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Final Confirmation For HR Professionals PowerPoint Presentation
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Final Confirmation For HR Professionals

Final Confirmation For HR Professionals

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Final Confirmation For HR Professionals

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  1. Final ConfirmationFor HR Professionals Internal Resourcing

  2. Final Confirmation 1

  3. Final Confirmation The HR Business Partner will perform conflict management with leaders Request the conflict management report by completing the Open Resourcing Transactions Request Form> Request Report Use the conflict management report to review candidate rankings and resolve conflicts by the required deadline As conflicts are being worked, indicate final selections using the internal ranking form (see step 7) Please note Request all reports early as there is a 5 day service level agreement.

  4. Final Confirmation Follow the steps below to indicate final selection decision Go to your homepage > Quick Links > My Open Reqs. Find the requisition where Final Confirmation needs to occur. Click on the number under Total column which is parallel to the Auto req ID in order to see the candidates inside the requisition.

  5. Final Confirmation Find the successful candidate and move the status to candidate selected by clicking the HR status and choosing Candidate Selected status.Click Submit. Note: After a candidate has been progressed to Candidate Selected status, an e-mail will be sent to HR for HR Checks In the event that conflicts need to be further discussed, place the candidate into the Resolution Pending in Final Confirmation section of the ranking form This helps the selection panel easily identify candidates that require further discussion