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Document Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Document Solutions

Document Solutions

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Document Solutions

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  1. Document Solutions SMARTiDocument Processing Solutions May 2010

  2. FileMark Company Overview • Profile –software developer, direct professional services provider, founded in 1989, based in Millbury MA • Technology Focus – transactional document processing, report transformation and archiving, document submission, records and metadata management • Industry Solutions – Financial Services, Insurance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Higher Education, Local Government • Channel Partners – ISV OEMs, Manufacturer’s Reps.

  3. SMARTi • Document Imaging – batch scan & index, barcode/OCR/OMR, workflow, application integration, Web-based search and retrieval • COLD/ERM– computer output report archiving, transformation, distribution, notification and mining • Document Submission – unattended document submission via fax, eMail attachments, MFP scanners or MS Office, ad hoc eMail archiving Software sales or SaaS

  4. Insurance New application processing Customer renewal processing Claims processing Customer inquiry and service management Forms management archive Regulatory compliance Government Agenda management, minutes, and records Police and arrest records Court records management Employee records Property records Pension management Legislative management Healthcare Medical records management Financial and billing management Report archiving and distribution Forms archive - HCFA, UB92, EOB, etc. HIPAA compliance Legal Case management Practice management Client record storage Financial Services Client files management Mortgage processing management Wealth management Credit union membership eStatement presentment Regulatory compliance – SEC, NASD, SOX, GLB, eDiscovery Education Student and alumni records Course schedule records Admission file management Financial aid records Transcript archive Employee records Manufacturing & Distribution Accounts payable Accounts receivable Bills of lading and proof of delivery Shipping manifests Pick lists Reports Inventory documentation Report archiving and distribution Regulatory compliance - eDiscovery Business Applications

  5. SMARTi Capture ECM Repository Report Capture Image Capture DocumentSubmission Browsers

  6. SMARTi Capture ASCII EBCDIC PDF PCL AFP Metacode Postscript Import Burst Extract Indexes Map Fonts Overlay Forms Transform Data Convert Notify / Distribute Export Host Output Process ECM Repository Report Capture Browsers

  7. SMARTi Capture TIFF JPEG PDF Scan / Import Index Key from Image OCR Barcode OMR Field Auto-Fill Convert Export MS Office Outlook eMail PDF Zip Tiff Jpeg Scanner eFiles Process Output ECM Repository Image Capture Browsers

  8. SMARTi Capture Fax Receive eMail Extract Indexes Map Fields OCR Barcode OMR Index Auto-fill Convert Export Notify / Respond MFP eMail Process Source ECM Repository TIFF CCITT G3 CCITT G4 TIFF JPEG PDF DocumentSubmission eMail Attachments Word Excel PowerPoint Access Outlook Browsers Output

  9. Paper Document Capture Network File Server Distributed Scan USB SimpleIndex SimpleSend SMARTi Repository Images Images + Indexesvia eMail SQL Real-timeIndex Auto-Fill BusinessApplications Imaging Client USB • -Manual Fill • - Assisted Fill • - Zone OCR • - Dynamic OCR • ADEPT- Rules-based OCR • Barcode • - OMR Batch Scan

  10. SimpleIndex Zone OCR Dynamic OCR • ADEPT – Automatic Data Extraction for Processing Transactions • Automatic location of index information • Dictionary lookups • Pattern matching Barcode Recognition

  11. Account # Date Amount Name

  12. SimpleIndex Features • Zone OCR – fixed templates, pattern searching and dictionary matching within oversized zones, post recognition data validation • ADEPT (Automatic Data Extraction for Processing Transactions) – automatic full page or zone OCR with pattern searching and dictionary matching • Dynamic OCR – manual location and roping of index data from image • Auto-indexing – barcode recognition, OMR, real time index auto-fill from external SQL database, pick lists, default values, auto-incrementing values, auto-date, auto-complete • Document separators – bar-codes, coversheets, tick marks on all 1st pages • SimpleCoversheet – create/print barcodes for automatic processing • Import and index batches of Office documents, eMails and PDFs • TWAIN or ISIS USB scanner support • Simplex, duplex, magazine scan • SimpleQC – thumbnails, re-order, split/combine pages, de-speckle, de-skew, auto-rotate, rescan, redaction • SimpleSend – for management of distributed scanning operations • Required documents audit • Bates stamping – software imprinting, page numbering • Full-page OCR to MS Word format – for text editing, interactive correction option • Media Wizard – create searchable CDs or DVDs for physical distribution.

