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Library Work

Library Work. Linköbing Library, Sweden. Seattle Public Library. 3 parts of the library work. Administration. The range of activities normally associated with the management of a government agency, organization, or institution, such as a library or library system. Library administration.

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Library Work

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  1. Library Work

  2. Linköbing Library, Sweden.

  3. Seattle Public Library

  4. 3 parts of the library work

  5. Administration • The range of activities normally associated with the management of a government agency, organization, or institution, such as a library or library system.

  6. Library administration • The control and supervision of library or library system, including • planning • budgeting • policy making • personnel management • public relations • program assessment • maintenance • Dean, Library director

  7. Vision วิสัยทัศน์ & Mission พันธกิจ Santa Monica Public Library

  8. HOMEWORK (10 points) • WORK IN PAIR • Find the library mission and vision (anywhere) in ENGLISH. • Present by powerpoint and send papers next Monday.

  9. Service • Circulation • ILL • DDS (Document Delivery Service) • Reference Desk

  10. Circulation Service (บริการยืม-คืน) • Borrowing and returning of library items. • Circulation Service staff are available to help users with all procedures related to checking out and returning books. • Circulation is also responsible for shelving, locating missing books, and recalling books checked out to other users, among many other things.

  11. Circulation desk / loans desk • The area of the library where staff handle loans • Where is The Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology, Chiangmai Rajabhat University’ s circulation desk? Circulation Service : Northwestern University Main Library

  12. Circulation system A system which stores and matches information on a library item, a borrower and the date due.

  13. Borrower • Also client / patron. A member of a lending library library member card

  14. Date due กำหนดส่ง • The date on or before which materials should be returned to the library. • date due slip (บัตรกำหนดส่ง) • A slip glued into a book, used to record when it must be returned to the library .

  15. Over borrowing • Borrowing more items than allowed by the borrowing rules • overdue ยืมเกินกำหนด • Kept beyond the due date

  16. Renew ยืมต่อ • To extend the period for which a library item is on loan .

  17. Reserve (การจอง : บริการจองหนังสือ) • To request an item as soon as it is returned from loan or otherwise made ready for borrowing .

  18. Library Circulation Rules Minghsin University of Science & Technology • Borrowing and returning books • During the opening hours, patrons with a valid ID card can borrow books at the circulation counter on the first floor.

  19. Overdue 1. All overdue books are fined NT$2 per day per item. 2. Procedure for students’ graduation or faculty/staff quit will be blocked unless all fines are paid. Lost 1. If a material is lost, patrons must compensate the Library with a copy of the same item. 2. For out-of-print materials, patrons must pay the Library 2 times the value of the material. Renewal 1. Library materials may be renewed twice at the circulation desk by presenting your Student ID card or by searching your borrowing records and renewing selected items on Library homepage. 2. A book may not be renewed if another patron has placed a hold on it.

  20. Reserved Patrons may reserve the borrowed books at the circulation desk by presenting your Student ID card or through the library catalog system. You will be notified by a e-mail when the item is available to be picked up. Audio/Video materials 1. All kinds of audio/video materials are kept at the multimedia materials room on the fourth floor. All the faculty/staff and students are entitled to view them in the library. 2. All the audio/video materials are borrowed and returned at the circulation counter on the fourth floor. 3. There are no renewals and no reservations for patrons. 4. All overdue materials are fined NT$5 per day per item.

  21.  Students loan rules:  Faculty/Staff loan rules:

  22. Library Rules • Library materials must not be removed from the library unless they have been properly borrowed. • Library staff has the right to ask members to show all books and personal belongings at the exit if deemed required. • Backpacks and large bags are not allowed in the library • Smoking and consumption of Food and Drink are not permitted in the library

  23. Library Rules • Loud conversation or other disturbance is forbidden in the library. • Mobile phones should be switched to vibration mode whenever in the Library. • People outside ………… University, please sign the visitor register when enter the library. • Take care of your belongings. The Library staff will not be responsible for any loss or damage of your personal belongings left unattended in the library.

  24. Barcode • Product identification code made up of thick and thin lines. Used to identify a library item uniquely. 1. Patron/ User Card (บัตรประจำตัวสมาชิก) 2. Item Barcode (เลขประจำหนังสือ)

  25. A device used to read a barcode into a computer Barcodereader

  26. Shelve • To place material in order on the shelves • reshelf • To replace items on the shelf in order

  27. shelf guide • A sign to show the sequence of call numbers in a particular set of shelves

  28. Shelf read • To check the order of the materials on the shelves

  29. Closed access • Where users only have access to items in the collection by requesting them from a member of the library staff. • Most often occurs in large research librariesor some section of academic library • ex. Rare book, Special Book, Thesis and Research.

  30. Closed access United College We Chung Multimedia library: Hong Kong

  31. Patron Self Check-in/Check-out: • Self check station

  32. Self checkout machines are automated alternatives to the traditional cashier-staffed checkout at retailers. They have been implemented most often in stores like those which sell groceries, and other large scale stores.

  33. Patron Self Check-in/Check-out: • Self service station LIEN YING CHOW LIBRARY : SG

  34. Interlibrary loan(ILL) • A loan made by one library to another for the use of an individual, including the provision of a photocopy of the original work requested.

  35. Document Delivery Service (DDS) • The provision of published or unpublished document in hard copy, microform, or digital format, usually for a fixed fee upon request. • In most libraries, DDS is provided by the Interlibrary loan office on a cost- recovery basis. • The patron is usually required to pick up printed material at the library, but electronic full-text may be forwarded via e-mail. • Also refer to the physical or electronic delivery of documents from library collection to the residence or place of business of a library user, upon request. • For a directory of document suppliers: DocDel.net or Ariel

  36. DDS System:http://drcwww.uvt.nl/~roes/articles/enclis.htm

  37. Kindle's Wireless Document Delivery Gets a Hefty Price Hike, Now Charged by the MegabyteBY JOHN HERRMAN, 6:07 AM ON THU APR 302009, 7,164 VIEWS

  38. Reference Desk (บริการตอบคำถามและช่วยการค้นคว้า) • The reference desk or information desk of a library is a public service desk where professional librariansor reference librariansoffer help to library users.

  39. Reference librarians • In the United States, the library staff member that sits at a reference desk is generally required to have a Masters in Library Science.

  40. Reference Desk at TK Park

  41. KU Library

  42. All books have a RFID tag pasted below the accession slip. • The tag is in the shape of a white small square patch that is noticed only when observed.

  43. RFID : Radio-frequency identification • The use of an object (typically referred to as an RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. • Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader.

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