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HADITH 39 for ages 9-10 PowerPoint Presentation
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HADITH 39 for ages 9-10

HADITH 39 for ages 9-10

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HADITH 39 for ages 9-10

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  1. HADITH 39 • for ages 9-10

  2. Lessons learnt from this Hadith: It is necessary to control one’s anger. 2. Shaytaan takes control of a person who does not control his anger. 3. If an angry person is standing he should sit down. If he is sitting he should lie down or move away from the place. 4. When angry, recite Ta’awwuz, drink water or make wudhu

  3. Activity

  4. Story Once, shaytaan approached HadhratMoosa and said, "You are the chosen messenger of Allah. You speak directly to Allah. I wish to repent. I request you to intercede on my behalf to Allah . HadhratMoosa  was very happy at this. If shaytaan repented, he would not mislead the people anymore. Everyone would then obey Allah . He made wudhu and performed salaah. He then made dua. Allah  said, "O Moosa, shaytaan is a liar and he intends to deceive you. Tell him if he wishes to make taubah, he should go to the grave of HadhratAadam and make sajdah there."

  5. HadhratMoosa was again very happy as he thought that this was a very easy thing for shaytaan to do. He conveyed the message to shaytaan. When shaytaan heard this, he became very angry and said, "How can I make sajdah to that person who is dead when I did not make sajdah to him whilst he was alive. Nevertheless O Moosa you have done me a favour. In appreciation for what you have done, I will tell you something. On three occasions beware of me:

  6. 1) At the time of anger. At that time I am in the heart of a human being and I run in his body like blood. 2) At the battlefield (as well as when learning or propagating Deen or being in any way in the path of Allah. At that time I attract the person to his wife, children and belongings so that he may return to them. 3) When a male and female are in privacy. I attract them to each other until they both engage in evil."

  7. Happy Land for Islamic TeachingsMaterial taken from the book “TasheelulAhaadeethwalAkhlaaq