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Acts 16-18

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Acts 16-18

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  1. Acts 16-18 Paul’s2nd Missionary Journey

  2. Paul’s Second Journey

  3. Paul’s Second Journey • Acts Chapter 16 begins with Paul deciding to visit the churches from his first journey. • It is possible that he and Barnabas may have encountered each other. • At this point, Paul has written the book of Galatians. • The tone of Galatians is a little harsh. Galatians Chapter 3.

  4. Paul’s Second Journey • Once Paul had revisited these churches, he wants to go to Asia. • Essentially, he wants to take the gospel to Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and that region. • You will notice in Acts 16 that Paul tries a number of different avenues. • Finally, he sets out to the West. This decision fundamentally alters Western civilization.

  5. Paul’s Second Journey • Europe, at this time, is dominated by tribesmen and various groups following an animistic type of religion. • Rome has been expanding through Europe, even as far as England, but its influence is waning. • In England, we have yet to have the rise of the Anglos or the Saxons.

  6. Paul’s Second Journey • Aside from Roman influence, religion in Europe is very primitive. Culturally, Europe is dominated by various tribal affiliations, including the Franks, what will become the Hessians, and other affiliations. • Paul’s journey West will alter Roman history and from there all of Western culture.

  7. Paul’s Second Journey • Paul visits a number of very famous churches during this visit. • By some accounts, he visited as many as 28 separate cities. • This journey will take him to Ephesus, Philippi, Rhodes (where the Colossus of Rhodes stood), and Thessalonica. • Obviously, these are churches to knew Paul will write many of his greatest letters.

  8. Paul’s Second Journey • During this journey, Paul will write several of his letters. • In A.D. 52, while on his second journey and staying at Corinth, Paul will write both letters to the Thessalonians. • There is some debate as to whether he wrote the book of Ephesians during this journey or during the third journey.

  9. Paul’s Second Journey • Key events during this trip include: • Meeting Lydia, the seller of purple. • The Philippian jailer is converted: Paul and Silas take a beating. • Paul goes to Berea, but not Berea Kentucky, and finds faithful men. • Silas and Timothy stay behind as Paul and Luke travel on. • Paul preaches about the Unknown God

  10. Paul’s Second Journey • Key events during this journey include: • Acts 18:2-Claudius throws the Jews out of Rome. This is a hard date, and so we know these events are between A.D 51 and A.D. 54. • Paul stays in Corinth, and meets Aquila and Priscilla. He will stay here for three or four years. • Acts 18:9, one of my favorite verses. Note that the chief ruler of the synagogue converted. • Paul gets beaten again. We are up to four.

  11. Paul’s Second Journey • Key events in this journey include: • The conversion of Apollos. • Notice that the conversion of Apollos was part of Aquila and Priscilla’s work, not Paul. • This is why Paul addresses the issue so directly in his letters. • Apollos becomes quite the disciple, and some people believe he wrote the book of Hebrews.

  12. Paul’s Second Journey • Key events in this journey include: • Paul brings the baptism of the Holy Spirit to the followers of Apollos. • Paul spends two years at the school of Tyrannus • Acts 19:19 is of particular significance– the burning of the books of Magic arts. • Notice that Paul finally gets to minister in Asia. Causes the stirrer about the goddess Diana. • We are paving the way for his third journey, his arrest, and the trial in Rome.

  13. Paul’s Second Journey • Memory Verse: • First Corinthians 9:22 • To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all [men], that I might by all means save some