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Made by Jake Muscat

MALTESE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS. Made by Jake Muscat. The Crib – “Il-Presepju”.

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Made by Jake Muscat

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  2. The Crib – “Il-Presepju” • The crib, (presepju) is decorated with figurines, called 'pasturi' representing figures like the shepherds with thier sheep, angels, street singers, the three kings and St Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus together with a cow and a donkey in a cave. Jake Muscat

  3. Jake Muscat

  4. Vetch - “Ġulbiena” • It is traditional to sow vetch,(ġulbiena), on cotton buds in a container five weeks before Christmas. These are left in dark corners in the house, watering them every few days until the seeds produce white grass-like shoots. The containers with the fully-grown shoots are then used to decorate the crib or the statue of Baby Jesusand also the churches. Jake Muscat

  5. Jake Muscat

  6. The Child’s Sermon • An old tradition is the 'Priedka tat-Tifel' which means 'the child’s sermon'. A boy normally aged 7 to 10, does the sermon at the midnight mass. The child learns the sermon by heart and start learning and rehearsing it four or five weeks before Christmas Eve. The parents help the child to learn the sermon. The boy wearing as an altar boy stands infront of the main altar and tells the story of baby Jesus, adding that personal touch to the story which will touch the hearts of all those present. Last year I was the boy who did it in my village. Jake Muscat

  7. Jake Muscat

  8. The Procession of Baby Jesus • On Christmas eve nearly in every town and village a procession is held with children carrying a small statue of baby Jesus and singing Christmas carols along the way. They sing“Ninni la Tibkix Iżjed” (Sleep Baby, dont cry) but the most popular Christmas carol, which is translated in every language on earth, is ‘Silent Night". Here is the Maltese version: Jake Muscat

  9. O Lejl ta’ Skiet - lejl tal-MiliedLejl għażiż - lejl qaddisDawwlet is-sema il-kewkba li dditĦabbret li l-fidwa tal-bniedem inbdiet; Kristu huwa mħabba bla qies!Kristu huwa mħabba bla qies Jake Muscat

  10. Treacle Ring • The traditional desert served at Christmas was the Treacle Ring, 'Qagħqa tal-Għasel', and to finish it off, a hot Chestnut and Cocoa Soup, 'Imbuljuta tal-Qastan', which was and is served as a cosy night cap during the cold December days in Malta. Jake Muscat

  11. 'Qagħqa tal-Għasel' 'Imbuljuta tal-Qastan' Jake Muscat

  12. Il–Milied it-Tajjeb Jake Muscat

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