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FLUXNET synthesis: the data

FLUXNET synthesis: the data

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FLUXNET synthesis: the data

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  1. FLUXNET synthesis: the data 932 site years from 246 sites (i.e. 50% more than in February) Available to colleagues involved in proposals at Data made available to PIs via networks

  2. Proposals for synthesis • 63 proposals on broad range of topics • All ‘accepted’; overlaps identified 26 European proposers: Beer, Bernhofer, Buchmann, Cescatti, Ciais, Falge, Goerner, Lindroth, Luysaeert, Lund, Manca, Migliavacca, Misson, Groenend, Jarvis, Knohl, Kostner, Kutsch, Papale, Piao, Reichstein, Soussana, Stoy, Tomalleri

  3. Next steps … • AGU Fall meeting session 2007 (35 contributions = 16 talks and 19 posters) • European talks: Belelli, Cescatti, Feigenwinter, Luysaeert, Migliavacca, Tomelleri • EGU Vienna session on FLUXNET synthesis established

  4. Database activity Where we are: • Published and implemented methodologies for data treatment (filtering, gapfilling, partitioning) • L3 and L4 data version produced continuously • Methodologies adopted also by Ameriflux and Fluxnet

  5. Database activity What to do: • Uncertainty estimation for all the different data processing steps (together with the IMECC project) including other fluxes (H, LE) and meteo • Ancillary data: strong request to the PIs, standardization and new global template (not mandatory to use but strongly suggested) • Implementation of other partitioning methods according with Desai et al. and gapfilling methods for long gaps

  6. Tower setup IMECC Footprint problems Goeckede et al. in prep Advection ADVEX Random errors Richardson et al., Arriga et al in prep. Corrections, filtering, etc. IMECC Filtering (u*, spike, qc) and corrections (storage) Raw data (20 Hz) Uncertainty sources and definition in eddy covariance data Half hourly data Papale et al. Gap filling Partitioning Moffat et al. Desai et al. Half hourly, daily, monthly, annual data

  7. ADVEX, the CarboEurope-IP advection activities: past, present and future C. Feigenwinter1,7 , M. Aubinet1 and the ADVEX teams1,2,3,4,5,6 1 Gembloux Agricultural University, Physique des Bio-systèmes, Gembloux, Belgium (FUSAGx) 2 TU Dresden, Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology, Department of Meteorology, Dresden, Germany (TUD) 3 Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany (MPI-BGC) 4 University of Lund, Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis, Lund, Sweden (LUND) 5 Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Forest Service, Agency of Environment, Bolzano, Italy (APB) 6 Institute of System Biology and Ecology, Laboratory of Plants Ecological Physiology, Brno, Czech Republic (ILE) 7 University of Basel, Institute of Meteorology, Climatology and Remote Sensing, Basel, Switzerland (MCR)

  8. Soils in 2008 • Respond to call on vulnerability of soils • Finish analyses of the 12 site-sampling • Finish the mapping+associated analyses • Summary papers on • Geostatistics • Soil fractionation + aggregates • 14C and 13C isotopes

  9. Forest Activity 2008: a year to consolidate, summarise, deal with loose ends

  10. Synthesis papers we identified from this meeting: • Can the models (ORCHIDEE, LPJ) match the Luyssaert et al European and global data set? (G. LeMaire S. Zaehle N. Viovy) • Understanding and modelling the N-response (Magnani ..) • Simulating the management process with ORCHIDEE…. (G. LeMaire S. Zaehle N. Viovy) • Analysis of forest disturbance (Granier..)

  11. Workshops we need to have • Better LAI determination (Mund..) • Phenology of Forests, the movie (and the data) • Need to publicise novel data sets

  12. Synthesis manuscripts submitted or in prep. • Analysis of global data set and the N response it reveals (Luyssaert et al) • GPP of the world – uncertainties and limits (C Beer et al) • Importance of old-growth forests (Schulze, Luyssaert, Grace et al)

  13. Cropland activities - 2008 • Synthesis papers • Werner Kutsch – How does the soil C status among of croplands affect fluxes? • Christine Moureaux – The C balance of full crop rotational cycles • Gary Lanigan – The impacts of single and extreme events on the cropland C balance • Werner Eugster – fluxes during the fallow period • Eric Ceschia - Full GHG balance at plot scale NBP estimates across cropland sites • Martin Wattenbach – A multi-cropland-site / multi-model comparison • Cropland activity meeting – Dublin, February 2008 • John Tenhunen / Pete Smith / J-F Soussana – Cropland and grassland modelling – ecosystems and integration component meeting – Clermont Ferrand(?), May 2008

  14. Grassland & Wetland component 2008 Synthesis paper submission planed for early 2008 Question to solve Where does the C go ? Relate NBP to soil C stocks (need data from soil activity) Give % values of soil C accumulation Relate soil respiration with SOM stocks Other losses DOC/DIC; Climate variability, water balance, WUE linked to LAI Plant functional traits and C fluxes Modelling with PASIM further development to integrate different grassland vegetation types European carbon budget over1900 to current