39 weeks of kindle n.
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39 weeks of Kindle™ PowerPoint Presentation
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39 weeks of Kindle™

39 weeks of Kindle™

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39 weeks of Kindle™

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  1. 39 weeks of Kindle™ CPCC Libraries Kindle™ e-reader Pilot Circulation Project

  2. 4 readers • 50 titles • 3 week circulation period w/renewal if possible • Circulated to faculty & staff only • Kick-off: May 1, 2010 39 weeks of Kindle™

  3. Borrower agreement • Cheat Sheet • Survey 39 weeks of Kindle™

  4. 39 weeks of Kindle™

  5. 39 weeks of Kindle™

  6. TS & other’s Obligations: • Set–up (accounts, downloads, cheat sheet, survey, borrower agreement, pre-processing the readers) • Purchase titles • Catalog the Kindle™ AND the titles • Monitor account • Apply shields • Borrower agreement (Circ Desk) • Survey (Circ desk) 39 weeks of Kindle™

  7. Kindle™ Reader Feedback Survey Did you enjoy reading books on the Kindles™ -why or why not? Do you have any ideas or suggestions to make the Kindle™ more enjoyable or user friendly for library patrons? Do you think the library should have more Kindles™ to check out? Which books did you read on the Kindle? (This will help us track what people liked): Suggestions for titles to purchase for the Kindle™ (use back of this sheet if needed): 39 weeks of Kindle™

  8. CPCC Library Services Kindle™ Borrowing Agreement A Kindle™ and all its component parts and content obtained from CPCC Library Services are the property of CPCC and are subject to all policies, procedures, and requirements of §6.20 (Use of CPCC Information Technologies) of the CPCC Policies and Procedures Manual : Full Name (please print clearly)____________________________________________________________ Colleague ID#__________________________________________________________________________ Email address__________________________________________________________________________ Liability Statement: I agree to leave a Kindle™ reader settings (located in the Kindle™ Menu) as they were when I checked out a Kindle™ reader from the library, with the exception of using the bookmark feature, and/or changing the size of the text, a function located on the keyboard panel. Noncompliance may result in being limited in or banned from checking out library materials, and/or money fines or fees. I accept all responsibility for a Kindle™ reader and its associated hardware, component parts, and content checked out on my account. If the Kindle™ reader and/or its associated hardware/components are damaged during my checkout time period, I agree to pay all repair and/or replacement costs. If a Kindle™ reader or associated hardware/content/components are lost during my checkout time period, I agree to pay replacement costs of UP TO $341.00. If the Kindle™ reader or its associated hardware/content/components is stolen during my checkout time period, I agree to provide a police theft report and acknowledge that replacement costs may be applied at the college’s discretion My signature below indicates my agreement to the above liability statement: Name___________________________________________________ Date______________________ A form is to be filled out each fiscal year beginning with the first check out of a Kindle™ reader and will be kept on file. The agreement remains in force throughout subsequent renewals. A Kindle™ reader will circulate like a book, however, if a Kindle™ is not returned to the library on the due date, a charge of $341.00 will be applied to the patron account, which will block all library checkout privileges. If the Kindle reader or its associated hardware and components are not returned, a thief of property report is filed with the proper authorities after 2 weeks. 39 weeks of Kindle™