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Create New User accounts & Dealing with SOAR Login Requests PowerPoint Presentation
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Create New User accounts & Dealing with SOAR Login Requests

Create New User accounts & Dealing with SOAR Login Requests

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Create New User accounts & Dealing with SOAR Login Requests

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  1. Create New User accounts & Dealing with SOAR Login Requests For Administration Teams (Primary and Secondary Care)

  2. Dealing with Login Requests • User may approach you for help with login: • Telephone • Email • Users are encouraged to submit SOAR Login Request form • On completion you will receive email confirmation • Submitting the Login Request Form does NOT automatically create the user account – you (as Admin) need to action this following local checks

  3. Example login request email from SOAR

  4. Checking the user details (1/2) • Check to see if the user works for your Health Board • Primary care: GP on the performers list? • Secondary care: consultant on the HR system? • Doesn’t work for you? Send it to • If the user is on the list – proceed to search and amend their login details as necessary.

  5. Checking the user details (2/2) • Search for Existing account • Search GMC number, email and spelling of surname • Amend login details • Check “last updated” date (in case already actioned by someone else • Assign dummy password; or • Use Reset button to wipe password and security questions • System will send automated email to user confirming their login details

  6. Search terms • Surname • Email address • GMC number • No user found? • Create a new one!

  7. When to create a new user account on SOAR A new user account will need to be created if: • A doctor is no longer a trainee (post-CCT) • Trainee accounts are separate from the Primary and Secondary Care accounts on SOAR • Qualified/post-CCT trainees will need a new account created for appraisal purposes • Trainee accounts will be archived post-CCT • A doctor is new to working in Scotland • SOAR is only used by those working in Scotland • Doctors joining from outside Scotland (England, EU, etc) will need an account set up • You may need to request a Form 4 equivalent to confirm they’ve been appraised

  8. To create a new user account • Once assured user is NOT on SOAR: • Create the new user account • Fill out the General Details for the new user • Required fields are forename, surname, email address and GMC number • Allocate a new login name and password (must be alpha-numeric and at least 8 characters long) • Add the user’s roles • Re-enter the password (to trigger an email to the user)

  9. Click on “New User” when logged in as administrator

  10. Insert a new unique login name for the user • Give the user a password • Confirm the password • Password must be at least 8 characters long and include a number • Leave the “Security Questions” blank. The new user will add this information once logged in • Click “Save” • If the login name inserted is already in use you will be prompted to change it • Enter the new user’s GMC number • Enter the new user’s name • Enter the user’s email address • Fill out the rest of the General Details as appropriate

  11. When saved, a new “Roles” tab will appear - click on this • Select the user’s Role from the drop-down menu • Select the user’s Health Board from the drop-down menu • Click the “Add New Role” button • Click “Save” • Return to the “Details” tab

  12. Re-enter the password • Confirm the password again • Click “Save” • This triggers an email to the user informing them of their login details

  13. Further support • Medical Appraisal Scotland website: • • Resources, FAQ and other useful sections • Local Administration teams: • Contact details on Medical Appraisal Scotland • SOAR Helpdesk • Black “Help” box on right when logged into SOAR; • or • Due to capacity issues we are unable to offer telephone support • You can request a call back via the Helpdesk – but we need detailed descriptions of the issue(s)