  13. Remote Document Capture SimpleIndex SMARTi Repository BatchImport • -Manual Fill • - Assisted Fill • - Zone OCR • - Point & Shoot OCR • Rules-based OCR • Barcode • OMR • Auto-Fill eMail Send or Forward directly to SMARTi Office Applications Save As Drag / Drop Drop Box (Shared Directory) Distributed Scanners

  14. Document Submission Methods + SMARTi Repository Attachments Subject: index1; index2; index3 + eMail eMail Subject: index1; index2; index3 MFP Scanner From: Subject:index1; index2; index3 Date / Time: Attachment:file name CC or Fwd eMail + Fax Coversheet Direct Send

  15. DSA Application Examples • Vendor Invoice Processing • Customer Order Processing • PoD Processing • Proposal/RFP Responses • Field Employee Reporting • Selective Email Archiving • Save (send) from MS Office • Loan Origination • Student Aid Qualification • Legal Discovery • Estate Planning • Tax Preparation • Signature Cards

  16. Computer Output Archiving • Report Bursting • Index Extraction • Full Text Indexing • Format Conversion • Multi-level Security • Auto-Distribution • eMail Notifications • Data Mining • Barcode Insertion • Job Reprinting SMARTi Repository Print to File  Reports, Invoices, Statements Host Print

  17. COLD – Computer Output to Low-cost Disk High-volume, automated computer output capture and archiving Eliminates printing and manual distribution of internal reports Saves the cost of printing, paper, ink, microfilm, copies, multi-part forms and postage – ROI in less that one year Instant access to exact replicas of printed reports, statements and invoices from anywhere via the web Reports from reports – exports selected report data to spreadsheets or databases for sorting, reformatting, charting or data mining. SMARTi COLD Overview

  18. Standard SMARTi print formats –ASCII or EBCDIC (with optional form overlays) Advanced SMARTi print formats – PCL, PDF Adept Suite print formats – AFP, Metacode/DJDE, PS Auto-convert to searchable PDF – browse, query, search, view, print, e-mail Event scheduler – unattended data capture Affix barcodes prior to printing – for subsequent scanning with auto-indexing ASCII report compression – 10 to 1 Report distribution – via workflow, eMail attachment or link to website Query and purge old reports or begin cutoff retention period Graphical report definer Original print stream archiving for on-demand job reprinting Optional static from designer Optional SMART output transformation – dynamic data reformatting Optional intelligent print spooler option for legacy systems SMARTi COLD Features

  19. SMARTi COLD Add-on for ECM SMARTi COLD Server ECM System • Import from Watched Folder • Burst Reports (optional) • Add Form Overlays (optional) • Convert to Searchable PDF • Extract Database Indexes • Export to Destination Directory • Notify via eMail with URL Link (optional) • Web-based Administration ASCII EBCDIC PDF PCL AFP Metacode DJDE PostScript Host Print to File  Print Import 

  20. PDF Report Indexer File Server • Scheduled Retrieval of PDF Files • Extract Metadata for DB Queries • Index for Content Search • Apply Multi-level Security • Notify via eMail with URL Link Print to Fileas PDF SMARTi COLD Server Browser

  21. Report Transformation Dynamic Job Processor Print to File SMARTi COLD Server Transforms outbound customer documents into persuasive marketing tools !! Report Transformation • Dynamically change data format • Add conditional data, graphics, fonts, barcodes, objects, images • Extract database indexes • Convert to searchable PDF • Notify via eMail with URL link Browser

  22. SMARTi Report Transformation Automatically transform, enhance and distribute computer output • Eliminates the need for bulk printing of reports • Dramatically improves the appearance and readability of simple text reports • Create electronic forms to replace pre-printed paper forms • Use built-in forms designer or create forms with MS Word (RTF) • Burst or Split reports into multiple documents • Reformat legacy application data to Web-accessible PDFs • Divert proprietary print jobs to any Windows printer - PCL, PS, GDI, Digital Copiers • High volume automated eMailing of reports with URL doc links to a secure Website • 128 bit encryption enables option to send PDF documents securely by eMail • Automatic faxing of reports • Redaction of sensitive report data • Pre-processor for SMARTi COLD indexing and archiving • Fully unattended run-time operation

  23. Legacy Print

  24. Transformed Report

  25. Legacy Print

  26. Transformed Report

  27. SMARTi Report Transformation • Transform bills and statements into persuasive marketing tools – make ugly printing look pretty • Eliminate the need for pre-printed forms • Native print format can be ASCII, EBCDIC, PCL, PDF, AFP, Metacode, DJDE or Postscript • Add new objects, images, text boxes or watermarks • Dynamically link images into forms • Select from any True-Type font and size • Change line spacing and page sizes • Add user defined green bar or rainbow striping • Dynamically merge text and forms • Dynamic switching of multiple form overlays • Conditional data reformatting • Page/line numbering • Vary opacity of elements and backgrounds • GUI based design environment – drag and drop to move print data elements • Unattended run-time operation • Automatic polling of watched directories • Automatically burst reports • Convert to searchable PDF format • Print legacy print data to standard PCL or Postscript Windows printers • Automatically distribute reports by eMail with URL doc links to a secure website • Insert barcodes based on values within forms • Create MICR checks by printing on blank check stock • Optional 128-bit Acrobat-compatible encryption

  28. Remote Print Manager SMARTi COLD Server

  29. Built-in document/work routing – simple to set up, simple to use Many applications – transaction processing, approvals, collaboration, report distribution, eForms processing Document-centric – work items are SMARTi documents with case notes (images, COLD reports, office docs, eMail, etc.). Secure work item routing – pre-defined users, roles, groups, states Optional notifications via eMail – reminders, timed escalation SMARTi Workflow

