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Should You Go For Physiotherapy For Back Pain? PowerPoint Presentation
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Should You Go For Physiotherapy For Back Pain?

Should You Go For Physiotherapy For Back Pain?

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Should You Go For Physiotherapy For Back Pain?

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  1. VARDAN live efficient Should You Go For Physiotherapy For Back Pain? Physiotherapy is a proven technique to relieve back pain. You may visit a pain management clinic Delhi and seek necessary treatment from the experts. You may experience pain in the lower part of your back at various stages of your life. In fact, LBP (low back pain) affects around 60% people around the world. In case you are experiencing chronic pain in the lower back, you might consider visiting a reputed pain management clinic Delhi. Physiotherapy has been a tried and tested remedy to cure and prevent body pain. According to statistics, around 23% of the adults in the world experience this kind of pain. Consulting an experienced physiotherapist works would be a great idea, in case you are suffering from similar issues. Health-conscious people look for treatments, which do not include the intake of drugs for pain relief. Besides, many individuals look out for lower back pain treatment without surgery. Physiotherapy is the best way out under these situations. Experienced professionals locate the source of pain and administer certain massages to relieve the same. While physiotherapy includes certain exercises for pain relief, it also ensures that you can prevent pain from affecting your lower back. The experts would recommend you effective ways to enhance your mobility and posture. What are the causes of lower back pain? Lower back pain occurs due to several reasons. Regardless of its source, it affects the way you live. Particularly, pain has a negative impact on your working ability and health. Since the factors causing lower back pain are diverse, the treatment methodology needs to be adjusted for each individual. Remember, the lower back area supports the upper part of the body, bearing its weight. In the process, you can carry out everyday activities. All types of movements, including twisting the body, bending and rotation of hips depend on the agility of your lower back. Besides, the nerves in your lower back region control the legs, pelvis and feet. Therefore, a little imbalance or pain can adversely impact your body mobility. Depending on the pain source, it may be sharp or dull. Besides, you might notice the pain developing over time. In some individuals or athletes, lower back pain may arise due to faulty lifting processes or injury. Other factors leading lower back pain include lack of exercise, obesity, prolonged sitting in a single place and poor body posture. In case you have obesity, your joints and spine come under excessive stress. In the process, you may experience pain, as your range of motion becomes limited. Nerve compression affects the tissues in the surrounding areas. In general, you might experience lower back pain due to the following factors:  Spinal arthritis  Vertebral fractures  Herniated discs  Sciatica  Skeletal irregularities  Radiculopathy  Spinal stenosis  Sprains and strains  Osteomyelitis 16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi - 110024, India Contact No. +91 11 43580720-22 Email ID:

  2. VARDAN live efficient  Intervertebral disc degeneration Some individuals may also experience lower back pain due to certain underlying factors. These may include:  Tumors  Kidney stones  Infections  Abdominal aortic aneurysms  Arthritis  Fibromyalgia  Osteoporosis At times, you may also incur injuries while lifting heavy objects, or getting overstressed. Ageing happens to be another common reason for back pain. The spine tends to lose mobility as you grow old. In the process, it becomes arthritic. Physiotherapy is the best treatment for lower back pain, as it identifies the causes and addresses the symptoms. It takes just a few seconds for most patients to get relief from pain, with the right kind of treatment around. The psychotherapist would recommend various massages, preventive measures or programs for pain management. How does physiotherapy help in back pain management? Preventing back pain and minimizing the existing pain becomes easy, when you seek physiotherapy treatment. With joint mobilization, exercises, dry needling, stretching and other mechanisms in the right mix, you can get relief from discomfort. With the right treatment, you would eventually need to visit the doctors less frequently. Manual therapy can also enhance the mobility of your body. In some cases, simply a massage can make the desired difference. Physiotherapy can also minimize tension in the joints. Customized treatments like manipulation therapy, mobilization trigger point massage or deep tissue massage might prove effective enough. Evidently, physiotherapy would be a great way to get relief from back pain. 16 A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar - IV, New Delhi - 110024, India Contact No. +91 11 43580720-22 Email ID: