siege of savannah n.
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Siege of Savannah

Siege of Savannah

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Siege of Savannah

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  1. Siege of Savannah

  2. At this point of the war, the British controlled Savannah.

  3. James Wright, the popular and final royal governor returned to control the colony for the British Crown. I am sooooo popular! No one will attack my city-everybody loves me!

  4. French naval commander Count Charles Henri Comte D’Estaing, was on the way back to France with a naval fleet.

  5. He heard that Savannah was controlled by the British. “Those British pigs! They took our land in the French and Indian War…

  6. …This is the perfect opportunity for some payback! Let’s help end this English tyranny!”

  7. d’Estaing led his fleet of 25 ships to the shore of Tybee Island.

  8. “The French are here at your service! We support your efforts to become free from Great Britain," d’Estaing said, "those greedy maggots, we hope they are ousted from the colonies!"  "We are grateful for all the support we can receive," Patriot General Benjamin Lincoln responded. "We must retrieve Savannah back from the British."

  9. The Patriots hoped that a siege would allow them to recapture Savannah without having to fight a battle. But, how?

  10. A siege occurs when forces try to capture a fort or town by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it.

  11. “We will defeat these snotty Redcoats by keeping them from getting any resources. We will surround the city with troops so that no one can get in or out!” General Lincoln sneered.

  12. “Soon enough, they will have no choice but to surrender to us, and the Patriots will have Georgia’ s capital back! It’s the perfect plan. Here is a map of how we will block off the city…”

  13. Governor Wright and Loyalist General Prevost heard of the team up between the French and the Patriots. "Quickly, General," Governor Wright said with fear lingering behind his words, "we must build defenses in Savannah to keep her from the Patriots. Request back up from South Carolina. Let them know we need British troops!"

  14. Patriot General Lincoln approached Loyalist General Prevost. Then, they had a stare down.

  15. But neither cracked a smile, and eventually Lincoln said, "We are going to take Savannah back. This town belongs to the Patriots and we refuse to give it up to you. Gather your men and leave everything else behind. We will leave you in peace."

  16. General Prevost hoped to buy time until the back up he had requested arrived. He said to General Lincoln, "Give me 24 hours to consider your offer." "Very well, Prevost," Lincoln replied, "but you should be wise and take the offer."

  17. Prevost’s back-up arrive when 800 Loyalist soldiers arrived and so the Loyalists decided to defend Savannah rather than surrender it to Patriot forces. "We shall not surrender to these Patriots!" Prevost cried. "We will defend Britain and her territory!"

  18. Back at the Patriot camp, General Lincoln looked around at all of his soldiers. "Our siege has failed, gentlemen, but our persistence has not. We're going to have to attack Savannah. Remember what we are fighting for- our freedom must come at any cost."

  19. The British were greatly outnumbered, but they were strong in their defenses. The Patriots and French attacked, and the fight for Savannah began.

  20. Loyalist fought to maintain control of Savannah. Hundreds of Frenchmen and Americans died in the battle, and the Patriots were unsuccessful. Losses Suffered British: 18 killed 39 wounded American: 752 killed

  21. This siege of Savannah was the second bloodiest battle of the American Revolution.

  22. This battle marked the first time that France and America fought together.