  30. Case Notes Workflow View Administration Windows Help Case Notes Accounting Shipping / Receiving Supervisor √ Accounts Payable Complete Pend Cancel NA

  31. Application Integration • Easy desktop application integration – makes the SMARTi Repository an extension to any data-centric line-of-business application • Automates document search – no re-keying of data • Shows documents side-by-side with line-of-business applications • User-defined document retrieval hot keys • Simple, quick and safe –screen scraping, no code modifications required to line-of-business applications • Support for client/server, browser or terminal emulator applications • Screen OCR technology links to SMARTi URL APIs.

  32. Data Integration – Term. Emulator App.

  33. Data Integration – Client/Server App.

  34. Data Integration - Browser App.

  35. Integration Toolkit SMARTi URI REST API Representational State Transfer

  36. SMARTi Records Management • Support for user-defined file plans • Unlimited record classifications • Automatic declaration of fixed content classes • Rules-based record retention, migration and disposition schedules for each class, litigation holds • Recycle bin • Disposition audit logs and activity reports • Support for optional WORM storage • Flexible user/group document access control and functional permissions.

  37. Record Classification

  38. Disposition Stages

  39. Audit Trails

  40. eWORM NAS Archive Network attached eWORM storage appliance(NAS) Configurable policies for compliance, strict file retention and disposition enforcement Secure encryption prevents any modifications, secure erasure supports transparent file shredding Integrates with MS Active Directory for single sign-on Best price/performance Works with all applications, networks and databases Enables automatic Disaster Recovery, can automatically create copies on removable optical media

  41. Enterprise Security • User Authentication • Log-on, password,128bit SSL encryption (web client) • LDAP option, authenticates against MS Active Directory for single sign-on • Support for authentication cookies (auto-log-on) • Support for CAS (Central Authentication Service) • Log-on/password bypass (special URL API call from integrated application) • Automatic log-offafter user-defined period of inactivity • Document security • User and group metaphor • Allow or restrict document access by specific applications, drawers, folders, documents, pages or record classes • Allow or restrict document access by database query value and operator (like, not like, is, is not, begins with, ends with, between, =, ≠, >, <, >=, <=) • Functional security – grant or restrict access rights to specific functions by users or groups (70+ functions) • File storage – network file system or BLObs in database tables

  42. SaaS – Software as a Service, on-site hosting, local document storage AaaS – Administration as a Service On-site installation and configuration COLD form overlay design, web conversions LoB application integration Annual maintenancesubscription– technical support, periodic product updates Data migrations– OS, DB, legacy systems Training– user, admin, on-site or on-line. FileMark Services

  43. Private SaaS Program • SMARTi Software as a Service (SaaS) • IT control – implemented on your server, on your premises • Easy Budgeting – trade cap-ex for op-ex • Efficient – local image scanning, unattended COLD capture and automatic document submission archive • Lowest monthly cost – minimal capital expenditure • Lower risk – cancel at any time, buyout at any time • More secure – deployment behind corporate firewall • No legal issues – documents do not leave premises • Easy local system integration and customization • On-line support, admin. and software update services from FileMark

  44. Why FileMark COLD? • Core expertise in COLD – 21 years, many installs • Available as COLD add-on for ISVs – and priced as an add-on • Compatibility – ASCII, EBCDIC, PCL, PDF, AFP, Metacode, DJ/DE, PS • Vector form overlays – not images • Best PCL fidelity – fonts, attributes, colors, graphics, barcodes, languages • Web-based GUI administration – no programming, no scripting, no client software • Scalability – multi-threaded, RDBMS, J2EE, fast PDF conversion • Flexible output formats, RESTful URI API • Optional notification and distribution – eMail links • Optional dynamic data transformation – makes ugly printing pretty • Optional intelligent print spooler – no software on host, no host reconfiguration • Optional native print stream archiving – reprint at any time • Optional web-based search, retrieve, view, eMail, print, mine • Optional related functionality – DSA, image OCR • Flexible business models – OEM, Mfr Rep, SAAS

  45. SMARTi Web • Log-in, password, 128-bit SSL encryption • Browse, Simple Query, Smart Query, Advanced Query, Full Text Search • Search – Boolean, relational operators, wildcards, partial keywords, date/day ranges, file -extensions, includes/excludes, delimited search, hit list sub-search, save query, auto-run • Full Text Search – COLD, OCR’d images, MS Word, email, PDF and text documents • Image OCR option – for full text search of images • View multiple documents of any type as a single PDF or side-by-side • Workflow, searchable case notes and annotations • My Cart – Checkout; Export selected data to Excel; PDF batch print, save or email • New user auto-registration, change user password • System Administration tools • Automatic session termination, support for authentication cookies

  46. Login Screen

  47. Applications

  48. Drawers

  49. Folders

  50. Documents and Pages