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Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging. what are you yammering about?. Company Communications. Instant messaging and Blogging Turn of the 21st Century Not Business Built. Have you ever had?. Questions, but didn’t know who to call? Problems centralizing company instant messages?

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Instant Messaging

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  1. Instant Messaging • what are you yammering about?

  2. Company Communications • Instant messaging and Blogging • Turn of the 21st Century • Not Business Built

  3. Have you ever had? • Questions, but didn’t know who to call? • Problems centralizing company instant messages? • Wanted to keep internal communications private? • Wanted to monitor employee communications?

  4. Idea? • What if...?

  5. Yammer • The solution for any business

  6. Instant Messaging History: 1996-2001 1998: ICQ was bought by AOL and businesses begin to use ICQ in the workplace • 1996: ICQ ("I Seek You") was created 1999: AOL adds new features 2000: AOL has 120 Million customers, there are three new proposals for standardizing Instant Messaging, and AOL begins to block other instant messaging services from communicating with their customers In 2001, Yahoo! adds Video to IMing, and reports say that IMing is the wave of the future for businesses.

  7. Instant Messaging History: 2002- Present 2003: New IM features • 2002: can send IMs on verizon phones 2004: even more updates and changes to IMing 2006: IMing is integrated into websites, including blogging websites, through a service called Meebo 2008: real time conversations are introduced, along with messaging having the ability to be integrated into emails. But how does IMing work?

  8. Weblogs • Began in 1997 • 2005 had millions of users  • Librarians were some of the first to use Weblogs • In the Workplace... • Internal and external blogs example of a blog

  9. Technology Available: Archives • Messaging archives are stored in a Portal Server Search database • "It enables the end user to query and retrieve these archived messages using the Search page on the Portal Server desktop” (Schulman).

  10. Technology Still Available: Thrown Away • Interrupting noises for message activity • Video • Pre-made emoticons • Spell Check • Instant Messaging in a web browser • Identification name  • Upload a file New Technology: • Following • Tags • Realtime • Privacy • Real time: No Refreshing

  11. So What? • Who cares?

  12. Yammer • Your communication tool of the Future

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