands Q: How long is the warranty in effect? A: There is a five year warranty

  8. Excel Xlerator Hand Dryer Q:How big is the dryer? A: The dimensions are 11 ¾” by 12 11/16” and weighs about 16 lbs. Q: Why Excel Xlerator? A: The Xlerator dries hands within 10 – 15 seconds. You would also save about 95% of your cost by buying the hand dryer instead of paper towels. The xlerator is made to use up 80% less energy than any other hand dryers. It is to be known as the most hygienic hand drying solution to many companies. This dryer is 3x faster than any other dryer. It also has a warranty for 5 years. The xlerator was the first hand dryer to be green spec listed which qualifies for LEED credits. Q: What are some of the researches you had to do to find out which one was a better deal? A: We had a research that our school orders about 15 cases of paper towels which would only last us for 2 weeks and only has 6 rolls in each case. Each roll has about 800 ft. which is equivalent to 4,800 linear ft/case for roll towels. For every case, the school pays about $25 with free shipping. Doing all the math, in the end we realized that school pays about $6,750 per year just for paper towels.

  9. Q: How green is the hand dryer? A: By switching to the xlerator, you will be saving about 107.08 trees, 18.90 meters of landfill, 125,981 gallons of water, and also 118.81 gallons of gasoline emissions. Xlerator will also reduce carbon footprint by 80.77%, save about 5,714 lbs. of paper towel waste, and 10,800.82 kgs. of climate change benefits. Q: How much does one dryer cost? A: If you only buy one, the cost would be $400. If you were to buy about 50 which would be how much we would need for our school would be $360 each with a total of $18,000 with free shipping and handling. Q: How much is the school’s electric bill? A: The school pays about 25,531.58 every month for electricity. If we were to switch to xlerator, we would be saving 80% energy by taking away the paper towels.

  10. Energy being saved by using Xlerator Hand dryer

  11. Proposal • Step 1: present to Mr. Huggins for approval • Step 2: present to AASD for approval • Ask for school grants? • Step 3: organize a committee • Step 4: do additional research • Step 5: find other grants and deals • Step 6: ACTION!!!

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