classification and definition n.
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Classification and Definition PowerPoint Presentation
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Classification and Definition

Classification and Definition

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Classification and Definition

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  1. Classification and Definition

  2. Classification is the act of sorting items into categories. • For example, in a history class, you might be asked to discuss the types of people who fought in the Revolutionary War • The answer would be: colonists, British soldiers, and British sympathizers (Tories: people who weren’t British, but wanted the British to maintain control of the colonies). Classification

  3. Categories should be distinct. • Nothing in one category should fit in another • The categories should be arranged in a logical order. • For example, least to most important, or smallest to largest. Categories

  4. This picture shows a person eating a hot dog. Look at the photo, and in your group, think about all the foods you eat in a typical week. Then, classify the food according to category and outline a paragraph discussing your eating habits. Activity

  5. Definition tells us what something means. • In classes, you might be asked to define vocabulary terms, like mitosis in Biology or communism in a history class. • Both of these ideas require a bit of explanation for someone to understand what they mean completely. • Often, a single sentence isn’t enough to get the idea across. Definition

  6. Formal definitions have a three part structure. • 1. The term to be defined • 2. the general class (or category) to which the term belongs • 3. the things that make the term different from all other items in that category Formal Definition Structure

  7. When writing a definition paragraph or essay, you are providing an expanded definition of a term or topic. • This definition may be carried out through comparison and contrast • It may also explain a concept through giving examples • You can also define a term by saying what it is not. Definition Paragraphs and Essays

  8. Spend a few minutes brainstorming on what the word FREEDOMmeans to you. • Be prepared to share your ideas with the class. Brainstorming

  9. Class Brainstorm

  10. Let’s say that we’re going to put together a paragraph about the definition of Freedom. • What would be a good topic sentence? Paragraph Organization

  11. Topic Sentence: • Primary Support 1 • Primary Support 2 • Primary Support 3 Developing Support

  12. In your groups, take one of the primary supports and develop the secondary supports for it. • Write your ideas down, and I will compile everything into an outline. Group Activity

  13. definition paragraph outline.docx Class Outline

  14. Please review the definition essay assignment that I’ve handed out. • 1st draft due Tuesday April 26 (bring 2 copies) • Final draft due Tuesday May 10: revision draft with revision memo. Essay Assignment