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  1. MATH 110-004 Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Larry Bowen Welcome

  2. Math 110 is a terminal course Math 110 is not a prerequisite for anything. If your major requires Math 112, you do not need to take Math 110, you need to take Math 100 (even if you placed directly into Math 110). If you need to take Math 112, you should drop Math 110 NOW and add Math 100 or Math 112.

  3. Course Requirements • Prerequisites • Grade of C– or better in Math 100 • Minimum of 250 (25) on the placement test • Only the computer calculator may be used in this course. • Every student must have an active “crimson” e-mail account to register for the course. • Access code.

  4. Course Grades • Final Exam 300 pts • 4 tests (100 points each) 400 pts • Quiz average (41 points each test period) 164 pts • Homework average (22 points each test period) 88 pts • Class Meetings (1 points for each class) 23 pts • Work/Lab Attendance (2 points for each week) 26 pts • TOTAL 1001 pts Students must earn a minimum of 700 points to successfully pass this course.

  5. Course Grades • Possible grades in this course: A, B, C (+/-) or NC. • A grade of NC means you receive no credit for this course. You must take the course again, but an NC does not affect your GPA. • The last day to withdraw from the course is Wednesday, March 23.

  6. Access Codes Every student must have a code for this course to access the course assignments through the publisher’s (MyLabsPlus) online website. No assignments can be completed until you have purchased and/or entered your access code in the course software. The code also gives you access to an online textbook, video lectures, examples of assignments and many more useful tools to help you be successful in this course.

  7. Access Codes • Students New to Math 110 • Must purchase a new code • With or without a printed version of the textbook at any of the bookstores in town. • Code only may be purchased online in our specific math course. • Students Repeating Math 110 • DO NOT have to purchase a new code. • Should be able to log into the software and access assignments in this semester’s course.

  8. Testing Procedures • Tests days are shown on front page of syllabus. • Limited study time available in the MTLC during test weeks. • Details about testing and test registration will be discussed later in class as Test 1 gets near.

  9. MTLC Information • Hours of Operation • Sundays 4pm – 10pm • Mondays-Thursdays 8am – 10pm • Fridays 8am – 4:45pm • Closings • MLK Holiday : 4:45pm Friday 1/14 – 8am Tuesday 1/18 • Spring Break: 4:45pm Friday 3/11 – 8am Monday 3/21 • Phone Number: 348–2592 • Website: www.mtlc.ua.edu My contact infoemail: LBOWEN@CTL.UA.EDU) phone: (205) 348-3920 office: 331 Osband Hall

  10. Disability Accommodations • Office of Disability Services • 348-4285 • Bring paperwork from ODS to your instructor or directly to the MTLC. • Do this as soon as possible.

  11. Homework • Graded homework assignment for each section • Multiple attempts are allowed on homework, so get 100% on every homework! • Click on the “Save” or “Submit” button when you are ready to record your homework or quiz score. • You may save homework before the assignment is finished and return to it later (any time before completion deadline). • Assignment deadlines shown in syllabus • Homework deadline is typically 8pm (There are some exceptions that will be noted in the course software and in the course calendar and it is your responsibility to keep up with these deadlines.) • Exceptions are also in bold on your syllabus.

  12. Quizzes • Graded quiz for each section. • Two attempts are allowed on quizzes. • Can only review a quiz immediately after submitting. • Be sure to figure out mistakes (get help if needed) before 2nd quiz attempt. • Better score counts. • Quiz deadline is typically 10pm. (Exceptions are in bold on syllabus.)

  13. Quizzes & Homework • One lowest homework grade and one lowest quiz grade will automatically be dropped for each test period. • Homework is worth 22 points each test period • Quizzes are worth 41 points each test period.

  14. Make-up Policy • Missed homework or quiz deadline • Makeup work may be allowed. • Must petition. • Missed test • Must petition as soon as possible. • No makeup tests. If the petition request panel approves the excuse, your final exam score will replace the missed test score. • Petition forms are in 345 Gordon Palmer.

  15. Replacement Policy • Final Exam score will replace your lowest test score (if final exam score is better). • This will happen automatically at the end of the semester • Exception: Zero grades due to unexcused absences or academic misconduct will not be replaced.

