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Christina Papetti Leaders

Christina Papetti Leaders

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Christina Papetti Leaders

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  1. Christina PapettiLeaders Mr.Manganiello

  2. Historical Context: Throughout History, leaders’ actions or • programs • have affected their nations. • Task: For each leader selected, identify one specific action or • program the leader has • taken or supported • and state one effect of the action or program on his or her nation. • Napoleon Bonaparte (France) • Mohandas Gandhi (India) • Nelson Mandela (South Africa) • Adolf Hitler (Germany) • Mao Zedong (China) • Saddam Hussein (Iraq)

  3. Napoleon Bonaparte • Born on August 15,1769 • He lived in corsican in the town of ajaccio on corsica • He was the emperor of French • He is a historical figure and a legend • When he was a child winning a scholarship to a French military academy • In France he had a police state with a vast network and secret police and spies • He is also remember for the establishment of the Nepoleonic code.( gave Jews rights)

  4. Mahatma Gandhi • Gandhi was born in October2,1869 • He was born into a Hindu family he was the son of Karamchand Gandhi the chief minister • The assassinated in January 30,1948 • He is the leader of India and the India independence movement • He was committed to no violence and truth even in the most extreme situations • Gandhi was married through his parents arrangement • his pervious three wives had died in childbirth. Gandhi and his wife Kasturba (1902)

  5. Important Events About of Gandhi • Civil disobedience -(peaceful protest) examples: boycott, strike • Salt march- (lead people to the India ocean to collected salt because the British put taxes on the salt • British imperialism-(the British took over India, Would not let them have arranged marriages and no sati) • Amritsar massacre-(peaceful protest and then they killed all of people

  6. Nelson Mandela • Born in July 18,1918 • Was the first president of south Africa • African National Congress • Apartheid (in south Africa blacks and whites were speared the whites had their own bathrooms and the blacks did to they lived in to diverted house)

  7. Adolf Hitler • Became dictator of Germany after the Great Depression. • He lead the Nazis • Nuremberg laws: laws against the Jews (example: they could not vote). • Ghettos: Dirty areas where Jews were forced to live. • “master race”: Aryan (blond hair and blue eyes). • Final solution (wanted to get rid of all the Jews homosexuals, and handicapped). • Concentration camp: were they move all the Jews some had to work and some were even killed they had to go their against their own will

  8. Mao Zedong • Born - December 26,1893 • Became one of the original members of the Chinese Communist party • From 1928 until 1931 Mao, with Zhu De and others, established soviets in the hinterlands, and built the Red army • after the Communists had taken almost all of mainland of China, Mao became chairman of the central government

  9. Important Events About Mao • 1958 -started the Great Leap Forward, an economic program • program was a terrible failure • an estimated 20 to 30 million people died in the food shortage that followed (1958–1961) • Mao withdrew from public view for a short time. • The Cultural Revolution: he got rid of the wealth people and some of the old traditions like Confucianism. He also burned museums and told student to attacked their teachers.

  10. Saddam Hussein • born April 21, 1937 • was born in the town of Al-Awja, 8 miles from the town of Tikrit • Saddam Hussein was dictator of Iraq from 1979 until 2003 • In 1976, Saddam rose to the position of general in the Iraqi armed forces. • He rapidly became the strongman of the government • He killed many Kurds • Saddam was captures after the U.S> war on Iraq. He is now in prison and has been placed.