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Creating an i-lit resource PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating an i-lit resource

Creating an i-lit resource

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Creating an i-lit resource

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  1. Creating an i-lit resource Implementing Information Literacy at AGGS

  2. Getting our students to use the i-lit model PD Objective – The aim of this week and next week’s PD session is to create a student resource for one of your classes that uses the I-lit model.

  3. Your Instructions You will be in working in your PLTs to adapt or create a student task sheet that uses the i-lit model. You will have this week and next week’s session to create this resource. It would be a good idea to focus on a small task that you will doing with your class in the coming weeks.

  4. Some more instructions… You will need to include the specific steps and titles that are used in the AGGS i-lit model: • Defining – working out what I need to know • Retrieving – finding relevant information • Processing – turning that information into answers • Creating – putting my answers into the format • Communicating – presenting and sharing my answers • Reflecting – thinking about how I could have done each step better or more effectively

  5. Some more suggestions… As you will be using the specific titles from the I-lit model you will need to think of some teaching strategies to help them with each step of the process. To help you do this I have also attached a planning template to guide you through the process.

  6. The planning template The planning template is divided into three columns. This is to encourage you to think about the strategies you will need to use to guide the student through each step of the model.

  7. Resources to help you • A planning template has been attached to this email • Past handouts and tasks are available on the I-lit moodle page (remember you will need to login to see it) • You may also like to check out the wiki that is being developed to support the implementation of this i-lit model There are a lot of great ideas and resources for teaching each step of the model.

  8. Sharing your resources It would be great if we could share the fruits of our labour! Please email your completed planning sheet and/or your student task sheet so we can put them up as examples on the I-lit moodle page. Send to: Don’t worry of you don’t feel they are perfect, it is still really helpful for us to see how each other is using it!