  16. Class Attendance • Every student is required to attend class on Wed. Jan 12 for orientation & coverage of section 5.1. If you miss this orientation you MUST contact me about making it up! • Regular class meetings will be in 227 GP each Monday and Wednesday at the scheduled class time…EXCEPT class will NOT meet on any of the Wednesdays during test weeks. • Class attendance is recorded for each class. Be sure to sign the roll sheet to get credit for class attendance. (Each class meeting is worth 1 point.)

  17. Work Points/Lab Attendance • Counted Sunday–Friday • Earn up to 2 points each week by either: • Making 75% or better on all assignments due in a particular week (this includes tests) • Spending time the following week doing math work in the MTLC

  18. Work Points w/o Lab Attendance • Earn 2 points automatically (without spending the hours in the lab) by scoring 75% or better on each assignment due that week • Not just an average • A missed assignment score is 0%, so lab points would be based on lab hours (even if the missed assignment will ultimately be dropped). • Depends on the week the assignment is DUE regardless of when it is completed. • This includes tests.

  19. Work Points for Lab Hours • If you do not make 75% or better on any assignment due in a particular week, work points may be earned by spending a minimum of 3 hours the following weekin the MTLC (math lab) doing math work on the computer, reviewing for tests, and/or attending help sessions. • >3 hours = 2 work points • <3 hours = <2 work points • Lab hours are tracked by ACT card swipes. • Must swipe in and out. • No ACT card, or only a single swipe, no lab hour credit. • Swiping another student’s ACT card = academic misconduct.

  20. Common Rules for the MTLC • Be courteous and considerate of fellow students. • No food, drinks, tobacco products ,cell phone use, loud music, profanity, or companions. • ONLY the computer calculator may be used on tests.

  21. Working at Home • Our class lecture notes (and much, much more) are available online at http://www.ctl.ua.edu/mtlc/math110. • Students can work in the software from home. • Web page: http://ua.mylabsplus.com • Use the installation wizard in the software and install all necessary plug-ins. • Homework and quizzes may be completed at home. • Work well ahead of deadlines to be safe. • If you have any trouble, come to the MTLC right away to complete your assignments. • Deadlines will not be extended because of home computer/Internet issues. • Tests must be completed in the MTLC.

  22. Student Login Information Username: your crimson email address Password: your CWID Example: Username: jksmith@crimson.ua.edu Password: 12345678 (This login has already been created for you. If you cannot log in for any reason, you need to come to the MTLC for assistance right away.) You will find your course for this semester under Alabama Spring 2011Term

  23. Getting started • After logging into the software, click on your course and section. • Read the announcements, then click on the Test 1 Work button to view the material for Test 1. • Then click on ‘orientation’. • (You might want to log in at the MTLC for the first time so you can ask for help if needed.)

  24. Actual Login I’ll demonstrate the login.

  25. Acknowledgement Form • This is a brief questionnaire. • You must complete it with a score of 100% before you can complete any graded assignments. • Find a link to this in the course software under Test 1 Work, Orientation.

  26. Syllabus Quiz • Must be taken in the lab (MTLC). • Due Wednesday 1/19 by 10 pm • Contains questions about the syllabus. • You may take this quiz (and only this quiz) as many times as you want before the deadline. • You may (and should!) refer to your syllabus while you take this quiz! • This grade counts as a quiz grade for Test 1 work, so get 100%!!

  27. CTL Weekly Help Sessions • 110 Help Sessions are held twice each week in the MTLC. • Check the CTL website (www.ctl.ua.edu) for days/times of these help sessions. • Free individual tutorial appointments are also available in Osband Hall. Schedule an appointment through the CTL website.

  28. Success Rate based on Hw/Qz and Attendance from Fall 2009

  29. Before our next class • Get an access code • Log into software (for help, go to MTLC) • Complete the Acknowledgement Form • Take the Syllabus Quiz in the MTLC • Use your syllabus during the quiz! • Retake it if necessary to get 100%!

  30. Final thoughts • Make the commitment now to do what it takes to be successful in this course: • Attend class regularly • Work hard on each assignment • Stay on schedule • Get help when you need it – MTLC Staff and CTL Staff are there FOR YOU! • Math 110 is a terminal math course!