resource mobilization experience in india n.
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Resource Mobilization Experience in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Resource Mobilization Experience in India

Resource Mobilization Experience in India

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Resource Mobilization Experience in India

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  1. Resource Mobilization Experience in India Resource requirement of ULBs/PSAs Resource Avenues Reforms for Resource Mobilization Dr. A Ravindra

  2. Resource Requirement of ULBs Functional Responsibilities of ULBs -74th Constitution amendment 12th Schedule Municipal Acts: Obligatory/core functions/services Discretionary functions/services Capital works Operation & Maintenance Cost of subsidy Debt servicing Dr. A Ravindra

  3. Resource Requirement for infrastructure /services (2000-05) Estimates Dr. A Ravindra

  4. Finances of Municipal Corporations Dr. A Ravindra

  5. Finances of Municipal Corporations (Per captia) Dr. A Ravindra

  6. Revenue Avenues Dr. A Ravindra

  7. Reforms for Revenue Mobilization Fiscal reforms: Property Tax, Octori Land-based non-tax reforms: Development charges, change of land use, enhanced FAR, transfer of development Rights (TDR) Pricing of services:Cost recovery Devolution:Intergovernmental transfers-norms, State Finance Commission, Central Finance Commission Accessing capital market:Municipal Bonds Resource management:Reforming- Accounting System, Asset management, Cost reduction, capacity building. Dr. A Ravindra

  8. Property Tax Reform Existing System: ARV Legal infirmities Low revenue productivity Arbitrary, non-transparent Reforms: Area based system Capital value system Site value system Area based system – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, Location Usage Structural quality of building Capital Value system Tax derived from assessed value of land & improvements Karnataka model – System in practice in the US, Latin America, Germany, Japan Tax Administration – Coverage – loss of base Collection Exemptions Tax information system Vacant Land Monitoring Revisions-time lag Training Commercial hoardings new/unauthorized Dr. A Ravindra

  9. Increase in No. of properties Dr. A Ravindra

  10. Collection of Property tax Dr. A Ravindra

  11. Collection of Property tax Dr. A Ravindra

  12. Municipal Property /Asset Management Property Portfolio of ULBs • Roads * Schools/colleges • Footpaths *Hospitals/dispensary • Parks * Office buildings • Playgrounds *Staff Quarters • Dumping sites *Commercial Property • Burial grounds (Shops, markets etc.) • Stray vacant sites * Vehicle depot/workshop Use of land/ properties Encroachments Valuation of properties Income from leased/rental properties Gap in revenue-potential Dr. A Ravindra

  13. Municipal Bonds in India Dr. A Ravindra

  14. Thank you Dr. A Ravindra