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Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

Tobacco-Free Campus Policy. 2015. Tobacco-Free Campus Effective: [INSERT DATE]. Tobacco-Free Campus Policy Purpose and Intent of Policy 3 Ts Implementation Plan How You Can Help. What is the Policy?.

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Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

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  1. Tobacco-Free Campus Policy 2015

  2. Tobacco-Free Campus Effective: [INSERT DATE] • Tobacco-Free Campus Policy • Purpose and Intent of Policy • 3 Ts Implementation Plan • How You Can Help

  3. What is the Policy? [INSERT AGENCY] is committed to the well-being of our employees, clients, and visitors. In accordance with our commitment to promoting and protecting the health of our employees, all [INSERT AGENCY]offices will be completely tobacco-free campuses.

  4. What is the Policy? The use of tobacco products is prohibited on [INSERT AGENCY]property. No ashtrays, receptacles, or smoking shelters will be permitted. “Tobacco products” include cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, smokeless tobacco, and electronic cigarettes. The use of tobacco products is prohibited in [INSERT AGENCY] -owned, operated, or leased vehicles.

  5. What is the Policy? 5. The use of tobacco products is prohibited in personal vehicles parked on [INSERT AGENCY]property. 6. [INSERT AGENCY]discourages the use of tobacco products by all covered individuals on properties adjacent to [INSERT AGENCY]property.

  6. What is the Policy? Definitions “Agency Property” Agency property includes all buildings, facilities, grounds and spaces leased, owned or controlled by [INSERT AGENCY], regardless of whether signs are posted. “Covered Individuals” The provisions of this policy apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all [INSERT AGENCY]employees, clients, contractors, vendors, and visitors.

  7. What is the Policy? “Tobacco and Smoking Products” Tobacco and smoking products includes all tobacco-derived or containing products, including but not limited to, cigarettes (i.e., clove, bidis, kreteks), electronic cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos, pipes, water pipes, smokeless tobacco products (spit and spitless, chew, pouches, snuff) or any other device intended to simulate smoked or heated tobacco.

  8. Intent of the Policy • Create an environment that is conducive to quitting tobacco • Promote the prevention of tobacco use • Prevent the risks associated with exposure to secondhand smoke Did you know that employees exposed to secondhand smoke on the job are: • 12-19% more likely to get lung cancer • At a 25-35% increased risk of heart attack

  9. The 3 Ts of Tobacco-free Campus Policy Implementation • TELL about the policy via appropriate signage, branding, and integrated, consistent communication • TREAT tobacco users by providing NRT (free preferably) and a menu of counseling/behavioral support • TRAIN staff in firm yet compassionate ways to address violators

  10. TELL – New Signage • Focus on: • Periphery of campus • Entrance and exit doors • Parking lots • Green spaces • Removal of cigarette butt receptacles or ashtrays before [INSERT DATE]

  11. Tobacco-Free Campus Materials TELL – Communications One-page overview Policy FAQs for HR and for Employees Sample emails Signage, decals, palm cards Policy in Administrative Manual

  12. TREAT – Cessation Programs and Resources • For Employees: • Quit for Life Program (1-866-QUIT-4-Life) offered by the State Health Plan for subscribers and covered dependents • Short term supply of FREE NRT and phone counseling • https://www.quitnow.net/scstatehealthplan/ProgramLookup/EnrollNow/ • https://www.peba.sc.gov/

  13. TREAT – Cessation Programs and Resources • For ALL: • S.C. Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) – Free for all SC residents • Provides phone counseling, web-based services, and FREE NRT to eligible callers • www.scdhec.gov/quitforkeeps

  14. TRAIN – Policy Enforcement • Everyone plays a part • Emphasize respect for the policy • First priority is awareness of policy • Educate about treatment options • Violators can receive disciplinary action

  15. TRAIN – Policy Enforcement • Staff –violations by staff will be addressed through the agency’s Progressive Discipline Policy • Visitors, Contractors, Vendors –violations will be politely addressed by staff utilizing palm cards

  16. TRAIN – Policy Enforcement • Promoting Respect for the Policy - If you see a person using tobacco on [INSERT AGENCY] property: • Be polite and friendly • Assume the person does • NOT know about the policy • Explain tobacco use is not • permitted on [INSERT AGENCY] • property, grounds or spaces • Offer an A Healthier State palm card

  17. TRAIN – Policy Enforcement • If the person asks where are they allowed to use tobacco products: • Reiterate the policy – that tobacco products are not allowed anywhere on [INSERT AGENCY] campus. • If the person using tobacco becomes hostile: • Walk away and contact the building supervisor

  18. How You Can Help • Before [INSERT DATE]: • Know the policy • Support the policy • After[INSERT DATE]: • Comply with the policy • Enforce the policy with respect • Encourage tobacco users to use cessation resources available

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