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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Statement of Centennial Supreme Basileus Barbara A. McKinzie July 15, 2009. Our Success Across Our Three Organizations Is Real. These measures of success are being attacked because as leaders…. We have failed to trust.

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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated

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  1. Alpha Kappa AlphaSorority, Incorporated Statement of Centennial Supreme Basileus Barbara A. McKinzie July 15, 2009

  2. Our Success Across Our Three OrganizationsIs Real

  3. These measures of success are being attacked because as leaders… • We have failed to trust. • We have failed to take the time to learn. • We have failed to discharge our responsibilities through the lens of loyalty.

  4. Remains of Failed Leadership

  5. We Began From Failed Leadership focused on this administration never taking office. It publicly demonstrated poor sisterly behavior and examples of how to violate the sacred policies and rules of a century-old institution.

  6. The leaders of the lawsuits are sorors who have violated our policies and procedures and continue to do so publicly in a very destructive and bitter-filled manner.

  7. Leadership Is a Road That Begins With One Traveler, Joined by Others With Common

  8. The Membership Cannot Fulfill Its Role If It Is Not a Team

  9. The Supreme Basileus has brought to the Directorate for decision every significant issue that has involved this position via FACT • Executive Sessions • Open Sessions

  10. Inaccurate descriptionsof Decisions • Have become the subject of lawsuits. • Are flying around the internet (an unauthorized method of public communication for AKA).

  11. Chapter Basilei receive the Annual Audit Report from the Finance Committee in the Fall Mailing Audits • The 2007 Audit was included in the Fall 2008 mailing. • This Sisterhood’s financial position is in great shape!

  12. 2002-2008 Audited Statement of Financial Position and Activities200 Alpha Kappa Alpha

  13. A provision for a stipend is included in Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Constitution and Bylaws. Stipend Article VII, Finances, Section 9, p. 48 “The Supreme Basileus shall be provided a stipend when funds are available.”

  14. Stipend Value • The amount reported in the IRS tax return was included in the 2007 audit. • The cost per active member of the IRS amount was less than 63 cents per month or $7.50 for the year.

  15. Information gleaned from the Supreme Basileus’ March 2009 Report to the Directorate has been distorted by those suing us. Boule Receipts • This Directorate has not voted to spend    $900,000 for a wax figure of this Supreme. • The 2008 Bouleexcess revenues over expenses resulted from controlling costs.

  16. Boule Costs Per Attendee

  17. Costs related to the Directorate’s 2007 decision are reported in the annual tax return, as required by the IRS beginning in 2007. Executive Session Action The decision reflects advice and counsel from outside tax, actuarial, valuation, and legal experts.

  18. The Corporate Credit Card has two users (Supreme Basileus & Executive Director) who use the card for business purposes, and the Supreme Tamiouchos signs payments. Corporate Card This officer has not purchased “profuse gifts” for anyone. The approved budget is only spent if actual revenues are realized. The Supreme Tamiouchos has never contacted the Supreme Basileus about any charges

  19. There are points attached to the Corporate Credit Card. Corporate Card • Card had zero balance in point when received. • The point balance was 593,000 when this Supreme last viewed the account.

  20. This officer has never requested a vendor to pay it to play or do business with AKA. Vendors/Partners Vendors/partners who support this administration issue checks to AKA or to EAF. Sponsors are recognized in our publications.

  21. BMC has no contractual relationship with Alpha Kappa Alpha. BMC Associates • BMC has never had, nor does it have any contracts with AKA or EAF. • BMC has not provided investment advice for AKA or EAF.

  22. Everyone is entitled to her opinion, but no one is entitled to destroy another person.

  23. I will spend the remaining time communicating directly with the membership.

  24. Join the Supreme on this journey if you …

  25. Thank Youfor your Serviceto the Greatest SisterhoodOn the Planet

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