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IB Chemistry Internal Assessments PowerPoint Presentation
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IB Chemistry Internal Assessments

IB Chemistry Internal Assessments

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IB Chemistry Internal Assessments

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  1. Miami Beach Sr. High School Mr. C. Rodriguez IB ChemistryInternal Assessments

  2. Important Information • The Internal Assessments that are sent to IB must be your own. No group work is allowed. • You will be graded in three categories: • A) Design • B) Data Collection and Processing • C) Evaluation • Each of the categories listed above will be graded at least twice, with the two highest scores sent to IB.

  3. Design • Aspect #1 • Formulates a focused research statement and identifies relevant variables. • Make sure your research statement is clear and explains what you expect to prove in the experiment. • You should clearly identify your independent, dependent variables and any control variables in the lab.

  4. Design • Aspect #2 • Designs a method for the effective control of the variables. • Procedure should be clear, and in number form. • Include amounts such as mass, concentration, chemicals to be used, equipment used. • Make sure that every variable that was mentioned in Aspect #1 is addressed in procedure.

  5. Design • Aspect #3 • Develops a method that allows for the collection of sufficient relevant data. • Make sure to collect at least 5 sets of data in the lab. • Make sure that the procedure you created allows you to collect data that can answer your Research Question.

  6. Data Collection and Processing • Aspect #1 • Records appropriate quantitative and associated qualitative raw data, including units and uncertainties when necessary. • Should be in table form. • Anything measured in Lab, must be found in this table. • Include units and uncertainties • Add a Qualitative Data section.

  7. Data Collection and Processing • Aspect #2 • Processes the quantitative raw data correctly. • Make sure to have a title for the calculation performed. • Show calculation clearly. • Show calculation for error analysis. • Create Graph and use it appropriately. • Compare to Book value if possible. Percent error.

  8. Data Collection and Processing • Aspect #3 • Presents processed data appropriately and when relevant, includes errors and uncertainties. • Table of Processed data with units and uncertainties. • Include any % errors calculated.

  9. Conclusion and Evaluation • Aspect #1 States a conclusion, with justification, based on a reasonable interpretation of the data. • Need to make sure to use your data to back up your conclusion • You can show sample calculations to support your conclusion

  10. Conclusion and Evaluation • Aspect #2 Evaluates weaknesses and limitations. • You must address uncertainties here, percent error, are your errors random or systematic. Name those errors. • Make sure you address here where is your largest error coming from and how did it affect your results.

  11. Manipulative skills • This aspect is only graded once and there is no information sent to IB for moderation. • Is based on what your teacher’s observations on how well you follow instructions and use` lab equipment. • The final score here will be moderated based on how IB moderated the other three categories. So if you were deducted on design, data collection and Conclusion. You will then also be lowered here.

  12. Personal Skills • This aspect will aslo be graded once and there is no paper sent to IB other than your score. • This is based on your Group IV Project. How well you performed as part of a group. You presentation of the project. • The final score here will be moderated based on how IB moderated the other three categories. So if you were deducted on design, data collection and Conclusion. You will then also be lowered here.

  13. Final score • As you have seen, there are five components that will make your IA score. • Design: 2 labs x 6 points each= 12 • Data Analysis: 2 labs x 6 points each= 12 • Evaluation: 2 labs x 6 points each= 12 • Manipulative skills: 6 • Personal skills: 6 • Total points: 48 • After moderating the first three categories, your score will be moderated across all 5 categories.

  14. Conclusion and Evaluation • Aspect #3 Suggest realistic improvements in respect of identified weaknesses and limitations. • Here is where you MUST suggest improvements that address each of the problems you listed in aspect #2. • Make sure that the suggestions, actually address the problem. • Example: If the problem was your density value was too low, and you identified the volume reading as a problem, then make sure the volume measurement correction that you suggest will actually give you a higher density value.